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The Vampire's Alpha

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Once we get there, he sits me down so that my feet are flat on the ground and he snakes his arm around my waist pulling me tighter, so I won't escape. I can't help that I am loving the feeling of him. I don't squirm, I just lean right into him.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1


They attacked. Out of the blue. They were lurking outside our land for months and they just randomly attacked. The stories I was told growing up told me that the wolves were vicious. Now I sit here in my invisibility cloak, watching my whole family get slaughtered. I hear a cry from a wolf. I turn and see a tiny wolf in Cary's mouth. I grow angry. It's one thing to attack a big wolf, but it's another to eat a tiny one. I take my cloak off and step into the light. Everything freezes. I walk toward my sister and cross my arms as I stand in front of her. She looks at me and sends me a mental message; "What are you doing?" Only vampires can talk during the freezing spell.

How is she doing that?

A voice that's not my own fills my head. I ignore it as I smirk at my sister. I blast her with fire and mutter a "Killing you." The tiny wolf whimpers as he falls heavily on the floor. I sit down on my knees and heal the boy with my hand. I then wave my hand in a single motion and all the vampire's blast and their ashes disappear in thin air.

Gasps fill the air and I hear that same voice that wasn't mine in my head.


"Thank you for saving my brother." That same voice from my head fills the shadows of the air. I turn toward the voice and gasp. A beautiful man with dark hair and golden eyes stands before me. "Would you like to live at our pack house? It's the least I can do. You saved everyone's lives." I pick up the whimpering creature and cradle him into my arms.

I look back at the beautiful man and think about what he just offered.

I can not afford to be held captive with this man. My family may have died because of me, but I can not be in a nasty cell because of that. I'm about to deny it, but this man utters words that I didn't speak.

"You will not be held captive in a cell. You will be rewarded in a beautiful home and have the most delicious food you have ever eaten."

I look at him, baffled. I blink a few times. Whispers fill the air.

"Is she his mate? She didn't even utter words. Did he read her mind?"

Wait, Mate! That's impossible. I know that vampires have their own mates. The same goes with werewolves, but never in my life have I heard of a werewolf and a vampire being mates before. That's physically impossible. The two races hate each other. This can't be. My thoughts are totally wrong because the same voice fills my head again.

Not impossible sweetheart. As you can see, I'm becoming hard just looking at you.

I look down to see his rock-hard shaft poking through his pants.

I gulp and look back up at his face. His face is twisted into an amused expression as he grins at me, a cute indent on the left side of his mouth sticks out like a hole in his face. I frown. I already hate this.

I look down at the small boy to see him sleeping. I then, think about rejecting his offer.

"I prefer you don't love, you wouldn't be able to stay away from me now that we have met. Where would you go? You have no family. No one can protect you. People are still hunting for vampires and I doubt you can handle that on your own." Now it's my turn to smirk.

"I think I can handle myself. I just killed over 3 million vampires and you think I'm not strong enough. I don't need your protection and it's your people that are still hunting my kind. 'Just people' is an understatement." I say. A low grumble comes deep beneath his chest and I chuckle slightly.

I won't ask you twice. You either come with me or I make you.

I burst out a sharp and piercing laugh. Some of his pack gasp and the children hide behind the adult's legs. Like they think I can't get them from there. I am more powerful than they think. I can rip this whole pack to shreds. They are the ones that are on my land.

"Then make me. Alpha." His eyes go wide. Did he really think I was that stupid? He's obviously the alpha. Who else would take me in? Obviously, not the beta.

His eyes go wider. "Yes, I have studied your kind. I know the ranks. I know your weaknesses. I know how to kill you with just a wave of my hand. I'm not slow or stupid Alpha. I know more than you think." He growls and walks over to me. In one swift motion, he grabs his brother and gives him to an elder woman and he picks me up and lifts me over his shoulder. I squirm and wiggle, trying to get out of his hold. He just chuckles and carries me back to his pack.

Once we get there, he sits me down so that my feet are flat on the ground and he snakes his arm around my waist pulling me tighter, so I won't escape. I can't help that I am loving the feeling of him. I don't squirm, I just lean right into him.


I smirk down at her as I read her thoughts.

I can't help that I am loving the feeling of him.

I send her a mental message.

I wonder if you'd like the feeling of me inside you.

She stiffens beside me and gasps out as I squeeze her side. I then, bring her to me and press my lips softly to hers. She's everything to me. She moans softly as I make the kiss more urgent. My beautiful mate moves her lips alongside mine and I remember I don't even know her name.

I break apart and I am met with crimson red eyes. They're even more beautiful than her blue/green eyes. I smile and bring my lips to her ear. "Your eyes are so gorgeous, love." She looks down and shakes her head. I grab her chin and make her look at me, but her eyes are back to the original color. I never thought I could love a vampire, but she's different.

Loni is my name.

Ari is mine. Is that short for something?

Yes, but I prefer not to say.

I smile she must hate her full name as much as I hate mine. I then, remember Loni needs to meet my parents. Mom might hate the fact that my mate is a vampire, but not as much as my dad will. I'll have to explain to them that she saved us and Roy. Roy is only eight, but he likes to go on our pack missions. He's not really supposed to.

Mom and dad might fuss at him, but they'll especially fuss at me. I was supposed to be watching him, but I was too attached to the smell of my mate.

Finally seeing her for the first time made my insides flip. She's gorgeous, but she's wearing something too appealing. I love it, but the other men might not get the clue since she isn't a werewolf. The other wolves won't be able to tell that she's not a werewolf, so this will be hard on me. I'm just going to enjoy that leather skirt and red bra with the heeled boots for now.

She looks crazy hot and I just want to strip her and fuck her tight now In the middle of everyone so they know she's mine.

"Want to meet my parents?"


I gulp at his question. I nod softly and get out of his hold. "Let's go then.

He walks me down the spiral staircase and we go into a long corridor. At the end there's a big white door. Ari knocks on the door and the door swings open not even 2 seconds later. "Son!" I smile at his mothers happiness. Her happiness soon disappears when she sees me. The father comes up behind her and sneers. I try to walk off, but Ari grabs my arm and pulls me into him.

This is going to be difficult.

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