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Gone With The Bling

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“You rejected me once,” “But I said sorry,” “You think it’s that easy? I will never forgive you,” “Hah!! But I will make you forgive me because I can’t live without you anymore,” When you are destined to be with one another, Nothing can part you, Even if you try to let them go, life will always bring you back to the same place where you decided to abandon them. The same happened to Peace, Ada, Eric and Isaac, They pushed their love away but ended up begging them to come back.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

She stood with her chin up, her perfectly smooth skin and peach luscious lips, made her look like a goddess even under the thin net veil. Her Natural dark eyebrows that matched her healthy long black hair giving her that innocent yet dangerous look. But her eyes! Those deep blue eyes that could drown anybody into it were most definitely the deadliest feature.

She stood with a stoic face, staring at the empty chairs not batting an eye to the guy standing in front of her, he was smashed, the drained look on his face could make anybody’s heart ache for him, but there she stood emotionlessly with her lips tightly sealed. The guy’s eyes trembled while his teeth clenched tightly. By the looks of it, he was very handsome; he had light brown hair with a sharp jawline and perfectly shaped lips. His emerald eyes had pain in them as he slowly looked at her. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard.
His heart was crying. He felt like every fibre of his body was on fire that would burn him into ashes any moment soon. He breathed in deeply and parted his lips.
“Tell me it’s not true!...” The words took a while to form, as he felt like someone had sucked h out of life out of him. He looked at her and tried to speak again.

“Tell Me!!...” a harsh cry escaped his lips. He wanted some response from the girl who was standing in a pure white wedding gown. She looked like a fairy that had descended from heaven, but her heartless gaze could make someone freeze to death.
“Even if it was just for money!... Just Tell me that what we had for each other was real!!”
“Even if for a second the emotions were real! I will forget everything...I promise I will forget everything and I will start from the beginning!!” He shouted in agony.

“Just tell me that our feelings were mutual...I promise I will give up all my assets, I will give up everything!” His eyes were speaking for his bleeding heart. Tears had made their way out of his eyes.

The girl finally moved. She walked a few steps away towards the small table in the distance. It had a black velvet box on it. She picked it up and opened it to pull out a beautiful silver ring. She stared at it and then walked back towards the guy. He was hopeful now, but she slow approached him and took his hand, she opened it and place the ring on his palm,
Her lips parted, and she slowly spoke in an attractive voice.
“Everything...every word,” she closed his hand slowly, “Every smile, Every moment—“She paused and looked into his eyes, “Was all a lie,” She whispered and let go of his hand.
She took a step away, leaving him with no support.
“NO!!” He roared and fell on his knees. The girl stepped down the red-carpeted stairs through the aisle.
The ring inside the guy's palm slipped out and rolled down behind her, but she didn’t look back...not even once.

She was still in the bride’s dress when she knocked on the hotel room’s she waited for a few seconds before it was opened by a girl, her face was radiating innocence, her soft velvet lips that blended seductively with her milky skin making the caramel in her chocolate eyes pop, she had Auburn Brown hair that kissed her lower back gently.
When she looked at the girl in the white dress, her eyes watered, and she moved out of her way.
“What happened?” She asked. “Did it end? Just like that?” She asked but the bride didn’t answer, she picked up her suitcase and stuffed it with her clothes.
“Say something” She shouted. “Tell me! What happened?”
“Isn’t it obvious?” Peace glanced at Ada. “I gave it an end, now hurry up and pack! They must have found out about our location, we have to leave the country,” Peace spoke and looked away.
“Where are we going?” Ada asked with a reluctant gaze.
“Back home,” Peace replied with a stoic face.
“Hurry up! We don’t have time,” Peace added and pulled the handle of the luggage.
“I can’t…” Ada spoke in a teary voice.
Peace stopped and turned around to look at Ada. Her gaze was warm unlike before,
“We have to go, if we stay, we will get caught,” Peace calmly spoke to her, “Let’s go!” Peace didn’t change her clothes and pulled Ada with her.

At the airport everyone’s eyes was scanning Peace who was wearing a wedding dress, but she was least bothered,
Finally they safely boarded the plane, Peace sat in her seat and breathed out heavily, Ada sat beside her, she looked tired too.
“Let’s begin our new journey now and forget about the past.” Peace whispered, Ada nodded and closed her eyes slightly. And suddenly Ada chuckled.
“What happened?” Peace asked.
“Do you remember the face that the fat groom made when he found out he had been conned? It was so hilarious,” Ada broke into a laugh.
Peace’s lips curled slightly and she looked outside the window with a deep gaze,
“How many were they?” She asked.
“About 13,” Ada replied.
“Hmm...and how much did you collect?” She asked.
“Ten Million Dollar each,” Ada calculated.
“So you have thirteen right now?” She asked.
“No-it’s Twelve we...didn’t succeed in the last one,” She spoke with sorrow filled eyes.
“I hope Eric was the last one,” Peace added.
Ada stared at Peace. She was looking out the window. Her face was blank awhile, her eyes were loud, they were filled with things she had to say but something kept her silent.

The 9 hours' flight finally ended, and they reached the airport. Ada dragged her suitcase out while Peace, who looked exhausted, walked towards the coffee shop to grab herself a cup of coffee.

She held her gown with one hand and the cup of coffee in the other, she carefully stepped on the escalator to get to the down floor. Her gown had covered a few stairs. She hadn’t noticed that yet, And just then a group of men in formal clothing stood behind her, the person who was leading them wore a navy blue three piece suit unlike the others that wore black. He was staring down at his file ,
When Peace took a step ahead to walk off the escalator her heel twisted because of the pull on her dress, that was because of the guy stepping on her gown, she slipped and lost her balance, everything happened so quickly that she didn’t have time to hold onto anything. The hot coffee spilled over her hand while the other hand looked for a support to hold on and just then someone held her hand and stopped her from falling down, Peace felt like her heart had jumped out of her chest, she breathed out a sigh of relief and stood up straight again and flickered her hand to get off the hot coffee; she looked up at the man who was holding her hand; the guy was handsome with no doubt, he had straight black hair perfectly styled yet due to the sudden motion a few strands got out and rested in his forehead, he had slightly knitted his eyebrows that were securing his serious black eyes. His teeth tightly clenched in dissatisfaction. Peace’s expression stayed calm until she glanced at his feet that were still on her gown. Peace jerked off his hand and pulled out her gown from down his feet and walked away with a serious face.

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