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Gone With The Bling

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Isaac Mendoza an arrogant and selfish guy, who had the eyes of all the maidens in the city and most probably the whole country, had never in his lifetime seen such hostile look in a lady’s eyes when they were looking at him, even if a dead looked at him it was bound to look twice but the emotionless blue eyes, deep enough to swallow a person completely if they started at you directly, didn’t bother to even take a keen look at his handsomeness, rather she frowned, her slender white hand was scaled because of the coffee that had fallen on it, her soft tender wrist that was resting in Isaac’s palm felt like a marshmallow and he dared not to press on it harder fearing it would wilt like a flower in the dry season.
She jerked off his grip and walked away with a frown, her white wedding gown had a stain of his shoes on it making it displeasing to the eyes but what was more eye pricking was when she slowly approached a guy in a wine red suit, she spoke a few words without making an effort to smile and the guy smiled warmly before wrapping his hands around her. And lightly kissed her peach pink cheek.

“Boss, the meeting. You are getting late,” Another guy with perfectly styled hair spoke in his husky calm voice bringing Issac’s attention back to what was important.
He walked towards the hugging couple and tried to ignore their unignorable presence. What caught his eyes was the white slender hand on the man’s back that had redness on it, the bride was answering to his affection with equal love. Issac looked at his assistant and spoke.
“Bring me every piece of information about this guy,” his voice was attention-grabbing, the assistant looked up at the guy in the red wine suit and narrowed his gaze.
“Right away, Boss,” and like that, they walked out of the airport.


Peace walked towards the two people standing close to the door, the guy in the wine red suit glanced at her with a welcoming gaze,
“You found out about our return!” Peace asked.
“Sigh! Ada, did you bring this ice block with you? I mean how come you are so hostile towards your brother,” Jack replied with a pout.
“Call yourself Stepbrother,” Peace replied plainly,
“Gosh! Come here my little queen let me hug out all your bitterness,” he wrapped his hands around her and lightly kissed her cheek, “it’s good to have you back, Your mom misses you so much,”
“Don’t tell her that I am back,” Peace stiffened.
“I don’t have a death wish,” he chuckled and replied sarcastically, Peace gave a small laugh and hugged him tightly, her hand was still hurting because of the pain from the coffee spill.

“How was your life abroad?” Jack asked with a smirk as he parted, his question was directed towards Ada.
Her chocolate brown eyes trembled and she pouted sadly making her attractive yet like an innocent child, she ran over to Jack and hugged him.
“We did bad things!!” She mumbled.
“Did you get caught?” He asked with a smirk.
“How can we! As long as Alex is with us no one can do anything to us,” Ada uttered.
“That’s my girls! But now you should stop doing these things, you are no more kids,” He spoke in a serious tone.
“If we stop, How are we going to feed the kids?” Ada replied dejectedly.
“Let me help you,” he replied,
“No we can do this on our own, as long as Peace is with me, I can do anything,” She whispered.
“Sigh! This—let’s talk about this some other time, who wants to eat?” He spoke.
“Me!!” Ada cheered while Peace gave a nod,
“Be a bit, enthusiastic lady! No one likes a dead lady like you.” Jack muttered and wrapped his arms around the two girls’ necks and walked them out of the door.
“I also don’t like them so it’s equal,” Peace scoffed. At which Jack chuckled and rustled her hair gently. Peace frowned at him but he didn’t stop.
They were very hungry so Jack took them to the nearest hotel, as they moved in the receptionist was stunned to see so much beauty and charisma.
Ada looked around innocently, her perfectly carved features yet her sweet eyes made people melt, she was the type of girl every man because her looks gave people a feeling of wanting to protect her innocence. The girls were more awed at the sight of Jack who looked stunning. His appearance was nothing less than a Prince. They walked in and took a seat and the waiter ran over to them without wasting any time.
“What would you like to have,” he stood close to Ada because she seemed the softest one, and Peace gave out an aura of ice block so he didn’t dare approach her.
“What would you like to have?” He asked. Jack so seems as if he had been here before spoke directly without looking at the menu.
“We would like a herb grilled filet mignon, a Fillet of sea bass, and a turkey roasted breast, less spicy,” he spoke so quickly and so accurately that Ada was surprised. He still remembered exactly what they liked.
The waiter was struck but he nodded and walked out, Peace finally had a small smile on her face.
“You rock! I thought you would have forgotten,” Ada spoke. Jack pierced her cheek and replied.
“How could I.”
“I just wanna go home and sleep! I am so tired,” Peace yawned a little making a small drop of water appear in her eyes.
“I bet you are not referring to the mansion when you said home,” Jack asked.
“I was talking about home, not jail!” Peace replied.
“Oh! I see you mean the palace you have built for yourself,” Jack asked.
“It’s not mine! We all own it equally,” Peace muttered. “But yes it’s home I am talking about,” she added.

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