United Species Book 1: Alice

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©Copyright 2021 MzCanna All rights reserved. No portion of this book may be reproduced without the author's permission. Ten years after the world was turned upside down when all the creatures humans deemed as mythical, paranormal, supernatural and even fantasy came to light as real; the human race and the many species from Gods to Scotland's National Animal were united. Alice Summers, a human who grew up with the changes to the biological order, had no problem sharing a school or even the world with the different species. Her parents were another story. Specie-ists were a thing in the new world order with councils for every species. Logan Deacon, a werewolf by nature, was in a human-run high school. He wasn’t a fan of the race. Until a girl caught his attention.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter One

She leaned forward against the basin in the girls' toilet and dropped her hood. Alice eyed the door warily before running her fingers through her dyed platinum blond hair, flicking the short, thick strands this way and that in the blurry mirror.
When no black roots presented themselves, Alice tucked the strands back under her hoody and fixed her lipgloss before running her fingers under her eyes, checking for smudged mascara.
She never went through much trouble for school with her make-up and clothes, usually sticking to an oversized hoodie, ripped skinny jeans, and high tops. Her make-up was a light coat of mascara and a cat-winged eyeliner hugging her gray almond-shaped eyes. A light coat of translucent purple or pink lipgloss finished off her face.
The thing about her appearance was that despite absolutely despising her name, Alice went out of her way to look like her namesake once school was over.
Her round face was usually curtained by long platinum ringlets, her natural raven strands completely sucked clean of their pigments, with a natural light pink blush underneath gray eyes framed with dark lashes. She kept her eyebrows dark and perfectly shaped.
A dark-haired Alice resembled Snow White with her pale white skin and a rosebud mouth.
Alice loathed anyone seeing her with dark hair and always did a root-check alone, flipping on her hood when the door even so much as rattled in its frame.
She pouted at herself before leaving the bathroom.
Alice made a left and headed toward her locker.
“Hello, Cookie,” she said as she neared her locker where her cookie-obsessed best friend, Meeka Lebowski, was stuffing her face with her favorite of her obsession; Oreos.
“What’s up, Alice?” the polar opposite of Alice mumbled around a mouthful of chocolate crumbs. As her friend crunched happily on her cookies, Alice couldn’t help but take in her best friend.
Meeka was the polar opposite of Alice. A natural sandy blonde, Meeka chose to dye her hair a sleek blue-black and wore the tresses long and straight as a razor. The blunt length ended at her hips. Alice wore hers in a long bob of ringlets that reached her shoulders.
Where Alice mostly wore dark clothing to school, Meeka chose pastel Lolita-inspired outfits with poofy skirts and frilly socks peeking out over black Mary Janes.
Her green eyes were brown under the contact lenses she wore and were framed by thick false eyelashes.
How her eyes stayed open, Alice could only begin to guess.
“Andy find you?” Meeka asked as Alice pulled her locker open. She offered her an Oreo, a very rare occurrence unless you’ve known Meeka her entire life; like Alice. She took the cookie and bit it between her teeth as she pulled out her books while shaking her head.
Her boyfriend of three years, Andy Frye, the school's football captain, and the quarterback was human. A feat that put him in Alice's parents' good books without question.
He was eighteen, like her and Meeka, and looked like he belonged on the beach rather than in the city; all beach blonde hair that he wore long onto his thick shoulders and shining baby blue eyes that made her panties melt every single time he looked at her. His smile was breathtaking in its slight crookedness and brilliant white teeth.
He treated Alice like a queen and worshipped the ground she walked on. There was no fault in their relationship, he was unlike any of the guys in their year.
“Nope,” the p poofed around the melting cooking in her mouth as she slung her bag over her shoulder before finally taking the bite that made her mouth water.
Alice closed her eyes as the chocolate-y goodness coated her tongue and mouth.
“Oi! That’s not how you eat them!” Meeka sent a flurry of dark crumbs flying as she pointed her finger at Alice with slightly narrowed eyes.
As she popped a cookie whole into her mouth, Alice laughed and couldn’t help but point it out, “And the way you’re eating them is correct?” Meeka glared at Alice as she swallowed the remnants in her mouth.
“Fuck you,” she grinned and Alice stuck her tongue out at her friend.
Alice finished off her cookie and closed her locker. She jumped as large hands came to rest on her hips and pulled her against a hard, broad chest. As his woody cologne wrapped around her, she relaxed into Andy's hold.
“Alice, aren’t you running late?” his best friend, Dwight piped up as Andy kissed her cheek.
“That's the rabbit, you asshat,” Andy laughed as her retort and Dwight stuttered a few times before giving up.
“Good call,” Meeka said and she saw Dwight's eyes widen as he took her in.
“What in the fuck are you wearing, Meeka? What happened to your delicious love handles?” It was no secret that Dwight had a thing for Meeka but she would never give him the light of day because, like Alice's parents, Meeka's were specie-ists. Any other species than the human one and you were wrong, and Dwight was a cougar-shifter.
“It's called a corset, Dwight,” her answer was final as she searched for the nearest trash can. “Give that to me, I’ll take care of it,” Dwight said and held out his hand. Alice watched her friend contemplate her options before throwing him the crumpled-up cookie packet.
Alice turned in Andy's arms and he molded his body to hers before doing the same with his lips. His one hand shot out onto the metal locker behind her with a crash for balance as he deepened the kiss. Her arms came up around his neck while his arm on her back pulled her closer.
Her full breasts pressed against his hard chest and she moaned into his mouth as his hips pushed his erection into her stomach.
“Yo, the bell's ringing,” Dwight's voice popped their bubble and the shrill trilling of the bell slowly bled into her auditory field. Andy gave her one last kiss and a longing look as she and Meeka headed toward History and he and Dwight to English.
Alice blew Andy a kiss before she and Meeka hooked in with each other and hurried to class.

The project they had to do was on the USAC: the United Species Act and Council. Alice had chosen to focus on the why of the reason the creatures had come to light.
She was after Chad Sparks, who was now boring everyone to death with his monotonous tone and no eye contact.
Miss Applegate finally stopped him when her head dropped off her propped-up hand and called Alice forward.
She stretched as she got up from her seat, her back cracking under the strain of her muscles regaining their positions.
“Thank you, Miss Applegate. I’ve chosen to take a stand with the USAC.
Ten years ago creatures and species made themselves known to humans. Most of whom stood against the integration of the those that were deemed myths, legends, fairy tales, paranormal and supernatural, even fantasy.” That got a chuckle to rumbled through the classroom.
“They are now known as specie-ist. An offense as great as racism and being homophobic, transphobic and any other -phobic you can think of.
All of us had been living in harmony and a semblance of peace whilst they had remained anonymous among us. The moment they came out as different it was a hunt for them.
Now, we have laws and systems in place that protect all species with councils that meet to ensure all needs are met. Synthetic blood is being made for the vampires, schools have vegetarian and meat based menus that benefit humans as much as the others.
Crime rates have dropped due to the presence of werewolves, oracles and shifters on the police force.
The popularity of night school increased due to the vampires' affliction to sunlight and that has cut classes in half. This leaves the teachers to pay more attention to those who struggle.
The specie-ism became so bad that at one point domestic animals like cats, dogs, and hamsters were under suspicion.
But as we now know, they revealed themselves because they needed to procreate. Half of our elementary schools' children are half-human, the first of the hybrid species.”
Alice's report was cut short by the principal opening the classroom door.
“I'm sorry to interrupt, Miss Applegate. I have a new student here, Mr. Deacon,” he said as he looked straight past Alice.
“Thank you, Miss Summers. Take your seat,” the teacher said and Alice didn’t complain as she hurried to her seat beside Meeka.
Only then did she look at the new student.
Her mouth filled with cotton.
He was perfect.
All shifters and species had to wear identifying bracelets that indicate their race.
Green was human. Blue was cat shifters, red was for vampires, yellow were werewolves, orange was dog shifters. Purple showed you were a fae, black was for bird shifters and white indicated God.
Yeah, Hercules' descendant went to school in New England – or so she'd heard.
Her eyes dropped down to his wrist and saw the band covered entirely by his black long-sleeved shirt. His shoulders and chest stretched the material tight with their broadness and there was no way he was eighteen.
He was tall, towering at six-two, a few inches between his shoulders and the door jam. His dark hair was cut short at the sides and kept long enough to fall onto his forehead and obscured his eyes.
Alice felt a trickle of awareness slide over her skin as his head turned to survey the room.
“Mr. Deacon, would you like to introduce yourself?” Miss Applegate said, tripping slightly over her words.
“I'm Logan Deacon. I’m a werewolf,” he lifted his arm and flashed the yellow bracelet circling a thick wrist, “I moved here from Philadelphia. Oh, and I’m nineteen.” His deep voice held boredom and a load of disinterest. His words were practiced like this wasn’t the first time he’d had to say them.
Alice couldn’t keep her eyes from following him curiously as he moved lithely through the room toward the only open seat in the entire classroom.
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