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©Copyright 2021 MzCanna All rights reserved. No portion of this book may be reproduced without the author's permission. This follows the story of Xander Breuer. It is in the same universe as The Photographer but is a stand-alone book. Most of the story is written from Xander's POV and only a few chapters will be from Nadine's. Xander Breuer had been in front of the camera for as long as he could remember. Not that he didn’t have a say in the matter. He always had a choice. Now a model at his mother's photography studio, Xander envies the relationship between his brother and her. He wants that for himself but is he willing to fight for the girl when he meets her? Nadine Manson had wanted to work at Breuer Studios for as long as she could hold a makeup brush. Not in front of the camera. No. She was way too ugly for that. She wanted to be the one painting the models. The one capturing Cassie Breuer’s visions on skin. When she finally gets in as an SFX intern she isn’t fully prepared for her first model. Warning: I do touch on triggering subjects such as rape and abuse. I promise a happy ever after ending!

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Xander woke up to the familiar sound of his niece yelling at his nephew. The two were separated by eleven years and Connie couldn’t stand the five-year-old while Liam only wanted to be close to his sister.
He sighed and rolled over onto his back, checking the time on his alarm. He had twenty minutes before he had to get his ass up for work. He heard Connie scream and kicked the covers off his hips before swinging his legs over the right side of the bed.
He ran his hands over his face and through his shaggy blonde hair before standing and stretching, the pitch of Connie's voice rising by the second.
His home situation wasn’t as fucked as most people thought, with Connie and Liam being his niece and nephew but they were birthed by his mother.
Well, she was technically his sister-in-law but he’d known Cassie since he was three and saw her as his mother. She’d been the one there for him during his first heartbreak and had taken most of his portfolio photos.
Even though he’d went to study at Harvard and received his Business and Finance degrees within two years, he’d always gravitated to modeling for his brother's agency. He loved being in front of the camera.
He was a male tattooed model at Breuer Studios and was one of the most in-demand in his category.
Tattoos ran up his arms in tribal half-sleeve gauntlets on his forearms, turning into scenes from his favorite horror scenes; Silence of the Lambs' ‘Here's Johnny!’ scene with the moth on the edge of the wood, the Evil Dead book with the words written in red ink, on his left shoulder. His right upper arm and shoulder donned Disney and Anime scenes ranging from Akame Ga Kill and Soul Eater to Nightmare before Christmas and Coraline.
When Connie screamed again, he stood up and walked to his bedroom door. Bracing himself for the full force of a sixteen-year-old girl's scream, he opened the door and cringed.
“Connie! Would you shut up?” he yelled down at his niece as he walked to the top of the stairs, his feet dragging tiredly behind him.
“He fucking ate my lipstick!” she yelled back and he chuckled at the mouth on her.
“Language, Connie!” he called as he started down the stairs, leaning most if his weight on the banister. His head was starting to kill him, a sure sign that he’d slightly overdone it the night before at the wrapping party of the car commercial.
“You don’t get to say that!” she said but he noticed she didn’t curse. He walked into the kitchen to find Connie standing in front of a cornered Liam holding an empty tube of lipstick.
Sure enough, Liam's pouty mouth was covered in a ring of dark red lipstick and his brown eyes sparkled, the little guy very proud of himself for gobbling up the make up before his sister noticed. The contents of Connie's purse lay scattered on the floor beside him and answered the question of how he got the lipstick in the first place.
“You should know better than to put it where he can reach it,” Xander told Connie, who pouted in response. Her green eyes, that she’d inherited from her mother, we’re infuriated.
“It cost two week's allowance,” she tried to argue and Xander shook his head at her.
“Liam can walk. He can reach places higher than his head now, Con. You can’t blame him. It’s that flavored shit, right?” he asked, remembering the lipstick the models he worked with opted for.
“Now you definitely can’t blame him. It’s your own fault,” he said when she nodded. She scowled and bent to pick up her things from the floor and he noticed a condom wrapper in the mess.
“Connie, what’s that?” he asked as her hand closed around it.
“What’s what?” she asked and stuffed her hand into her purse, depositing everything had had fallen onto the floor back into it.
“That silver packet,” Xander was all too familiar with condom wrappers, he insisted on wearing them whenever he fucked a woman.
“A mint?” he narrowed his eyes at her response and shook his head. He couldn’t stop her from living her life, hell he’d be a hypocrite if he told her not to do it. He'd lost his virginity to a girl her age when he was seventeen. The girl had also been a virgin.
“As long as you don’t regret it and don’t let your mom or dad see it,” he said as he picked his nephew up off the floor and grabbed the tin of wet-wipes Cassie kept on the counter before starting to wipe Liam's face.
“Thanks,” she mumbled and walked out of the kitchen, tugging her to be closer to her body.
Xander finished wiping Liam's face, the white wet-wipes now a deep red and smelling like coconut as he dropped them in the trash. Cassie and Nate were probably already at work, trusting Xander to get the two to school and Connie to ensure that Liam ate breakfast.
“Have you eaten anything besides the lipstick, lil' bro?” he asked the dark-haired boy in his arms. He resembled Nate to a T except for his mouth; he had Cassie's pouty lips. Liam nodded and said he had Count Chocula, Xander was happy and walked up the stairs where he put the boy down.
“Go get dressed and don’t eat any more of your sister's lipstick, please?” he said and Liam started giggling before running to his bedroom, causing Xander to wonder if he’d ever been such a handful to his brother and mother.
He dragged himself to his bedroom's ensuite bathroom and made sure to lock both doors, knowing Connie's friend would be bursting through the front door any minute. The girl next door knew no boundaries and had a crush on Xander.
Helena was the reason he had black curtains, that were permanently drawn, over his windows. Her window looked right into his bedroom and he'd seen her one morning standing in front of the window, naked and touching herself as she watched him get dressed. She’d been thirteen at the time.
To this day her eyes held no shame when she looked at him.
He took a scalding shower, the skin under the black ink turning red as the water hit him, and washed his hair. As the shampoo sluiced down his chest and back he washed his cock and balls, the member stirring in his hands as they stroked the flesh clean.
“Why do you want to play now?” he looked down at his hardening cock as it slipped through his slippery fist.
After quickly jerking himself off in the shower, Xander headed to his closet to get dressed. He pulled on a black t-shirt and dark blue jeans, going without underwear as usual, and shoved his feet into white sneakers.
He paused to look at himself; he was tall and bulky, his shoulders wide and back broad. He stood at six-foot-eight and was taller than his brother. His chest and abdomen were ripped with muscle that stood out no matter what shirt he wore. His thighs strained against the denim encasing his legs and he wore a size fourteen shoe.
Every inch of his legs, up to his mid-thigh, were also covered in tattoos and so was his stomach, chest, neck and back. He kept his face clean out of respect for Cassie.
He usually sported some scruff on his cheeks and chin but had shaved for the previous night's party. He'd wanted to get in the pants of one of the model's he worked with and had succeeded.
Xander had fucked her in the bathroom of the venue until the room rang with her screams. In his usual style, he’d pulled out and shoved her down to her knees and came on her chest and chin after ripping the condom off.
If he didn’t come in them with a condom he came on them without one but he preferred the latter.
At twenty-one, Xander was known as a fuckboy in the agency.
One thing he could give his mother was that despite caring about him to the end of the world, she never once meddled in the way he lived his life.
She only asked that he stay safe and to ask for help when he needed it.
She made it clear years ago that she was always in his corner and his brother was the same.
Cassie was the person he would compare the woman he wanted to share his life with to.
Xander headed downstairs found Connie and Yvonne in the kitchen with Liam sitting in his chair.
“Tell me you guys are ready?” he said as he helped Liam onto the floor and the girls looked at him.
“Yes, we're ready, Xander,” Yvonne purred and earned a slap on the arm from Connie followed by an ‘ew, gross.’ Yvonne grinned slyly and made sure to brush his bicep with her fake as fuck nails as she walked past.
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