The Girl Next Door

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Chapter 15: I Can't Go Home

Shaina and I talked for awhile longer until she got hungry.

I settled her in on the sofa and went into the kitchen to make her some mac & cheese, like she had asked.

I heard the front door open and someone call, “Bear Bear? Where are you?”

It was Sebastion, Shaina’s older brother.

I places the bowl of mac & cheese on a tray along with a glass of water. I also grabbed her pain killers.

Sebastian sat beside Shaina with her legs draped over his lap.

I set the tray on her lap and handed her the pink pills, “Those are your pain killers.” I inflamed her.

“Matthew.” Sebastian greeted holding out his hand.

I shook it. “Sebastian. Good to see you.”

Sebastian and I hadn’t been close or anything but before he straightened up and went to college, me, him, a couple other guys used to get high together and hang out.

“Thank you for taking care of Shaina.” he told me.

I sat down on the arm of the couch near Shaina’s head. “Of course. Anything for Shaina.”

She grinned up at me and it was gorgeous.

Sebastian looked at us skeptically. “Something going on here I need to know about?”

Shaina and I laughed. “No no.” I reassured him still chuckling. “We’re just really good friends.”

“Mm hm.” Sebastian hummed.

The front door flew open. “Honey Booboo!” Chad sang.

“Chad!” Sebastian exclaimed jumping up from the couch.

“Ah! Sebastian!” Chad rushed over and threw his arms around Sebastian planting a big kiss on his lips. “I thought you weren’t coming home for another two months!”

Sebastian released Chad but kept an arm around him. “I had to come down to see Shaina. And it is an added bonus I got to surprise you.” He kissed his temple.

“You guys are sooooo cute!” Shaina cooed.

I felt my phone begin to ring in my pocket. I pulled it out and saw to my surprise it was my dad.

“Hey, I’ll be right back.” I murmured in Shaina’s ear.

She nodded. “You okay?” she asked sounding concerned.

“Yeah.” I said brushing her off. “Don’t worry.”

I pushed past Sebastian and Chad and made my way outside.

“Yeah?” I answered.

“What did you say to me?!” My father bellowed.

“Yes sir?” I tried again.

“Where the hell are you, Mark?!”

I sighed. “Dad, my name is Matthew. And I’ve been with a friend.”

“You better get your ass home tonight or I’m gonna call the cops and tell ’em all this dope is yours. Then you’ll be caged up where you belong.” He spat.

“Yeah? Go ahead.” I told him. “It’d be better than living with you.” I growled into the phone hanging up.

I went back into the house slamming the door behind me. “You okay?” Shaina asked.

I huffed and dropped onto the couch. Chad and Sebastian had gone God knows where. “My dad is pissed I haven’t been home in three days. He’s threatening to call the police.”

She paused the t.v. and looked at me. “Matthew, you’ve got to go home.”

I laughed humorlessly. That’s not an option. “Yeah, and get the crap beat out of me? No thanks. I’ll go to Nick’s. My dad’s probably too drunk to get there.”

“Alright. Just be careful.” She warned him.

I smiled small. “Don’t worry, Sweet Pea. I can take care of myself.”

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