The Girl Next Door

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Chapter 16: Drunk and Arrested

As soon as I left Shaina’s I dialed Nick. “I need somewhere to stay tonight.” I said as soon as he picked up.

“What about Shaina’s?”

“My dad is pissed I haven’t been home and if he sees my truck out there he’s gonna try and get me and that puts Shaina in danger. He doesn’t even know you and Jack exist so I’m safe at one of you guys’ houses.”

“Well I was planning on going to the club tonight. You’re welcome to join us.”

“I’ll meet you there.” I told him and hung up.

I drove over to the club and went inside. The place was already packed. Music was blasting, people were grinding and getting drunk. Oh yeah this is just what I needed.

I headed straight to the bar and ordered a beer. The bartender handed me the drink and I downed it in a couple of gulps. I ordered another.

By the time I was on my fifth or sixth or seventh, I don’t really know but it was a lot, Nick stumbled over, “Maaattt!” he yelled. “I got a couple a hot chicks on the dance floor. Come on, buddy.”

I downed the rest of my beer and followed after him. A really hot blonde chick pressed herself up against me and started swaying her hips to the music. I gripped her hips and moved my hips in sink with her's, grinding against her. She swiftly turned around and planted a firm kiss on my lips. I kissed her lips hungrily loving how her lips tasted of lime and tequila and salt. Suddenly, for some odd reason, I thought of Shaina and that snapped me out of my drunken haze enough to realize what I was doing. I shoved the girl away from me and staggered out of the club and out to my car.

“Hey! Buddy!” Someone yelled from somewhere in the parking lot. “You’re in no shape to drive.”

I just ignore him and yanked myself into my truck. Of course being drunk, in the process I smacked my head on the edge of the door. I groaned and rested my head on the steering wheel. I needed to get back to Shaina’s. I needed to talk to her.

I started driving but before long I heard a police siren. Even though I was drunk off my rocker I knew I needed to pull over.

I pulled my truck onto the side of the road and an officer rapped on my window. I rolled it down.

“You were driving pretty wild back there, Son.” he commented. “I need to see your license.”

I fumbled around with my wallet squinting at all the cards till I located my driver’s license. I handed it to the officer. He looked at it. “So you’re eighteen. Why don’t you step out of the car for me.”

I huffed and climbed out of my truck slamming the door.

“Alright, Matthew go ahead and walk the line.”

I started walking on the white line and just kept staggering. He stopped me before I took maybe two steps. “You’re drunk.” He pinned my arms behind my back and smacked on handcuffs. “Alright, I’m taking you in for driving while intoxicated and underage drinking.” He read me my Miranda Rights then drug me to his police cruiser and pushed me into the backseat.

The drive was completely silent and all I could think about was how disappointed Shaina would be if she heard about this.

We pulled into the station parking lot and the officer pulled me out of the car and I just kept mumbling Shaina’s name.

The officer pushed me into a cell and took of the handcuffs. “Sober up.” he commanded as he handed me a glass of water.

Next thing I know the cell door is being opened. “Let’s go, Knight. Your bail has been paid.”

I looked up and met Shaina’s eyes. She glared at me and all I could see was anger. I got up slowly from the bed.

“Shaina, if you would follow me again, I will give you the things we confiscated off of Matthew.” The officer told Shaina.

She nodded and began to follow him. She was limping slightly.

“Shaina. What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be resting.” I tried to speak except it came out kind of slurred. I was embarrassed.

“I had to come pick up your sorry ass!” She yelled at me harshly without looking at me.

We went back out into the waiting area. I slumped down in one of the chairs my head already starting to hurt.

Shaina threw my jacket and the bag of confiscated items at me then stalked out of the station.

I ran to catch up with her. “Shaina, I’m-”

She cut me off. “Get in the car.” she told me coldly. Honestly, it was kind of scary.

I silently slid into the passenger seat.

“What the hell were you thinking?!” She yelled at me angrily. “You could have gotten into a car accident! You could have died! Have you not learned from what alcohol did to your dad? How could you be so stupid?”

That honestly made me really angry. “Because that’s who I am, Shaina!” I yelled. “The f*** up, remember? I’m the stupid kid that doesn’t deserve to live. I don’t need a babysitter, Shaina! I can fend for myself. Maybe it would’ve been better if I died tonight! Just wrecked my car! Then I wouldn’t be beaten and you wouldn’t have to worry about protecting me!” I yelled punching the dashboard.

“Matthew, that’s not what I meant.” She said sounding sorry.

I took in a shaky breath. She didn’t understand. “No? Well too bad cause it’s out there. You think I’m a mess up; just like everyone else.” I thought she was different but I guess not. I climbed out of the car slamming the door behind me.

I was so done right now.

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