The Girl Next Door

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Chapter 17: Guilty

I just took off running. I don’t know where. I just ran.

My phone kept buzzing in my pocket. I assumed it was Shaina.

After about the fourth time, I finally answered it. “Just leave me alone!” I growled.

“Matthew.” She gasped my name in a whisper.

I automatically knew something was wrong. I stopped in my tracks. “Shaina? What’s going on? What’s the matter?”

“I forgot,” She moaned in pain, “My pain killers. It hurts so bad!” She whimpered.

My heart seized in my chest. She really needed me right now. Forget anger, I had to help her. “Oh my god. Okay. Where are you?”

“I don’t know! I drove after you.” She continued to sob.

I felt so guilty. This was all my fault. If she hadn’t have had to come get me she probably wouldn’t have forgotten to take the pills.

“Hang on, Shaina. I’m on my way. Just hang in there.”

I ran back in the direction I had come till I saw a black Sedan pulled over to the side of the road with its hazard lights on.

I ran to the driver’s side and banged on the window to get Shaina’s attention. She fumbled with the button to unlock the door. I yanked the door open as soon as I heard the click of the lock unlocking.

“It’s alright, Sweet Pea. I’m here.” I comforted her. I pulled her into my arms and gently laid her in the passenger seat. “Let’s go home.” I told her as I started the car.

“Matthew,” she whispered. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean what I said. I was way out of line.”

That just made me feel more guilty. It was my fault. Not her’s. If I hadn’t gone out drinking, she wouldn’t have even had to come get me. “No. Sh, Sweet Pea. Don’t worry about it. You were right. I was angry with my dad and I drowned it in liquor. I shouldn’t have done that.”

She groaned. “Please hurry.”

I reached over and rubbed her back comfortingly. “You’ll be okay. We’re almost home.”

I pulled into her driveway and scooped her out of the front seat quickly. I threw open the front door slamming it and she moaned. I cringed. Chad, Sebastian, and Shaina’s dad came racing down the stairs.

“What happened?” Sebastian demanded taking her from me. “And why do you smell like alcohol?” he asked glaring at me.

“Later. Get her on the couch. I’ll get the medicine.” I told him. I knew from the look Sebastian gave me, I was in some serious trouble with him.

I raced into the kitchen grabbed her pills and water and went to the living room. Shaina grabbed the pills from me and swallowed them. Her face slowly relaxed and she sighed. “Thank you.”

“Alright. Is everything good here now?” Her dad asked rubbing her head.

“Yeah. I’m good now, daddy.” she told him.

“Then I’m going back to bed. Good night.” He disappeared upstairs.

“Matthew,” Sebastian gritted, “I need to speak with you in the kitchen.”

I stood up from my place on the arm of the sofa and followed Sebastian into the kitchen.

“What the hell were you thinking? No wait, what the hell happened? Let’s start with that.” He demanded.

“I, uh, had too many drinks when I went to the club with my friend. I got arrested and, um, Shaina had to come bail me out of jail. And when we were coming home, she started yelling at me about how haven’t I learned from my dad and I got angry and ran off. Shaina came after me and she forgot to take her medication and her stomach started hurting. I didn’t hurt her. I promise.”

Sebastian studied me. “You’re not good for her.” he finally said.

I stared at him. “What?”

“You’re no good for Shaina.” He said enunciating the words. “You’ve got the bad boy brand, Matthew. You just came home reeking of alcohol after being arrested. I have to protect Shaina. Stay away from my sister.” he said and walked out of the kitchen.

Too bad. That’s not possible. I wanted to say but he had already left.

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