The Girl Next Door

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Chapter 23: Help

As soon as the halls cleared, I walked right back out the school doors to Nick’s car where him and Jack were smoking. “Take me home. Now.” I said as I climbed into the backseat.

They both swiveled around to face me. “What for?” Nick asked flicking his cigarette butt out the window.

“Just take me home, Nick.”

“Dude, if you’re avoiding Shaina...“Jack started to say.

“Jack, shut the f*** up! You don’t know shit. Nick, take me home.” They turned back around and Nick started the car.

We pulled up outside my house. I climbed out and started to walkup the drive. “Do you want us to wait up?” Nick called.

I turned around. “I don’t think I’ll be going to school today. I’ll see you guys later.”

Nick nodded and drove away.

I walked up to my front door and took a deep breath before pushing it open. “Dad!” I yelled as I slammed shut the front door. “Dad!” I threw empty beer bottles on the floor to shatter them. I made a racket to wake him up.

He came barreling around the corner. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” he bellowed.

“I’m done being you’re punching bag!” I yelled back. “You have never been a father to me. You’re whole life has been a waste of liquor and I’m done being the one thing that makes you feel even remotely powerful. F*** you.”

He stalked toward me. Unfortunately for me, he seemed sober enough not to stumble. He punched me in the gut. I doubled over in pain. “You think you can come in here and talk to me like that.” He gripped my hair and yanked my face up. He punched me again. I felt the blood run down my face and into my mouth. “You have no where else to go. No body wants a worthless piece of shit like you.” He shoved me to the ground and repeatedly kicked my body. I went numb to the pain and honestly, I thought I was dying. I felt a sharp bolt of pain in my hip. I yelled out. My dad was screaming some more at me but it was warped. I couldn’t make out a single word. The sharp pain returned again in my shoulder and then in my ribs. I struggled for breath. My vision became hazy from tears or pain, I couldn’t tell. My dad hauled my limp body up and I screamed again in pain. And that’s when the dark took me. I thought for sure, this time I had died.

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