The Girl Next Door

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Chapter 3: Confrontation

“Listen here, b****,” I heard Alice’s shrill voice all the way across the cafeteria. I turn my head in the direction of her voice and saw her standing menacingly over Shaina. “Matthew is mine. He is so far out of your league it isn’t even funny. What possibly made you think you would have had a chance with him? Back off before I make this year a living hell you.”

Let’s just make one thing clear, I am not Alice’s. She followed me around like a puppy claiming to be my girlfriend. She wasn’t. I don’t like her what’s so ever. She is and absolute b****.

I stood up to go talk to her when Nick grabbed my arm, “Dude, what are you doing?”

“I’m going to talk to Alice. She can’t talk to Shaina like that.”

“When did you become so protective of Shaina Collins?” Jack spat.

I ignored him, pulled my arm from Nick’s grip and walked over to Alice’s table.

“Alice,” I said harshly, “we need to talk.”

“Oh, Matthew!” she cooed. She stood up and I walked a little ways from her table. “What’s the matter, baby?” she crooned.

“Don’t call me baby.” I growled. “We aren’t anything, Alice. So stop trying to make it like we are. And leave Shaina alone. I took her to school today. Big deal. That’s between me and her. It doesn’t involve you. So I suggest you stay away from her and leave her the hell alone. Or I’ll ruin you. I know all your little secrets, Alice.” I added tauntingly. Before I could say more Nick grabbed my right arm and Jack grabbed my left and tugged me away from Alice.

“Come on, man.” Nick said lowly. “She isn’t even worth it.”

I nodded once quickly and allowed them to lead me from the cafeteria.

“I swear I thought you were gonna hit her!” Jack exclaimed as soon as the cafeteria doors shut behind us.

“Why?” I asked my eyebrows furrowing, “I would never hit a girl.”

“You were flexing and releasing your hands like you do when you’re about to hit someone.” Nick said shrugging.

I looked down at my hands. “I was?”

They both nodded.

“You should get that under control.” Nick told me. “You may end up hitting someone one day you don’t mean to.”

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