The Girl Next Door

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Chapter 4: Please Listen

I was leaning against Nick’s car with Jack and Nick smoking a cigarette.

“Clare Johnson or Lacy Donalds?” Jack asked raising his cigarette to his lips.

We were playing some stupid game about who we would rather bang and where.

“Easy,” Nick said taking a drag, “Lacy Donalds.”

“Matthew?” Jack asked turning to me.

“Same.” I answered distracted. I was hoping to catch Shaina so I could talk to her.

“Okay, backseat of the car or wall?”

“Ooh that’s a tough one...” Nick trailed off thinking.

I caught Shaina trying to hurry through the parking lot. I pushed off the car, threw my cigarette on the asphalt, and stamped it out.

“Shaina!” I called out to her.

She just kept walking faster.

“Shaina!” I yelled louder jogging towards her, “Shaina, please stop!”

She listened and stopped walking, turning around to face me.

I stopped in front of her. “Shaina, I-” I tried to begin but she cut me off.

“Matthew, please, just leave me alone.” she begged quietly.

“Shaina-” I tried again but she cut me off.

“Look, you can come to my house whenever you need help but you’ve got to just leave me alone otherwise. Okay? Please?”

I wanted to say more but decided it probably wasn’t best so I closed my mouth and just nodded.

“Alright. I’ll see you around.” she said quietly.

I watched as she walked away and Chad pulled her into his arms.

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