The Girl Next Door

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Chapter 8: Surgery

“Alright Shaina here’s what has to happen,” Doctor Mike began, “you’re going to have to have surgery for that hernia. But, since we gave you the pain medication and the anti-nausea medicine, you can’t have the surgery today. It will be scheduled for tomorrow morning. You cannot eat anything but we’ll get you nutrients and fluids through an IV. Do you have any questions?” The doctor asked her after he had finished.

She shook her head.

“Alright then we will get you a room in ICU and you’ll spend the night with us and then you’ll have surgery tomorrow. I’ll talk to your dad to schedule that. So if you’ll come with me Mr. Collins and we’ll get that set up, Andi will take Shaina and her boyfriend here to the room.”

I was about to correct him that I wasn’t her boyfriend but he had already walked out the door with her dad.

“Shaina, I’m going to just go ahead and wheel you over in the bed and then we’ll just transfer you once we get there.” Andi told her. She looked to me, “Matthew right?” she asked.

I nodded, “Yes ma’am. That’s me.”

“You’re welcome to just sit on the bed with her or you can walk beside the bed.”

I looked down at her to see what she wanted. “Shaina?”

“Sit with me. Please?” she asked me quietly.

“Of course.” I sat down at her feet and laid a hand on her leg.

She pushed the bed into a room. Andi pulled the covers down and I scooped Shaina from the bed and placed her on the other one. “You’re good to go Shaina. Your nurse should be in shortly.”

She left closing the door behind her.

I helped her get situated in bed, curled in a ball again. I sat down on the edge of the bed, “How’s the pain?” I asked her brushing hair off her face gently.

“A lot better.” She told me. “I can talk now without whimpering every thirty seconds. Which, now I can finally say thank you. So thank you for saving me from those guys. You didn’t have to do that or stay with me through all this. I mean we aren’t really that close but today you treated me like I was your best friend and I can’t thank you enough.”

“Shaina, I want to be friends.” I told her. I mean even though we hadn’t talked or hung out. From the hours I had gotten to know her, I liked her. “You’re a great girl and I would love to have you as my friend.”

I realized quickly I had just friend zoned her. That wasn’t my intention at all. Shit...

She smiled at me, “I would like that too.”

Yay. New best friend.

The door suddenly opened and her dad walked in. “Hi honey.”

“Hey, Daddy.” she said softly.

“You’re surgery is scheduled for nine tomorrow morning. I’m going to run home and get you some comfortable clothes and your toothbrush and everything. Your mom should be up to see you soon. You going to be okay here?” he asked her.

“Yeah. I’ve got Matthew and Chad should be coming by to see me pretty soon. I’ll be fine.”

He came over and kissed her forehead. “Alright well you call me if you need anything. And you,” he said gruffly, turning to me. I got nervous for a minute but all he said was, “keep an eye on my daughter.”

“Yes sir. I will.” I promised him.

Her dad left and Shaina’s phone starting ringing in the table beside the bed. I reached over and handed it to him.

“Hello?” she said. “Hey Chaddy? What’s up?” “Hang on let me ask Matthew. I honestly have no clue.” She turned to me, “What room am I in?”

“Oh. Uh 408.”

“I’m in room 408. Come on up and see me.”

She handed her phone to me and I placed on the side table again.

“Do you want to watch something on tv?” I asked her grabbing the remote.

She nodded.

I turned on the tv and started scrolling.

“Ah!” She exclaimed scaring the shit out of me, “19 Kids and Counting!”

“Geez, Sweet Pea! Calm down!” I exclaimed. "I am now deaf!"

She giggled sheepishly. “Sorry....” she trailed off.

I put on the show and moved to settle in beside her on the bed. I wrapped a protective arm around her shoulders and tucked her against his side.

The door burst open and Chad sauntered into the room with a bouquet of roses.

“Chaddy!” She giggled.

“Honey Booboo!” he exclaimed as he handed her the roses and engulfed her in a gentle bear hug. “What the hell happened?”

I zoned out on their conversation (hey, this show wasn't half bad) until I heard Shaina ask Chad to get her food.

“Oh no you don’t, Shaina.” I intervened. “You heard the doctor. You can’t eat.”

“But I’m hungry.” I pouted and whined. It was kind of cute.

“You know, I think I liked you better in pain. You couldn’t talk.” I told her laughing.

Chad laughed and Shaina smacked my shoulder as hard as she could. It didn’t hurt. “F*** you.” she said feigning anger.

The door suddenly opened again and a male nurse stepped into the room. “Hello, Shaina.” he greeted warmly. “I’m your nurse for the day. My name is Johnny. Has that pain medication kicked in yet?”

“Definitely.” She answered him smiling.

“Are you hungry?”

I chuckled and Chad covered his mouth with his hand hiding a smile.

“Yes, I really am.” she said a little more exasperated than needed.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes with something.” he told her.

He left closing the door behind him.

“Mm I think I’m gonna go see if I can find that hottie.” Chad said raising his eyebrows and making a move to follow the nurse.

“Chad!” Shaina exclaimed. “Don’t hook up with my nurse! You're dating my brother! ” She yelled after him.

I chuckled at their exchange. “Well he’s a character.” I commented as I pulled her into my side again.

She giggled. “That’s Chad for you.” she told me.

Just then Janine walked in the door still in her scrubs and doctors coat. “My baby girl!” she cooed as she came over and cupped Shaina’s cheek. “Are they treating you well?”

“Yes, mom. I’m doing so much better.” She assured her mom.

She sat down on the bed beside Shaina, “I know the doctor doing your surgery. She’s wonderful.”

Shaina frowned, “Why aren’t you doing my surgery?”

“Oh honey, I couldn’t operate on my own daughter! That’d be too difficult. It’s difficult operating on children as it is but operating on my own,” she cringes, “I can’t even think about it.” She reached over and took my hand that’s wasn’t wrapped around Shaina, “Thank you for saving Shaina when you did. If you hadn’t, she could be in a lot worse shape.”

“It didn't take a second thought. I knew I had to do it. I couldn’t let them hurt my friend.” I told her smiling down at Shaina. She smiled back warmly.

“Well I will be contacting the school and the police department. Do either of you know who the boys were?”

I darkened and answered immediately, “Kyle Mickson, Dallas Martin, and Cain Garth. I used to play football with them. Kyle is the one that slapped and kicked her.”

“Wait, he slapped her?” she stopped me.

Shaina nodded. “He back-handed me.” She turned so her mom could see the bruise that had blossomed on her cheek bone.

“Oh my goodness. Well, I’m going to go down to the station right now. Matthew do you mind if I put you down as the witness? The police are going to want to talk to someone and Shaina isn’t going to be up for long conversations once she gets out of surgery.”

“Of course. It’s no trouble at all.” I told her.

Her mom stood up, hugged Shaina gently and left.

Shaina fell asleep shortly after, snuggled into my side.

Throughout the night she wrapped an arm around my waist and clutched to me like I was a teddy bear. I smiled as her and fell back asleep.

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