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Maëlys was a french girl raised under an Italian mafia, she is betrothed to the boss's first son, to ensure her safety and to ensure Keane has an heir. She is to be married to him as soon as she turns eighteen and she really isn't happy about this. Maelys is terrified f marrying a man she hardly knows and marrying a man who wouldn't give her any information about himself except the fact that he has a very big family. Beneath his handsome and cold demeanour there is a demon that most outsiders don't know and beneath that demon is a man that Maelys would never have anticipated. This is an eighteen-year old's way through a very toxic marriage.

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A baby girl was born to a French family under an Italian mafia. The mafia was based in New Jersey and it was called the Genovese family.
The girl was named Maelys, Maelys Brielle Bandeaux.
The owner of the Genovese family was a ruthless man called Peter Black and he was the father of two boys of eight and five. Their names were Keane and Grayson Black respectively.
The mafia lived in a huge gated estate that no outsider dared to tread. They owned huge drug cartels and infamous illegal franchises.

Maelys was raised to be a reserved, poised, and graceful girl. She was given the best childhood that a mafia man could give his child. According to the danger involved with the cartel, Maelys was always locked in her parents' huge manor and was only allowed out when life absolutely required her to.
She was taught by a governess and by the time she reached fifteen she was as bent into shape as a president’s wife.
Maelys always knew her mother was preparing her for something, but she didn’t exactly know what. All she knew was that she was never going to find love because of the environment she grew up in.
She was surely going to marry one of the many balding, pot-bellied men that befriended her father.

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