The Porch Swing: Across The Street

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Have you ever wondered what it's like to fall in love... to be in love? Ask yourself this, is it love... or is it lust? Lonnie and Garret are Juniors in High School and have lived across the street their whole lives and in that time have become very close. The bond they share can't be broken.... or can it? Only time will tell. Sometimes things aren't quite as they seem. Read from not only Lonnie's perspective but Garrets as well. This is their story.

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Lonnie O'bray 1

7:24 am, Thursday morning, Woodland Dr., Dallas Texas.

He's late again. I sat on my porch steps staring at Garrets house across the wide street of our neighborhood. Still waiting for him to roll out of his drive way with his fancy car so we could go to school.

He's always so late. There is no hope for him at this point.
I stood up and headed towards his house. Gosh I can't believe its so hot out already. The morning sun rays lit up my brunet hair and made the highlights look as if they glowed. My pale skin lit up like a lantern that would blind anyone who'd look at it.

Do you need a lantern? Cause baby I'll be the light in your world. I chuckled to myself and shook my head. I am so funny. I've always loved a good pick-up line.

I reached the front gate of his yard and paused. Oh great, he's probably asleep still. I'm gonna beat that boy. I walked into the house and saw his 6 year old sister, Bri, sitting on the couch. "Hi Bri. Where's Garret?"

"Hi Lonnie! I don't know. Maybe sleeping."

I let out a long sigh, "Thanks."

Garrets mother Mindy walked around the corner, when she looked up, "Oh! Lonnie! You startled me!" She laughed, "Is Garret late again?"

"Oh I'm sorry," I laughed with her, "and yes, he is, I got this." I winked at her and she tittered.

"be gentle with him, as you know he's so very fragile"

"No promises" I chuckled.

I made my way up the stairs to his bedroom and opened his door. There he was still sleeping. I then walked over to him and shoved him off his bed.

"What did you do that for!!" He shouted

"Serves you right." I raised my eyebrow, "We have school, get up and get dressed or I'm driving your car!"

"You wouldn't dare"

"Hmm I think I would"

Garret loves his car. It's a 1965 white Ford Mustang Convertible with ruby red leather seats; he doesn't let anyone drive it, and I mean anyone. It's his baby, he may as well marry it.

I started walking out of his room "Hurry up!"

"Don't put a finger on my baby Lonnie!" He rushed to get dressed

"Guess you better hurry then!"

I ran down the stairs and opened the door to the garage and shut it pretending I was in the garage and hid behind the corner.

"Lonnie no!" He yelled.

Few seconds later he rushed down the stairs and turned the corner. I jumped out and scared him. He screamed like a little girl and I could have sworn his soul jumped out of his body and back in again. "Lonnie, I hope you know I hate you."

"I am aware." I smiled innocently

He scowled at me, "Let's go"

I followed Garret out the door into the garage and he opened my door for me. "Oh how sweet" I put my hand on my chest. He got in the car and looked at me and paused.

"Not sweet, I just don't want you touching my baby after that stunt you pulled."

I chuckled as the garage door opened and he backed out onto the street. As we drove to school, my favorite song came on and I sang along in a horrible voice to get on Garrets nerves and I think it worked because he side-eyed me moments later.

"What?" I paused, "I'm just having fun"

He shook his head but didn't say anything. A small smile crept on his face which made my heart happy. I love his smile, it's just so sincere and innocent.

Once we arrived at school, I automatically went into my shell, I don't like to draw attention. I like to appear invisible, though being Garrets best friend that is kind of hard to do. All the girls hate me, well not all of them, but definitely most of them. Which I don't see why. They Can have him. I don't think I'd date him ever. Yeah.. that's just weird.

I'm now sitting in my first period class - Art - and I sat in the corner in the back of the class. I sat there sketching and doodling flowers all over my sheet of paper. I had no idea what to sketch; for this project we had to come up with something unique. I could do a mermaid but opposite? top half fish, bottom half legs. I chuckled to myself. No, I can't do that.... Oh I know! I'll do my father and I on the porch swing.

As I started to sketch, my teacher, Mrs. Philips came over to me and asked if I had an idea. I told her my idea, she smiled and said that it was sweet. Before she walked away she asked me if I was doing okay. I nodded with a smile to hide the fact I really wasn't. Well, I have my highs and lows. The thought of the porch swing and my father, It made me miss him more than usual and feel a bit down. My father and I were really close. He was my best friend besides Garret.

I looked over at some loud kids in my class, they were trying to get into cardboard boxes and wear them. I giggled and shook my head. Some peoples kids. Just then Chris, one of mine and Garrets old friends, shouted my name. I looked up confused.

"Lonnie!!" he waited

I looked back and then pointed towards myself.

"Yes you! Come here for a sec."

I shook my head, "No"

"Come on, please"

I sat there and rolled my eyes and continued to sketch. A moment later here comes Chris. He leaned on my desk and started to talk to me about something. I didn't really pay attention to what he was saying, he then knelt down and asked "Hey, are you doing okay?"

I looked at him and smiled, "I would be better if you left."

He stood up, and put his hands up, "Okay, okay. Sass-hole, Note taken, but really though. If you wanna talk about anything you can talk to me."

Surprised by his comment, "Thanks?"

Chris lives only a few houses down from Garret and I. We all kinda grew up together. We used to play in each others pools and back yards with endless imagination, games, and stories. He never stuck around though, he was always too busy with life. He and Garret are much closer, than he is with me. He's a nice guy though, sometimes reckless and gets Garret in some dumb things but boys will be boys.

When I was younger my mom always said I was an energetic child. I always had the wildest dreams; I remember one time I dreamed of becoming a superhero. My powers would be flying, super strength, and laser eyes. Yes, It sounds like Super-Man and Super-Woman. Well, I Idolized Super-Woman. I thought she was the coolest, to be honest, I still do. I just have a sense of reality now, especially now.
Mother tells me stories about the adventures her and father went on before I was born. One of which, my father always talked of going to ‘The Edge of The World.' He said he's been there a few times. As a young child, that intrigued me. Mother doesn't talk about him very much anymore though, it makes her sad. I hate seeing her sad. She hardly leaves the house, all she does is garden, read and paint. She loves to garden and paint the most, and shes quite good too. She's happier now though. We still laugh and spend time together as much as possible. She's the best mother, and I don't thank her enough for all she does for us, but I love her dearly.
As I grew up, father and I would sit on my porch swing and talk about superhero's and crazy ideas of what we'd do together one day. He talked of taking me to 'The Edge of The World' someday - meaning an Island off the coast of North Carolina; known as Cape Lookout National Seashore. I think about that almost everyday, I can still hear him very clearly say those words.
I miss him very much, but I guess things happen. It's life.
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