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Freya Brown, an intelligent woman but with a birthmark that covers half of her face, tries to adapt to a world full of prejudices. Her bright mind helped her get hired by London’s largest advertising company, INK Advertising. The company has also developed a cosmetics line for which it needs investors to support it. This is how Alexander Miller, an ambitious young man who remained in charge of his father’s modeling agency, appears in her path. Alex has his charm, but for a long time, he wanted shares in the company Ink Advertising. When the CEO of the company gives up the management to Freya, Alex thinks it will be very easy for him to seduce her. Falling into his net and believing his lies that he is in love with her, Freya will live a fake love story. Guided by his greedy friend, Alex begins a game of seduction whose victim is Freya. Warned by her best friend Georgia, that was trying to wake her up to reality, that Alex will only hurt her and that the only thing he wants is the company. But she doesn’t listen to her friend and makes the mistake of her life by marrying Alex. Hearing a conversation between Alex and his friend, she becomes more and more convinced that everything was a lie. Hurt and with a broken heart she flees to America where she will have facial surgery and will gather so much hatred inside her she will return to make everyone who hurt her pay.

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Chapter 1

It had been a while since I had a good night’s sleep. And that’s because I was thinking day and night about that damn slogan. The company had advertised a shower gel, and the chief had ordered a brilliant idea by noon tomorrow. Now my mind was on nothing; all I wanted was a warm bath and a well-deserved sleep. The phone woke me from my impossible dream. I shuddered, got up from the sofa, and walked lazily down the hall.


“Freya, it’s me, Georgia. Did you finish it?”

“No, not yet,” I said worriedly. I thought the deadline expired only tomorrow in the afternoon, am I wrong?

“No, you’re not wrong, but the boss has a meeting with the investors today and told me to hurry you. You know, at least show them the pattern. Anyway, they’ll be here tomorrow first thing in the morning, but ... orders are orders. I’m sorry, baby!”

I didn’t hear the end of the conversation. I had to get dressed and fly over to the company. The hot shower was just a beautiful dream. I ran across the room, gone up some stairs, swore between my teeth when I was about to fall ... What had I done wrong? But I did what I liked best, advertising. I had so many ideas that even I got surprised. Then why the hell didn’t I come up with something for the shower gel right now, in this very moment? I was too tired. And the boss who never weakened me. He knew I was a value, but don’t value ​​take a vacation too? There was no point in tormenting me with that thought. It was an excellent plan, but now it was impossible, it was so far away. I had created other commercials, but this time the boss wanted a slogan as original as it was simple. The answer was somewhere very close to me, only I didn’t see it. Haven’t I gained enough experience? No way. I worked for the largest advertising company in the country, which is in London. Worked with the best team ever seen and heard. What more could I ask for? And besides, I had a very light schedule.

”God, it’s time to go!” I exclaimed worriedly. I went down the hall, picked up my coat, and sprang to the door.

The road to get there was awfully long. I couldn’t even imagine what I was going to say to the investors. It was all so obscure that I couldn’t think of anything.

“Your moment of pleasure!” That’s it! I exclaimed contentedly, with a wry smile I hadn’t even noticed.

I finally arrived: INK Advertising. It displayed an imposing building in front of me. It had been the dream of a lifetime to work here, and now here I am, among the best. I stepped into the company’s lobby, a hall that still impressed me after all these years with its tasteful size and decor. I took the elevator to the third floor where I had my office. It was quiet for now. The secretary was missing. I opened the door, shyly entered, and slumped into my chair. Thank God for these quiet moments. I didn’t know why, but for the first time in my career, I got nervous. I had forgotten about nervousness when I was still in university. What a sensation! I didn’t like it at all. Getting up from my chair, I went straight to the coffee machine and served my elixir of life as I liked to call it in a cup, and swallowed small sips as the doctor ordered. I hadn’t even heard Georgia enter.

“Don’t tell me you’re nervous!”

I turned just about enough to have a glance at her.

“Just a little, I don’t know why. Listen to what I come up with, WaterFall, your moment of pleasure! What do you think?”

“As usual, you amaze me!” I wouldn’t have come up with a better idea either. Now, listen to me!”

“What happened?” I suddenly worried.

“Nothing special. It’s just that the boss blows flames out of his mouth. Investors have not arrived yet. And he doesn’t want to wait for them, because he has other important things to do. As if this is not important. These men are going to invest in our products. Anyway...”

“That’s good,” I snorted, interrupting her. “You mean I came here for nothing?”

“Not really. The boss will wait for them. From what I understand, they won’t be too late. There are two from America and one from our country.”

“From our country?” I do not understand. Shouldn’t we do business with outsiders? You know, expand the company …”

“Yes, but the one from here is not really from here …”

“You really lost me here!” I took a puzzled face and placed my hands on my hips.

“Let me explain. The guy left the country three years ago and settled in America. He runs his father’s modeling agency and went out to get the girls to see the world. And that’s all I know about him. Oh, and I missed the most important thing, the guy looks killer handsome, and …”

“Georgia, you haven’t changed at all! Do you really think I have time for this nonsense?”

“Freya, when was the last time you kissed a boy? And not hello style, I mean kissing ... mouth to mouth!”

“Georgia!!! I will ignore what you just said, you have no cure.”

“Okay, I’ll leave you, but think with your heart, not just with your head!”

Again, I was alone in my office. Georgia was right. But I didn’t have time for such juicy things. I didn’t stop being realistic. I said that life was not just about a career. It was for nothing a career and money if you have no one to share it with. This conversation always caught my mother’s attention. Her advice always brought me to reality, and maybe that’s why I got where I got.

Georgia was also alone. Me alone, her the same, why wouldn’t I ask her to move in with me? Anyway, that was the dream of both of us, right from college. We always made plans about what our house would look like, how we would divide the house’s expenses. And now this dream could come true. Yes, that’s what I was going to do! I will ask Georgia to move in with me.

I just snapped out in reality when a knock on the door really shattered me.

“Come on in! Oh, Kelly, it was you?”

My secretary was standing in the doorway. She was a tall, thin woman and wore glasses. Kelly had no family, and I took her under my wing. I helped her get an apartment in the city center, and after that, I hired her at the company. She had proven to be effective, and now she was my right hand. And what was most important was that she never judged me on how I look. Her friendship was genuine, hers and Georgia’s. I was born with an ugly birthmark on my face that was covering half of it. I got used to it, but other people didn’t. Sometimes I could see their insistent stares making me uncomfortable. They asked me why I didn’t have surgery but my answer was still the same, that was not my priority.

“Excuse me, miss ...”

“Freya, Kelly, my name is Freya.”

I tried to be as close as possible to my colleagues. Second, I couldn’t bear to they would call me that way, I felt I was too old. And I was only twenty-five years old. With the employment I was lucky. Some like to say that my mind helped me. I liked to think I was a very lucky person.

“Excuse me, Freya ... I brought the CD you asked for.” She approached the desk and handed out a large white envelope with a CD in it.

“Kelly, what do you know about these American investors?”

“They are first class. We are very lucky that they are visiting us. And I know they haven’t arrived yet.”

“Okay, Kelly, thanks! Oh, and please bring me last year’s report, I want to check out something!”

“Consider it done, boss! At this rate, you will dethrone Mr. Ivan himself!”

“You think too far ahead, Kelly, way too far …”

“It doesn’t hurt the company a little change, does it? And besides, you really deserve it!”

“Go, go ...”

It was a blessing when I was alone. Not that I didn’t like my friends in the company, but now I didn’t feel like talking to anyone. “If I could, I’d put the mirror down on the wall so I wouldn’t see myself again,” I thought critically. I set the coffee cup on the desk and opened the white envelope. I pulled out the tape and inserted it into my computer on the clear glass table in front of me. It was the WaterFall shower gel commercial. All I needed was the slogan and the music of the background. I also needed a voice to represent the commercial. It could be Georgia’s. Of course, yes! I slumped in my large armchair in the corner and looked disinterestedly at the advertisement. How many times I had seen it, I got bored with it. And that was because there were things that were missing. But it was my duty, my job. I got up and went to my desk. I opened a drawer and pulled out the sketches I had to present at the incoming meeting. Taking one last look at them, I closed the file. It was going to be a presentation like any other, so it wasn’t a problem. What if the investors would change their minds? No, that won’t happen. I had lost no negotiation, and

I couldn’t remember the last time I was so pessimistic. Especially closing the contract with Sun Commercial. Everything had gone so well that day. INK Advertising was a powerful company, and now everyone relied on me and my superhuman skill. I would not disappoint them!

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