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Analese was promised to another MC President's son at birth, but what happens when she finds out who he really is?

Romance / Erotica
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From The Beginning.....

Analese was born out of love.

Her parents met at the diner her mother Nelli was waitrssing at in the small town that they lived in.

Analese's Father was the President of a very prominent MC.

He was a tough SOB when he needed to be, but he loved his family above everything.

He made Nelli his old lady & also his wife.

Things couldn't have been more perfect.

When Analese turned ten their perfect world came crashing down.

Nelli was abducted by a rival MC who wanted to take over Glenn's territory.

They wanted Analese, but Nelli just happened to be the only one home that day.

Glenn was beside himself when he found the ransom note.

He exhausted every possible avenue to find his beloved, but every attempt was unsuccessful.

Several days passed & to his horror, there hung Nelli's dead mutilated abused body from the flagpole outside of the clubhouse.

The guilt that he had, ate him alive.

He went on an all out suicide mission to the rival clubhouse.

He went in guns ablazing.

He took out several of their men, but in the end he was taken out too.

He loved Analese & his only thoughts were of her in the end, but the guilt of what had happened to Nelli was far too much for him to bear.
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