Full Circle

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New Love

Lilly couldn’t believe that William was six months old. She had loved staying home with him and refused to let him stay with a sitter, not even sure if she was okay with leaving him with her mother.

But she knew that her parents would look after William, even if it was just for a few days.

They were honeymooning in Georgia. Her parents were throwing them a reception, and afterward they were heading to the coast to stay at a small B&B. Lilly wasn’t sure she was ready to leave her little man alone, but she did want some quality time with her big man.

She had quit her job with HLSR, and instead they were buying a house in Galveston on Tiki Island. She would eventually return to her career, but right now all she thought about was caring for her husband and son.

She remembered telling her mother once that she would become a Pet Vet, once she had settled down with a family, but right now she couldn’t imagine parting with her time from her guys.

Cole and Lilly finally had that conversation and she told him everything that was going on in her head and in her dreams.

He kissed her and promised that he wouldn’t have let her go to Savannah. He had told Jake that same thing while at lunch that day they arrived.

“I’ll quit my practice and move to Georgia to be near her. She’s my soul, my life, my breath and my future.”

It was with those words that Jake gave his permission for Cole to ask for Lilly’s hand in marriage.

Lilly accepted his proposal, but said that she wouldn’t get married until William could join them. He not only had to be out of the hospital, but had to be doing well.

Cole waited patiently, and six months later they were married with an instant family.

For Cole, life had come full circle. He met and married Sara at her parents’ house in Georgia, and now he was married to her sister twelve years later, and dancing with his beautiful bride at his in-laws’ house.

For Lilly, her life was just as complete. She ventured away from home looking for an adventure and she found one, just not the one she expected when she showed up in Houston eighteen months earlier.

As she looked down at her wedding band, she remembered what the minister said.

“This band represents the bond that encircles you both. You both have undergone a series of changes that have led you back to each other.”

No truer words had ever been spoken.

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