Full Circle

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Tomorrow came, but Lilly wasn’t up to talking. In fact, she had spent most of the day in the bathroom.

As a doctor, Cole knew that this could be a sign of pregnancy, but it also could be stress-related.

He brought her saltine crackers and ginger ale, but she couldn’t even keep that down.

Finally, worried about her, he called Dr. Winters.

“Should she be showing symptoms so quickly?” Cole asked the doctor.

“It’s been known to happen immediately. We can bring her in and run some blood work or if that’s not inconvenient, you could always do it at your clinic.”

“Ok, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll drive her to the Galveston clinic and run some labs and see what the results are. Since it’s Sunday I won’t get the results back immediately, but it will at least tell us if she’s suffering from stress or a virus, or if she is indeed pregnant,” Cole rambled off.

Finally Dr. Winters apologized for not asking his permission. “Your sister-in-law wouldn’t wait for me to get your authorization. She said that she would raise the child alone, if need be. She’s one determined young lady.”

“Tell me!” Cole retorted.

He went upstairs and told Lilly that she needed to get dressed, and that they were heading to his clinic in Galveston. He knew fewer people there, and none of them had ever met his wife, so it wasn’t like they would encounter a lot of questions.

He then called his head nurse, whom he trusted implicitly, and asked if she could come to the office. He needed some test results run on a new patient. It was a family friend, he told her.

On the drive there, he told Lilly that she needed to go by a different name because it was too small of a community to go unnoticed if she was his sister-in-law.

“We aren’t in Georgia...these kinds of things don’t happen here in Texas.” He smiled.

“Oh, whatever. Fine, I’ll use my college professor’s last name. It was Cole.”

“Honestly, you are going to call yourself Lilly Cole?”

“No, Lillian Cole, and it’s perfect. That way it doesn’t confuse me when they call.” She smiled. Obviously she was getting some of her spunk back.

On the drive, she received a text from her mom stating that they were in Alabama already and were going to stay the night. They were physically drained.

Lilly texted her back and said that was a good idea, and she hated that she overslept this morning and wasn’t able to say goodbye.

Her mother responded, ‘It’s ok. It sounded like you were coming down with something and honestly, honey, I don’t want to get sick. Stay in bed and get some rest. Love you.’

When Lilly read the texts to Cole, he just shook his head, “Yeah, it’s called the nine-month flu.” And Lilly just laughed. He was glad to hear her laugh, but he honestly didn’t think what she did was funny. It was reckless and impulsive, and he hadn’t seen that side of her until then.

They reached the office and Marcy, his nurse, opened the door. Cole introduced Lilly, and she shook his hand and said, “Lillian Cole. I’m a friend of the family.”

“Oh, Ms. Cole, I’m so sorry that I wasn’t able to make it to the services but I heard there was quite a turn-out.”

“Yes, Marcy, there was. It’s ok. It was like any other funeral...sad and smelly flowers.”

Marcy immediately liked this young woman. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind.

When Dr. Meeker ask that they run a full blood work on her, including HCG, and do a urine analysis, Marcy didn’t ask any questions.

While taking the blood, Marcy asked Lillian how long she had known Dr. Meeker.

“Good question. Over ten years. He’s like a brother to me,” Lilly said, smiling at Cole, but he didn’t smile back. He felt that she was playing with fire, and told her so once Marcy left the room with the blood samples and urine specimen.

“Chill, Cole. It’s ok,” she said with her hand on his chest. She could feel the rise and fall of his chest, like each breath was gasping for release. He put his hand over her hand and then slowly removed it from his chest. He wasn’t sure he could go through with this.

Marcy came back in and asked where to provide the results.

“Give them to me. I will let Lillian know what we discover,” Dr. Meeker told his assistant.

He guided her out, and Lilly said her goodbyes to Marcy.

He opened the car door and let her rest inside against the warm leather. Even though it was November, the weather in Texas was still warm.

A couple of days passed by, and Marcy came to Cole with the file for Lillian Cox.

He opened it and surprised washed over his face. “She’s...”

“Pregnant. Yep. It didn’t show up in the urine, but it was in the HCG levels. She’s definitely pregnant. Do you want me to call her, or let you handle it?” Marcy asked with an inquisitive mind.

“No, I’ll talk with her. Thank you, Marcy, for coming in on a Sunday and running these labs for me.”

“Anything for you, Dr. Meeker. I like your friend. She’s fierce.”

“That’s the word my wife called herself. Fierce. I don’t see Lillian like that. She’s fragile and sweet, and I don’t want her hurt,” he stated without even thinking about what he was saying.

“Well, anyway, I like her,” Marcy said as she exited the office and closed his door, per his request.

Cole picked up the phone and called Dr. Winters.
The doctor accepted the call and Cole explained what the findings were. Her urine didn’t show it, but the blood work did, already.

“Well it’s easy to know a delivery date because we know when we inseminated her. Let’s see, the baby will be due around August 17th, provided she carries it full-term and there’s only one baby.”

“What do you mean only one baby?” Cole asked.

“Dr. Meeker, you know that with insemination, there’s a higher likelihood for twins and triplets. We discussed this before.”

“I guess I forgot,” Cole said in disbelief. Not only was he going to be a father, but he could have multiple children at once.

“Let’s schedule an appointment for her in four weeks. We will know more then. Can you make it too?” the doctor asked.

“I’ll be at them all, Dr. Meeker. This is my child too,” he said in defiance.

“Great. I will have my office call with an exact time,” the doctor stated, and then said, “Congratulations,” before hanging up.

“Congratulations? Are you kidding me? This is a disaster. What was she thinking?” Cole sighed, and then realized that Lilly wasn’t thinking.

He couldn’t concentrate the rest of the afternoon, and left the practice to his partner and headed home.

He wanted to text Lilly, but this wasn’t something you say in a text. ‘Guess what? You are having my baby or babies, depending on how fertile you are.’ No it was best left said in person.

When he got home, he started cooking dinner and when Lilly walked in, all his anger and frustration left him.

He walked over to her and asked about her day. She said that she had been sick all morning, but she made it through the day only vomiting once or twice.

“I’m sure you are leaving a good impression.” Cole smiled. “They think it’s nerves,and it probably is.”
“Um, why don’t you sit down,” he said as he pulled her up a seat at the table.

“I got the lab work back today, and you are definitely pregnant.” “Really? Already? Isn’t that unheard of?” she asked with rapid-fire questions.

“Oh, honey, don’t freak out yet. I talked with Dr. Winters, and he’s setting us an appointment in four weeks, but he said that there’s always a chance that there’s more than one baby in that womb of yours.”

“What? I didn’t ask for more than one! I asked for one!” Ok, he warned her not to freak out, but apparently she missed that line.

“I can’t have twins or triplets,” she said, standing up, pacing back and forth.

“Or sextuplets.” He smiled.

“Oh, you think this is funny?”She tried to find out if he was serious or pulling her leg.

“Lilly, honey, this is not funny. This is what happens when you go and get yourself knocked up!” Cole even had to laugh at that statement.

“Oh my God, what am I going to do?” she asked, pleading into his eyes. He could tell that she was about to do a full-on freak-out session if she didn’t control herself.

Cole grabbed her hand and led her into the living room and said, “You are going to rest. You have my lineage in there,” patting her flat stomach, “and I’m going to get you something to drink.”

Lilly couldn’t believe how her body reacted to Cole touching her stomach. She was carrying his baby, or babies, and , her stomach felt like butterflies when he touched her. He was her brother-in-law, for gosh sake.

Cole came back in and saw her ashen face, and asked if she was nauseated.

She nodded her head and then made a mad dash for the bathroom downstairs, in Sara’s room.

She realized as she was sitting on the floor that this was too much. She was with Sara’s husband, carrying Sara’s baby/babies, and she needed to separate herself before she tried to replace her sister and take her place.

Cole was right by her side, holding her hair and then placing her on the bed...Sara’s bed, and bringing her a cold wash cloth for her face.

“I have to leave,” Lilly said quietly.

“Excuse me?” Cole responded immediately, still sitting on the side of the bed.

“I can’t stay here. This is Sara’s house, and you are Sara’s husband. I don’t know what I was thinking,” she moaned, and raced back to the bathroom.

After putting her back in the bed, Cole leaned over and said, “Lilly, you aren’t going anywhere without me. I promised your father that I’d protect you, and I plan on keeping that promise.”

Lilly didn’t want his protection. She didn’t know what she wanted, but it was not a bodyguard. It was a companion, a confidant, a friend. Yet she had all that, and she still wasn’t content. No, she had to go and get his baby inside her. She was even more nuts than her sister. She winced just thinking about it.

“We can look for other housing accommodations if you want. We can look near Clear Lake. It’s not too far from my South Houston or Galveston location, and it’s close for you too.”

“And what? We just go ahead and live together and act like nothing is wrong with this situation?” Lilly glared at him, as if he was the one who created the situation.

“Lilly, there is nothing wrong with this situation. Neither of us is married. We are expecting a child together, and we can still co- habitat together. I will not leave you alone to carry my child,” Cole stated.

“But what will people think?”
“How many people do you know to ask?” Cole quizzed.
“Well that’s true. Just a handful at work, and they wouldn’t have to know that it wasn’t my child I was carrying,” she said, and then realized that she was basically saying that she wanted nothing to do with the baby after it was born, and instantly regretted it.

“Cole, I’m sorry. I am not going to abandon you either. I got us into this, and it’s as much my baby as it is yours and Sara’s.”

“Not my idea of a threesome.” He smirked which brought a punch in his arm.

“Ok, ok, sorry...didn’t mean it to sound so crude,” he replied.

“Yes you did, but I forgive you because none of this is your fault. You should just ship me back to Savannah and let me deal with it by myself.”

“Oh, no, Miss Lilly. You aren’t taking my children away from me.” Cole smiled at the mention of children.

“Oh my God, what if it is more than one baby?”

“We will deal with that when we know more. Not for a few months, I’d imagine. So there’s no reason to worry about what we don’t know,” Cole said, and then asked if Lilly was able to sit up and eat dinner.

“I’m not really hungry,” she said, knowing that he wouldn’t accept no for an answer.

“Yes, dear, but you are eating for two or three or six. So we need to get you your nutrients.”

She just threw herself back into the mattress, not wanting to hear that.

Cole picked her up and carried her against her will to the kitchen, where he pulled out a bowl of chicken noodle soup.

“I didn’t know you cooked,” she stated, as she savored up the chicken broth.

“Had to learn when Sara was sick. Not the best cook, but I have my go-to dishes, chicken noodle soup being one.”

“It is delicious,” Lilly said as she took another bite and ate a saltine cracker alongside it.

Their first doctors appointment was in the middle of December. Lilly had decided not to tell her parents until she knew more.

Cole was at the appointment just as he had promised.

Dr. Winters came in and ran some additional labs, and said that Lilly wasn’t getting enough proteins in her diet, and that she need to eat more red meat and drink plenty of fluids.

They listened to the heartbeat, but it was inconclusive whether there was one or multiple.

“So when will we know if I’m carrying more than one baby?” Lilly asked.

In the prior weeks, she had done a lot of research and studying on insemination and the higher risk of multiple embryos as well as the higher risks of miscarriages.

She had already decided that if this pregnancy didn’t take place, she wasn’t going to try again. She didn’t fully think this through.

“We will be able to do an ultrasound in a few weeks, and that will give us a visual. We usually don’t do them during the first trimester because there’s a higher chance of a miscarriage, and so we usually wait until the second trimester.”

“Based on my calculations, early next February we should be able to do the ultrasound, barring any complications until then,” Dr. Winters added.

“That’s right before the rodeo season,” Lilly stated, looking at Cole.

Cole simply took her hand and said, “It will be okay. You probably won’t even be showing at that point. Unless there are multiple babies inside that womb of yours.”

“Geez, thanks, Cole,” she uttered.

“Ms. Williams, I need for you to be careful during this first trimester. Please get plenty of rest, drink lots of fluids, and eat multiple small meals through out the day. If you have any complications, please all my office immediately and we will work you in.”

“Got it. I already know the drill. Remember, I live with a doctor,” she said, without fully thinking about her words and their implication.

“Right,” Dr. Winters responded.

Cole then added proudly, “Plus she’s a doctor too. She’s a vet for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.”

“Oh, that make more sense. I was wondering what the rodeo had to do with your trimesters. Got it now. Just be careful. No walking behind animals. Female animals are especially keen to your pheromones, so just be aware of your surroundings and you should be fine.”

“Thanks, Dr. Winter. I will see you in six weeks,” Lilly said dismissively, and Cole took the hint and followed the doctor out of the office.

“Cole, your sister-in-law has taken on a huge task. I wish I knew if she was carrying one or more babies, but I can tell you that she’s not going to have it easy.”

“Why do you say that?” Cole asked.
“Because she’s a virgin,” Dr. Winters said.
“What? I didn’t know. I guess I just assumed that she had been intimate with her ex-boyfriend,” Cole said cursing under his breath.

He loved his sister-in-law even more now, knowing all that she had sacrificed for him and his family.

Lilly welcomed the time off for Christmas and New Year. She found that she was getting tired much easier.

Lilly and Cole took advantage of their time away from work to do some house-hunting. She knew that this wouldn’t be ‘their place,’ but it was better than being ‘Sara’s place’.

The found a beautiful townhouse that they could lease for six months or a year. Since it was December and six months would take them to just a few months before the birth, they opted on a one-year agreement.

She didn’t put her name on the lease because she didn’t want the comments or looks that would be associated with her living with Cole, even though it was in a platonic way.

So Cole signed the lease, Dr. Cole Meeker, and Lillain Williams as his permanent guest. To most it would look like they were living in sin, but they knew the truth.

It was a lovely three-bedroom condo with two bathrooms and one master bedroom with ensuite. Cole gave that room to Lilly because it was downstairs and he worried about her climbing up the stairs. It had a huge sunken tub and glass shower, and a ridiculously large walk-in closet.

They were moving the weekend of New Years, and Lilly couldn’t be happier.

She knew that her parents were coming down in a few weeks, and she needed to tell them the truth, but she didn’t feel like it was a conversation best held over the phone.

Cole offered to take her up there over the Christmas holidays, but she just wanted to stay home and relax.

“I want to be there when you tell them,” Cole told Lilly.

“I know you do, but it might be better if I do it alone,” she remarked.

“I promised that I would protect you, and I won’t let anything happen to you. Let’s plan on going up there next week. I’ll book our airfare, and you call and make sure it’s ok if we both come.”

“Fine, but I think it’s best if I do this alone.”

“Not happening,” Cole said, and played with her yarn. She had decided to learn to crochet. She didn’t know why, but it seemed like something mothers did. Not that she was sure what her role was, mother or aunt but she wanted to be prepared just in case.

Since they still didn’t know the sex or quantity of babies, she used yellow yarn. Cole’s job was to roll the yarn off the skein and into a round ball. He hated this job because he seemed to always end up with knots, and Lilly would have to stop and untangle it and hand it back to him to complete. Such a tedious job, and he still seemed to mess it up.

“Good thing you weren’t a surgeon” Lilly once laughed as he had the skein in all kinds of kinks.

“Hey, this is new for me. I’m doing the best I can,” he said and then leaned in and kissed her cheek.

She felt flushed all over. She longed for his kisses, but knew that it wasn’t smart. She had too much to lose, especially his friendship.

She patted him on the leg and said that she would call her parents and let him know if they could come that weekend.

Even after she left, he could feel the burning in his thigh. He knew that she wasn’t trying to drive him crazy, but she was. He wanted to hold her, kiss her, and tell her how he really felt, but he didn’t want to spook her. She was like a young colt, and he didn’t want her to bolt.

A few minutes later, Lillycame back and said that her parents were excited that they were visiting.

“Did you tell them anything?” Cole asked.

“Like I’m carrying their grandchild? No. I told them that we missed them and wanted to see them. They said that they were coming in a month, but I then said we needed to talk to them.”

“And you don’t think that left them with any impressions?” Cole asked.

Lilly noticed that he didn’t say ‘bad impressions,’ and she was thankful for that.

“Honestly, Cole, I don’t know what they will think, but what’s done is done, so they will either accept it or lose out on knowing their grandchildren...I mean grandchild.” She blushed.

“And what about us, Miss Lilly? What if they ask who is going to raise this baby, or babies?” Cole asked, and realized that he was holding his breath waiting for her answer.

“We are, right?” she asked with doubt in her voice.

“And are you thinking of doing this as their aunt or their mother?” he asked. He didn’t want to push it, but he wanted to know her level of commitment.

“Haven’t really thought about it,” she lied, and then said that she was tired and wanted to take a hot bath and get some sleep.

Cole said that he would make the travel arrangements, and asked if she was sure she was feeling up to flying.

“Sure. Women do it all the time.” Lilly smiled and headed towards the bathroom.

As she was running her bath, she started to step into the warm water when a huge cramp hit her. She cried out, but her door was closed and Cole didn’t hear her.

Then as she started to lower herself into the tub, thinking that the warm water may help, she saw blood filling the tub.

“Cole! Get in here Cole!” she yelled.
He flung open the door and hung up the telephone on the airline reservation customer service agent. He looked at her beautiful body, and then saw what she was screaming about. The water was red.

He swiftly picked her up, threw on her robe that was lying next to the tub, and carried her out to the car.

He called Dr. Winters while en route and explained that Lilly was bleeding.

The doctor asked if she was cramping. Cole put him on speaker and asked the question so Lilly could answer.

“I had a bad cramp but then thought the warm water might relax the spasm, and then I saw the blood,” she stated.

“And this was the only cramp you’ve had?” Dr. Winters asked.

“Yes. Just the one.”
“Ok, I’ll meet you both at St. Luke’s in Clear Lake and we will see what is happening,” the doctor said, and hung up.

“Why didn’t you call me when you had the cramp?” Cole asked immediately after the phone disconnected.

“I did, but I guess you didn’t hear me,” Lilly cried softly.
“I’m so sorry, Lilly. I should have been there for you,” Cole said with tears in his eyes.

Lilly reached out her hand and said, “You are here for me.”
He had the forethought to put towels down so that they could capture the blood that was still flowing from her lower extremities. Within ten minutes they arrived at the hospital. Dr. Winters had called ahead, and had Lilly taken to the OBGYN section.

The clerk gave Cole documents to sign, and he realized that he didn’t know what to say. She wasn’t on his insurance; she had her own, but it was his child. He should be covering all the expenses.

Why hadn’t he thought of that before?
Cole finished the documents, and put down that his insurance was responsible and that Lilly was his live-in girlfriend. No one thought twice about that. It was better than saying his sister-in-law.

Once Dr. Winters exited the elevators he was greeted by Cole.

“Dr. Meeker, you need to let me examine her.”
“Fine, but I’m going to be in there too,” Cole stated.
“Are you sure she will be comfortable with that considering her situation?”

Cole knew the doctor was thinking of her virginity but he would not leave Lilly alone. This had to be a frightening time for her.

“I’m positive,” he stated and followed the doctor into Lilly’s room.

“Ok, Lilly. Let’s see what is going on,” the doctor said as he went to look at her private parts.

Fear, anxiety, panic and embarrassment all overcame over. She couldn’t have Cole in there while Dr. Winters was doing a physical exam.

To reassure her, Cole came up to her side, above the blanket covering her open legs and held her hand. He wasn’t going to be there to view the exam; he was going to be there to help her through it.

As the doctor used cold metal clamps and then his fingers, Lilly winced in pain.

She tightened her grip on Cole’s hand and tried not to cry.
“We are going to do an ultrasound, Lilly,” Dr. Winters said.
She looked at Cole and asked if it was going to hurt.
“No, sweetie. It’s like a camera. It just takes pictures. I’ll be right here,” he reassured her.

The technician brought in the equipment, and Lilly gasped when the cool jelly touched her stomach.

“That’s the worst part,” Cole reassured her.
The technician moved the probe around her stomach down towards her girly parts, and listened to the doctor give her further instructions on where to look.

Cole was right: the worst part was the cold jelly. The rest was painless, minus the embarrassment.

When the technician had done all the images, the doctor requested he cleaned off her stomach from the jelly and said that they needed to talk.

“Did I lose the baby?” she asked, still holding Cole’s hand.

“That’s a yes and no answer,” Dr. Winters said skeptically.

“You were pregnant with fraternal twins. Each had their own womb.”

Cole jumped in and said, “You said were...”
“Yes. One embryo self-aborted. It’s nothing you did, Lilly. This happens a lot, but the other one is healthy and thriving. Do you want to know the sex?”

“Of the one that died?” she asked mournfully.

“No, we can’t determine that right now but I can tell you about the one you are carrying,” Dr. Winters replied.

Lilly looked at Cole and shook her head, and he agreed, “Yes, we’d like to know.”

“It’s a boy. Congratulations.”

“A boy. I’m going to have a son...We are going to have a son,” Cole corrected his statement.

“We were supposed to go see my parents this weekend in Georgia. Can I still travel?” Lilly asked.

“I wouldn’t recommend it. You are going to be sore, and unfortunately you may discharge more blood, so I’d rather you stay home and rest. Let Cole be there to care for you. It’s not best for you to travel right now.”

“It’s ok, Lilly I will call your parents and talk to them. You don’t need to stress out about anything.” Cole kissed her forehead and followed the doctor out the door.

“Doc, tell me the truth. I’ve never dealt with this before. What should we expect?” Cole asked Dr. Winters.

“She still has to pass the embryo. It’s still there. I don’t know how long that will take, but the sooner the better because her body still believes there’s two babies in there and will continue to divert nutrients to the deceased embryo, and she and the baby boy need all the nutrients they can get. She needs to be on bed rest.”

“Oh, that’s going to kill her. She’s the vet for the HLSR in a couple of weeks.”

“Well, for now, she needs to rest, and if she passes the embryo then perhaps she can go back to a regular schedule and activities.”

“Thank you, Dr. Winters. I was terrified when I saw all the blood.”

“Doctors aren’t immune, especially when it’s happening to someone we love. Just take care of her and keep her in bed.”

“Will do,” Cole said and wondered why Dr. Winters thought Lilly was someone he loved. The doctor knew the truth about her pregnancy and that it was his deceased wife’s eggs that his sister- in-law was carrying. Surely he didn’t read more into than what was there.

Cole shook his head and made a call to his in-laws, or ex-in-laws. Whatever. He called Jake and apologized for waking him up, but he needed to talk to him.

Jake had immediate flashback to three months ago when Cole called and said that he needed to talk to him.

“Lilly? Is she ok?” he immediately asked.

“Yes, sir, she’s fine. We are at the hospital, and I felt that I owed you an explanation. Geez, I don’t even know where to start,” Cole said running his hands through his dark brown hair.

“Are you sleeping with her?” Jake asked immediately.

“No! Nothing like that, sir.” Cole went over everything that happened the day before the funeral and how Lilly went and got inseminated without his knowledge and he found out later. They had decided to tell her parents once they knew if the insemination worked, and it did, so they were planning on coming up there this week to tell them face-to-face, only Lilly started bleeding and she lost one of the babies.

“Babies? How many were there?” Jake asked.

“Two. She lost one but the other is healthy and thriving. It’s a boy, sir. She has to be on bed rest for a while, and unfortunately she has to literally miscarry the second one, which I’ve not told her, but she was worried that you would think I took advantage of her, but I promise you I didn’t know about it until after it was done.”

“That sounds like Lilly. Always thinking of others before herself. Please give her our love and blessings, and we will see about coming earlier than expected. Keep in touch, son,” Jake said, warming Cole’s heart that he still thought of him as his son.

“We moved. The house was too much for Lilly to handle, so we have a three-bedroom townhouse. She has her own floor; no hanky-panky, I promise you, sir.”

“We have the address. Lilly texted her mother not too long ago and said that you two moved to a townhouse, but didn’t give much details.”

“I promise that I will keep an eye on her. I won’t let anything happen to Lilly. I give you my word on that,” Cole promised. He wished he could have kept his word regarding Sara, and wondered if he had lost their trust because of her death, but instead Jake said, “I will hold you to that, Cole. Watch over my daughter and grandson.”

Cole was touched that he included his son in that as well, and said his goodbyes.

He went into the room where Lilly was lying, and saw that she was in tears.

“Lilly, honey, what’s wrong?” he asked while holding her hand.

“I lost one of your babies,” she cried.
“It’s not your fault. Besides you were only expecting one, right? So we are good. I talked to your father and he was very supportive and understanding.”

“He’s not mad at me?” Lilly asked through her tears.

“No, love, he wasn’t mad. I think he was a little proud of you, to be honest.”

“So what’s next?” she asked.

“Well, you have to take it easy for a while. You will be on bed rest...and before you give me grief about your job, this is not optional. Honey, it’s not over yet. You still have to pass the embryo, so you need to stay relaxed and let nature take its course. I will be there with you the entire time. I promise,” Cole said, and kissed her hand.

“I’m scared,” she said quietly.
“I know you are, but we are in this together. You and me and our son,” he said, and kissed her forehead.

“Our son,” Lilly said, and smiled.
She didn’t know what the future would bring, but it was nice hearing that.

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