Made Of Money

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Mahalia knows that she and her mom are struggling financially, even if her mom won't admit it and refuses to let Mahalia help and they quickly find their small bakery going into foreclosure. In an effort to keep both their business and themselves afloat, Mahalia and her mom take on a new job, cleaning the houses of filthy rich people in their community, including the home of the mayor who just so happens to have a son who Mahalia can't stand.

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Before we get started, I would like to address that yes, this is the same book as before (if you read it before I rewrote).

The major plot points will stay the same, though of course there will be new things added and old things taken out. The story still centers around the bakery and Finn and Mahalia’s relationship, but I regret to inform you things are going to be taken SLOWER this time.

NOTE: The character Arie has been renamed Yara (Finn’s twin sister)


☆ lots of swearing
☆ detailed sex scenes
☆ mentions of drinking/alcohol abuse
☆ financial instability
☆badass characters


I will do my best to put a warning in front of mature chapters (sex scenes)

Hope you enjoy thus newly updated and revamped story and love these characters as much as I do!

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