10 Minute Play: When Edward Asked Emily

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When Edward met Emily, she was rollerblading down the side walk in front of the local coffee shop. Emily ran into him and made a huge mess of his succulents. Now Edward can't stop thinking about her since they met and became friends. Edward wants to properly ask Emily out, but he's a nervous wreck. Emily visits Edward for her prep class, once again she causes destruction, but this time she goes just a bit too far. --- In my advanced acting class we had this assignment to create a 10 minute play. We spent hours on end writing and reviewing. This story basically is the second chapter, to explain more into that... my older sister created this story originally in the same class years before me. Her title was "When Edward Met Emily" that play was when they met and kind of became connected. I created this because I thought it might be a good idea and I could carry on what my sister did. Needless to say she loved it. Though this isn't the best written play, it sure means a lot. Not just with my sister and I but in the creation of this play. I didn't realize how much this play symbolized until I really thought about it. I will have to give some credit to my good friend, Easton J. B., who helped develop this story. It sprouted something new that I will never forget, something worth waiting for. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I do. Thank you. --Written September-October 2020

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'When Edward Asked Emily' is a continuation of a 10 minute play my sister wrote a few years ago as an assignment for her Actors Rep Company class titled 'When Edward Met Emily'. I am now in the same class and did the same assignment. I thought it would be fun to continue her work.

I decided to post this one for fun. Not for any particular reason.

It's in UTA format with stage directions. Remember this is a script, not a book.

I will consider posting my sisters just so people understand the story line more. That is if she still has it.

Let me know what you guys think.

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