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10 Minute Play: When Edward Asked Emily

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Character Descriptions

Edward: Very tall built male, about 6’2” to 6’6” actor, around the age 24-30, has a slightly higher voice than the typical male. Physically fit, and quite handsome. Curly shaggy hair, brushed back… he tries to control it. A very smart, young Biology professor at a local university, loves plants… especially his cactus named charlie. Has glasses, is very very shy and a nervous wreck, stutters when nervous.. especially around Emily. Talkative to his plants, and opens up to them more than actual people. Known for wearing turtlenecks, grandpa sweaters with tan tighter fitted pants, along with dress shoes with crazy socks, on a daily basis. Doesn’t quite know how to properly fix/help a human when wounded… only pants. In love with Emily.

Emily: Very determined, bouncy, happy female, about 5’4” to 5’7” actress, around the ages 24-Has a sweet voice, stern when she needs to be. Long hair, lots of freckles, green eyes, fair skinned. Edwards crush/friend. A professor at the same university as Edward, professor for speech and debate, clumsy… trips over everything… especially on roller blades. super outgoing… will talk to everyone, not afraid of anything, she will win any argument and is very good at getting her way. wears summer clothes even when it gets cold, bright clothing. Hates body fluids of any type, faints when she sees them.

Freddy: Edward’s student, small male in his 20s, about 5’8” to 5’9” actor, very skinny and lanky. The typical annoying teachers’ pet. Snarky, short tempered, inexplicably complicated. Wears a button up polo, with a very ugly sweater vest, tan shorts pulled high with a black belt.

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