Buffered Up

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Collins has anxiety. There's no sugar-coating it. That's just how it is. And that makes high school... a nightmare. Every day is a constant struggle of suppressing a breakdown. A day without a breakdown is a success in Collins's book. Her whole life is thrown into a anxious wreck (even more than it already was) when she meets what seems to be the boy of her dreams. Every second she spends with him is a blend of fuzzy warmness, and panic beyond reason. Can she keep her life going in this downward hill of stress? Or will she snap?

Romance / Drama
Easton Button
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Passing Period

Walking through the halls... is a nightmare. The noise of all the students fill my ears, but it’s not a pleasant noise. Everyone’s voices muffle together into one big chorus of chaos. That seems to be the best way for me to describe it, an uninterpretable, undefinable string of everything in the history of the English language all rolled into the 300 second chaos that is passing period.

Panic is kind of a constant in my life.

I make my way through the crowd of socializing people. Don't they have anything better to be doing? Everyone is moving so fast, but then again, I am too. The sooner I can get out of here, the better. But this doesn't do anything to help my eyes, I start feeling motion sick. Is that possible? To feel motion sick when I'm walking? Well, whether or not it's possible, it's definitely happening.

I start freaking out, people seem to blur together. My brain can't process all of this at once, so it pauses itself for five seconds, and then runs it through my mind on fast forward so it can catch up to where it should be. I bump into someone. I could've sworn they were over at the other end of the hall... People start appearing and reappearing ten feet ahead of themselves as if they are buffering.

But I'm the one that's buffering.

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