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Seth has been having a reoccurring dream for quite some now. And yes... it's about a girl. But this isn't just any girl, this is the girl of his DREAMS (literally). Even though he knows absolutely nothing about her except for her face, he knows that she's important in his life, or at least, she will be once he finds her. Seth decides that this 'dream' is more than just a dream, and he needs to pursue it in order to know what it means. He lets this new obsession slowly become a rising priority in his life until there's little else that he cares about. Is this 'dream girl' worth everything that Cole has sacrificed? And is she even real?

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The Love of My... Dream

I woke with a start. Sweaty and trembling, I get out of my bed to turn on the light. I flicked on the switch, squinting from the painful excess of light. It hurt too much so I flicked it back off. Sitting down on my bed, I thought about what I had just dreamt.

This had to have been the fifth or sixth time I've had this dream, always the same one, always the same girl.She was beautiful, with brown hair falling down her shoulders in loose curls, complimented by stunning green eyes that glimmered in the light. When she smiled, it was heart melting, and her eyes would crinkle with humor... she smiled a lot.
In my dream, it always started out the same.
I see myself in the subway, staring out at the blurred tunnel beyond the window. I looked anxious, but also excited. My hands were fidgeting in my lap as my knee bobbed up and down. My hair was short and stiff, styled into a wave. This was probably the oddest thing for me to see because my actual hair is long, and I usually have it in a man-bun.
After what seemed to be hours, the train slowed to a stop. I couldn't get out of there fast enough, I bolted for the doors, shoving past everyone in my way. I felt bad, but they'd understand if they knew how important this was to me.

The second I'm out of the train, I'm basically sprinting through the city. Street signs and pedestrians blend together. People's voices and honking cars all sound the same to me. Everything is in my way right now, the only thing that matters to me is getting to the park and finding... her.

Who is she? I have literally no idea, but is she gorgeous? Yes. That's not why I want to find her of course, but it's definitely a plus.

All I know is that I can see her face perfectly and clearly, even though I'm sure I've never seen this girl in my life. She is in my head and I can't get her out. She's important to me and important to my life, what other reason would she just randomly pop into my head for?

I've never been so sure of something before.

I'm getting closer now, I can see the tops of trees coming closer by the block. I pick up my speed. I've been waiting far too long to be patient any longer. Finally, I'm in the park.

Normally, I would stop to take in the beauty of a place like this, but I'm in so much of a rush that I hardly noticed the narrow stream trickling along until I felt my foot go cold. I tripped and fell.

And yes, I got wet. But that didn't matter, she was CLOSE and I could tell, I could feel it in my... everything. From the way my heart kept leaping every time I saw long hazelnut hair in the corner of my eye. From the way I became self conscious of how I was walking... or running, for this matter.

And then... I saw a girl. Sitting on the grass with her back faced away from me, the right half of her body concealed by a rose bush. She just sat there, occasionally running her hand through her hair to keep the warm wind from blowing it into her face. A pretty, yellow butterfly fluttered it's way past me and landed gracefully on her hand. She turned her head to look at it, smiling. It was then that I noticed her face.

It was really her, finally. I couldn't believe it.

And then I woke up.
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