The One Blink That Brought Us All Together

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All my gut was telling me to do was run, so I did. Celestia Whitlock is special. She has the powers of a Whisper. Only one other was ever recorded thus far in history. Hadrian Griffen. The Prince Of GriffenLand. He was of course in no danger but she was. Celestia will go in a journey like no other. She will discover love and true life. She will meet friends and lovers. Read to find out what happens to Miss. Celestia Whitlock Warning this story will contain sexual aspects. If you are not comfortable with that do NOT read.

Romance / Adventure
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Before we begin

Ok hello people!!!!
New Book!!!

Before we start I wanted to say,
This story will contain the following
Sexual content
If you are not comfortable reading these kinds of things, I suggest you don't. If you are under the age of 18, you should consider this before reading this.
If you leave a hate comment about any of this, well I warned you. I will immediately take down the comment. I do not tolerate any of that.

So now that we have gone over that.
I would love if you commented
Gave me suggestions
And shared

If you have a suggestion leave it in the comments or dm me.
If you do have a suggestion please suggest it in a nice why
I liked being criticized for things but please let's not be mean and rude

I will be posting at least once a week
If not more


Celestia Whitlock:
Nickname: Lia from most people. Love or Moon from Hadrian

Hadrian Griffen
Nickname: Hades. Adrian and My Beloved from Celestia

Darius Amos
Nickname: Day. Dear and Dai from Coriane

Alexandra Amana
Nickname: Alix from most people. Lexi and Buttercup from Darius.

Jane Malcom
Nickname: Janis from most people. Joan and Sunshine from Leonidas.

Leonidas Crypas
Nickname: Leo from most people. Leon from Jane.

Cristopher Ashford
Nickname: Cris from most people. Cris from Amelia

Ameila Perry
Nickname: Amy from most people. Melia from Cristopher
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