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Reasons To Love You (bxb)

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“Give me your hand,” Jake spoke in a whisper, holding his hand out. Seth got a hold of Jake’s hand. “What are you doing?” Seth asked. Jake didn’t respond. He held his other hand out and a butterfly gently landed on his finger. Seth shifted his eyes from Jake to the butterfly trying not to freak out. Jake slowly moved his hand over to Seth’s hand and the butterfly then gently rested on the back of his hand. They both looked up at each other and chuckled lightly. Seth looked down at the butterfly whispering to it and Jake couldn’t help but crack a smile. This story does not contain any sex only making out along with kissing between the couples. Language is very limited but overall, the characters focus more on school and the drama that comes along with it. Completed: March 21, 2021.

Romance / Drama
Selena Ellis
4.6 7 reviews
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Chapter One: A New Face

Seven friends. Three sets of couples.

The female from the first couple chuckled lightly as the male licked her neck. She flipped her blonde ombre hair over to the side, slowly running her hands up the male’s bare chest. The sound of a phone ringing caused everyone to look at the couple in the kitchen.

“Sorry,” the blonde female spoke before answering her phone. “What do you want?”

The female with blonde ombre hair looked at her boyfriend and he looked at her. “Jake,” she spoke lightly while running her hand through his jet-black hair.

“Hm,” he responded.

She leaned into him, kissing his lips then slowly pulling away, she bit them gently. The two locked eyes for a while then he looked away.

“We’re going to head out,” the blonde female spoke, pulling her boyfriend’s arm. “Faith, you coming?”

“Yeah,” Jake’s girlfriend replied, standing up. “My mom will be home soon.”

They all chuckled then Faith kissed Jake on the lips again then left with the other couple.

“We should get going too,” the third male spoke, standing up with the two females.

“Okay,” Jake said, standing up as well. “See you guys tomorrow.”

“Yeah,” the guy said, running his hand through his brown hair. “Cya Jake.”

“Bye Shane,” Jake said. “Bye, Kylie. Bye Nikki.”

“Bye Jake,” the girls said in unison.

As soon as they left, he flopped down on the sofa again, taking a deep breath in before he let it out. He took his phone out of his pocket, checking the time then he turned it off. He then stood up to head upstairs to his room, hopping in bed once he got to his room, and then fell asleep.

The sound of his alarm clock going off woke him up the next morning. He reached his arm out, turning it off and he stared up at the blank ceiling. He got out of bed, grabbing his black shirt, a pair of white jeans, and his shoes. He threw that on, styled his hair, grabbed his phone then ran downstairs. His mom was blabbering on the phone while holding her coffee in her other hand.

“What,” she exclaimed. “That makes no sense.”

She headed down the hall and Jake couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Hey lil bro,” Jake’s brother Tanner spoke, ruffling Jake’s hair.

“You’re only a minute older than me, Tanner,” Jake remarked, sitting on the bar stool at the island. “We’re practically twins.”

“Yeah, but I’m the better-looking one,” Tanner said, grabbing an apple from the clear glass bowl that sat near the end of the island counter.

Jake rolled his eyes while he stood up ready to leave but Tanner spoke again.

“Hold up,” Tanner chimed, jogging around the counter. “Your friend with the black hair- are they still dating that one person?”

“Who? Chase?” Jake asked in a joking tone.

“No,” Tanner snapped, hitting Jake’s arm. “The girl.”


“Yeah. Is she still with that one guy?”

Jake couldn’t help but laugh at his brother’s amusement.

“Get a life bro,” Jake said, walking over to the living room to grab his phone before heading towards the front door.

“Is she!?” Tanner called out but Jake had already closed the door.

Jake’s friends were all gathered around at his locker rambling on about Shane’s parents.

“I’m telling you,” Shane spoke, leaning against the wall. “My mom is cheating on my dad.”

“We’ve met your mom, Shane,” Nikki spoke. “She doesn’t seem like the cheating type.”

“Yeah,” Gigi added. “She’s more on the innocent side.”

“If she’s innocent then how did she have me,” Shane argued.

“You’re adopted,” Faith joked, and his friends couldn’t help but laugh.

“Jake, get your girl,” Shane said but Jake just smirked.

He closed his locker before putting his arm around Faith while they all headed to their first class. Shane, Kylie, and Gigi all walked into their class then Nikki right after then Chase and Faith, Jake walked to his class but bumped into another student while trying to turn the corner. He felt the other students’ textbooks and notebooks drop to the ground.

“My bad,” the two spoke at the same time, not making eye contact.

Jake bent down to help pick up their things and once he handed them to the student, he was suddenly short of breath. The guy had light brown hair that was styled perfectly, light brown eyes that were soft and settled, a beauty mark placed right under his lip, and faint freckles on his cheeks and around the bridge of his nose.

“Here you go,” Jake finally spoke, handing the boy his World Geography textbook.

“Thanks,” the guy spoke with a light tone.

The two of them both stood up almost bumping heads. The boy walked around Jake to get to his first class and Jake walked around the corner, heading right into his first class.

* * *

After the third-period bell rang, it was time for lunch. Jake, Shane, Faith, Gigi, Nikki, and Chase all sat at their table by the entrance. Jake wrapped his arm around Faith, and she planted her head on his shoulder.

“Whoa. Whoa. Whoa,” Nikki spoke, cutting everyone off. “Who’s that?”

The group all turned to look at the entrance just to see who she was talking about. Jake took his arm from around Faith, studying the boy's every move. And after a while, he realized that it was the same boy he bumped into earlier.

He had the same light brown hair that was styled perfectly, the same light brown eyes that were soft and settled, a beauty mark placed right under his lip, and faint freckles on his cheeks and across the bridge of his nose. The boy turned his head to face the table that Jake and his friends sat at and immediately locked eyes with Jake.

“That’s the new kid I was telling you guys about,” Jake heard Gigi whisper.

Jake and the new kid locked eyes for a while before he shifted his eyes up and down at him. To Jake, it was like everything that this guy did was in slow motion. From the way he brought his hand up to run it through his hair to the way, he walked past him.

“What do you say, Jake,” Shane spoke, breaking him from his thoughts.

“About what,” Jake asked, once he looked at Shane.

“About the game,” Shane said. “Are you still going to play first or-”

“H-Hold that thought,” Jake stuttered, standing up.

“Okay…,” Shane’s voice trailed off.

Jake walked over to the new guy and sat down across from him at the same table.

“Hey,” Jake spoke, and he looked up at Jake with a light smile.

“Hey,” the male spoke- his voice light and calming.

“Look at Jake making friends,” Gigi spoke with a grin.

“Noo,” Chase’s voice trailed in a sly tone. “He’s doing more than making a friend, Gigi.”

“What are you talking about, Chase,” Faith asked, looking at him.

“Yeah,” Gigi spoke, turning around to face him. “What are you talking about.”

“Don’t tell me you guys don’t see it,” Chase stated, facing his friends. “He already has feelings for the new kid.”

“No. Jake he-he's not gay,” Faith's voice quivered while she looked over her shoulder at Jake and the new kid again.

The rest of her friends looked at the two as well, but Faith’s eyes wandered down at the table with sadness written all over her face while she fiddled with her thumbs crossing one over the other.


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