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The Mafia King Is Mine

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She was called a mistake by her own father but she had the love of her mother and brothers. Will she find true love at college? What happens after college?

Brianna Breckenridge
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Chapter 1

Karly walked into the house and upstairs to her room and looked around and got the last of her stuff together. Her brothers, Austin and Eric came in.

“We will miss you, sis,” Austin said.

“I’ll miss you guys, too,” Karly said.

“Wish you didn’t have to go,” Eric said.

“I know but I’m off to college and I won’t have to be around you know who,” Karly said. She was talking about their father who spent time with her brothers but didn’t give her the time of day. He came to her high school graduation but she knew that was for their mother and for appearances.

“I’m sorry sis,” Austin said.

“Wish there was something we could do,” Eric said.

“Can you go back in time and tell him to get a vasectomy after he had you,” Karly said.

“Karly don’t say that,” Eric said.

“Mom wanted you,” Austin said.

“But he didn’t, did he, he pays attention to you guys but I’m just a girl who just lives here,” Karly said.

“And that’s all you will ever be,” Dad said.

“Dad,” Eric said.

“No boys, you both need to hear this, she should have never been born, she was a mistake,” Dad said.

“Maybe you should have kept your dick in your pants if you didn’t want Mom getting pregnant again,” Karly said.

“You watch your mouth young lady,” Dad said.

“I’m sorry but you really can’t tell a mistake what to do,” Karly said. Karly grabbed most of her stuff that was left and pushed past him out the door and went downstairs and loaded up her mother’s car.

“Honey,” Mom said.

“The sooner I get out of here the better,” Karly said.

“What happened?” Mom asked.

“Do you think I was a mistake, Mom, be honest with me, was I a mistake to you,” Karly said.

“No honey you weren’t a mistake,” Mom said.

“Your husband said otherwise,” Karly said.

“It’s true, Mom, he said she was a mistake and shouldn’t have been born,” Eric said.

“Eric, you can take your sister up to school, I have to have a little chat with that man,” Mom said.

“Yes Mom, go get him, I hate the way he treats her,” Eric said.

“So do I,” Mom said.

“I love you, Mom,” Karly said.

“I love you too baby girl,” Mom said. Karly hugged her. Austin came out and hugged her and she got into the car and Eric got in and they headed north to Boston. They grew up in New York City. She was going to Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts. Her mom owns a modeling agency where she was the former face of the agency before she decided to go to Harvard. Her father used his resources to et her in and she knew it was to get her out of the house and away from him so he wouldn’t have to look at her every day and night.

“Thanks for bringing me bro,” Karly said.

“Of course, I like the extra time I get to spend with you,” Eric said.

“I can’t tell you that you’re my favorite brother, it wouldn’t be fair to Austin,” Karly said.

“I know sis, but we can say you’re our favorite sister, Eric said.

“I’m your only sister,” Karly said.

“Exactly, makes you the favorite,” Eric said. They pulled up in front of the dorm. They got out and got some stuff and carried it in and she found her room and unlocked it and went in.

“Single dorm room?” Eric asked.

“Guess why,” Karly said.

“Dad,” Eric said.

“Thinks I’m not worthy of a roommate or wants me to feel lonely I guess,” Karly said.

“Unbelievable,” Eric said.

“I don’t care, I’m just glad to be away from him,” Karly said.

“Wish I could stay away too,” Eric said.

“He is breeding you to take over the company,” Karly said.

“I know but why me, why not Austin,” Eric said.

“Austin has his own thing going, he passed it up,” Karly said.

“What are you going for here?” Eric asked.

“Business major, so I can take over a business when it’s time,” Karly said.

“Agency?” Eric asked.

“Mom thought it was a good idea,” Karly said.

“Austin and I are proud of you,” Eric said. She hugged him and they went back to the car.

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