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Are you death or paradise?

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Eleanor had met Eugene before but had forgotten him, until they meet again after 6yrs when Eleanor applies for the position of PA for the company Eugene owns, Will Eugene be her death or her paradise? Follow up the Intense Romantic and yet Comedic story Of Eleanor and Eugene.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

I fazed as a bright light shined on my face, moving myself into a comfortable position as I wished to continue what I was doing, but the light wasn’t the only thing, that was putting me on edge; as the loud noise filling the room made my head pound louder and louder and the sound crept in closer and closer.

With my eyes closed, I reached out in irritated to smash my hand on the source of that god awful noise. Ughhh the alarm! which made me realize that I needed to get ready for my interview today.

I put my blanket aside and reached for my phone, which was on the dresser next to me.

Oh fuck!! I’m gonna be late for the interview. It’s 6.30 and I have to be there at 8! I shouldn’t have gone to that party last night. Next time for God’s fucking sake don’t fall into Lana’s puppy eyes. And my head is about to explode. I shouldn’t have gotten drunk. what was I thinking?!?!

I hurried into the shower and just did a quick rinse. Made myself a PB&J sandwich with a hot cup of coffee. But I made the coffee too hot for me to gulp it in one go, so I set it aside on the table, and... totally forgot about it.

Did my usual light make-up and according to what I decided I would wear- a formal pant and a white shirt- but the stupid me forgot to put my shirt for laundry. So, just to not waste any of the precious time that was clearly running out of my hands. I threw on my black tight fit skirt and paired it with a synthetic baby pink blouse. Now all I needed to do is take my file and leavee!!


Surprisingly, I arrived at 8 a.m. and was in the lobby of the massive office building, where the receptionist directed me to the elevator to the 22nd floor. I followed her directions and ended up on the 22nd floor. The office entrance was in the end of the hallway. As I walked into the office, I reminded myself to be confident. I didn’t notice how lovely the office was, because I had to rush in for the interview. The receptionist, told me to wait in the lounge room, she also informed that I’d be called in for the interview soon.

I’m interviewing for a position as an assistant to the CEO of the new company where I’m going to work, or will work if today’s interview goes well. I used to work as an intern while I finished college, in a smaller business company which ended up being bought by the Langston Enterprise, it’s been in business for 24yrs, but the company started it’s a fast growth when the last CEO stepped down and his son took over. And as much as I hate it that we had to close down the company, (because many of my colleagues had to be put down and find a new job); Carl, my mentor at the old intern job, a sweet man who helped me a lot, he wished to retire, and he said that the merging of this company was the perfect timing for him. He is also the one who suggested that I apply for a permanent position when the merging occurs, because they would not be hiring interns.

So here I am, waiting in a room with a lot more furniture and a lot more opulence. I was in there with three other people I’d never met before. And I waited for my turn with a pounding headache.
After this, I’m going to need some coffee.

The receptionist from the office earlier called out for the very nervous young man sitting across from me, “Mr. Davis.”

“Ms. Wright, your turn is up next.” She walked away, pointing her pen at me.

My nerves took over, and I began shaking my legs and shifting uncomfortably in my seat. In about 5 minutes, she asked me to accompany her to a small conference room. ’oh umm okay... stay calm, you can do this, in fact you.. got this!

I was asked to sit by a fairly old, possibly early to mid 50s black lady who appeared very frustrated; I hope everything works out. I handed her my file and sat down while she read it.

" So, Ms. Wright, you appear to have worked as an intern for Brown’s company.” She started right away, her voice stern and frustrated.

“Ma’am, yes. As an intern there, my job was to plan the week for my manager, as well as set deadlines and important sales days for the branch. As well as-”

“I see... you have a fantastic recommendation letter. I also see that you have a degree in accounting. Did you work in accounting at Brown’s?”

“I did take care of it for a month when sales were down and they needed some assistance.”

" All right... good. Can you please wait in the lounge room for a few minutes while I finish the last interview?”

" Yes. Of course.” and I plastered a wry smile as I left the room, that was weird, but the interview went well. ‘I guess I’ll have to wait even longer for my morning coffee.’ I looked at my watch and saw that it was only 8.40 a.m. After 5 minutes, I was requested to go to the conference room.

“Please take a seat; I’d like to talk about timings. Are you okay with staying late when you’re needed here?”

“Yes, but only if it’s not too late at night. I won’t be able to travel at all hours of the night.” I don’t mind working late, but not so late that I can’t get home safely.

“Don’t worry, if it’s too late, some kind of transportation will be provided.” She smiled slightly. And I returned the smile. What is going on?

“Is there anything else in my resume that concerns you?”

“No, not at all. In fact, you’ve been hired. If that’s okay with you, you can start right away.” ‘Whaat?? seriously?! Okay.. contain your happiness, be professional.’ “I don’t have any problems starting today.” I smiled broadly at her.

" Okay, so the first thing I need from you is a cup of coffee; it’s been a long search, but I’ve finally found the perfect Assistant.” We both laughed as she sounded relieved. ‘I wonder how long she looked for an assistant?’

“How do you like your coffee ma’am ?” I asked whilst getting up from my seat.

“Please don’t address me as ma’am; I’m not that old.” “My name is Dorothy, so.. please call me Dorothy.”

" Uh.. Okay, Dorothy. Do I need to make coffee for Mr. Langston?”

" Oh, no, my dear. He enjoys making his own coffee.” she informed as she shifted to get up from her seat.

I thought I could find the break room in a minute, but I found myself lost and eventually had to ask the lady at the front desk, Sarah. Soon, I was in this really big break room, making two cups of decaf coffee, one for Dorothy and one for me.

“So, you’re the new assistant huh? ” I heard a sharp voice behind me, I turned and looked at a lean man with glasses and was wearing an expensive suit and to be honest quite good looking.


“I'm Axel, and you are?”

“Eleanor.” I responded seriously.

“Nice to meet you.” he reached out his hand for a handshake. And I shook his hand, while giving a wry smile.

“You’re really pretty.” he said pulling me towards him.

“Uhh-.” I said pushing him away.

“Fooling around, Axel?” “So why don’t you come with me to my office? And bring her too.” I heard someone’s voice, it was soft but powerful. I couldn’t see who it was as he turned and walked away.

“Follow me and wait in the room outside the office, okay?” Axel said as he walked out of the break room. It took me a second to respond but then I just followed Axel.

I waited in the room, which had furniture, paintings, and a desk. I think that’s where I’m gonna work, if he’s the CEO. I sat down on one of the chairs, fidgeting my fingers.

Axel walked out of the other door, “Go in.” he said holding the door open for me. I walked in the office.

The office was stunning; the window panes were enormous, and the furniture and color scheme were flawless. I looked around but no one was there. ‘Should I wait here or... fuck this view is gorgeous.’ I was drawn to the view. Next minute I was standing near the window panes. I turned around when I heard a door open from the right of the desk.

“Good morning, Sir.” I didn’t know what else to say.

“Are you a whore?” he asked monotonously.

“Excuse me... what??” I asked voluntarily without thinking. ′what the fuck??′

“Answer my question, Yes.. or No ?” his tone was calm.


“Then don’t dress like one.”

“Huh..” this was not what I planned to wear today... He took a deep breath in and exhaled.

“Are you okay, Eleanor?” He asked as he took off his coat and stood next to the desk.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” It took a second for me to realize... how the fuck does he know my name?

“How did you get my name?” I was completely perplexed. Do I know him? More importantly, how does he know who I am?

“You really don’t remember, do you?”

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