Are you death or paradise?

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Chapter 10

Friday, 13th February

I eat my lunch at around 1.30-2pm when there’s no one in the break room and I can eat my lunch alone. And guess who decided to join me today, Eugene. Today even Hannah and Iris joined us for lunch. So, he pretended to be all charming and professional. He left us early because he received a call, which was a huge relief.

“I see Mr. Langston is still clinging to you like a magnet today.” Hannah and Iris both gave me a huge smile. I just gave them a smile. Sarah just walked in when Iris commented that.

“Yeah, I know, that’s adorable. He’s really goofy when he’s around you.” Sarah made a remark, and they all laughed as I smiled again.

WhAt is so cute about it?? Look closer into his eyes, you’ll see how he can turn into an intense horny moron! Every night... *sigh* At least try to restrain yourself from me in the office, you horny bastard!!!

But then Eugene returned and all three left me alone with him. I pretended that I had some work with Sarah, but she told me she can handle it. And here I am trying to avoid interacting with him in the office. Fuck me!

Even when I write or chew or do anything in front of him, he looks at me like he wants to do the same thing to me. Shivers ran down my spine, as he glanced at me. He’s so scary sometimes.

“I do want to eat you Eleanor.” WhATtt? Did he just read my mind? Howw???

“Listen, you can look at me with those emerald green greedy eyes, but you can’t eat me. It’s easy for someone like you to get drained easily due to all those hours in the meetings and other stuff. So, you better eat your food Mr. Langston.” I felt so satisfied with my answer. I’m proud.

“It’s Eugene.” he gave a small smile and started eating his lunch.

“Huh?” I’m confused. Why does he do that? Everytime I think that I say something worth shoving his mouth shut, he answers something completely different.

“Call me Eugene, Eleanor.” He pointed out.

“Hurry up and eat. You’re almost out of break time. You have leave for a meeting in 30 mins.” I replied, totally ignoring that.

“Yes, but I can’t eat it all,” he said as he drew my chair closer to him and whispered into my ear, “because I want you, now.”

“Stop it. Its not even funny.” and I swung my chair away from him. And I clicked my tongue in annoyance. Deciding whether I want to eat the stir fried tofu or the salad, as he started talking,

“Huh? Funny?” “I wasn’t telling a joke,” he said, his brow furrowed.

“Wha?” and I dropped my fork, ” Eat your lunch and satisfy your appetite with that!” I shifted in my chair, “You scare me sometimes!” I muttered to myself.

“Love birds! Didn’t expect to see you guys eat lunch together.” Axel smirked and joined us.

“Hey! Don’t call us Lovebirds! And ask him not to eat lunch with me.” ‘I can tell today that there were jealous eyes on me and rumors about me.’

“Yeah, Eugene listen to her. Don’t eat lunch together.” He mocked me.

“Yes, yes. Tell her that I will make sure that we have lunch together from today.” Eugene looked at Axel. I looked at both of them. They are teaming up on me.

“Okay.. I see,” I pointed my fork on both of them, “This is how this will go huh? Don’t come running to me asking for help today.” I informed looking at Axel. “And as for you I won’t be coming to your place today and even tomorrow.”

“Why would I need your help, Eleanor? ” Axel chuckled and high fived Eugene. Axel does not need my help? And Eugene’s fine with me not coming over to his place tomorrow? Or do they don’t know what day tomorrow is? Oh they definitely don’t know what day tomorrow is. This will be fun!

“Okay, I’ll be spending the night with Nat. And today’s girls night out. So, I’ll be leaving early.” I looked at Eugene.

“Yeah, fine! Today we boys will have fun on our own.” Eugene smiled.

“Okay, have fun tonight you guys!” I smiled at them. I kissed Eugene on his cheek and then left the room.

Fuckk! I couldn’t resist,,, fuckkk! And I was annoyed at him for not being discrete! But, that was bold move right there. Now I know how he feels around me. I could feel the heat on my face as I was blushing so hard.

I called Nat and told her about everything. So, after work, I headed straight to Nat’s house. I put on one of Nat’s dresses and we went to the Club. Lana was waiting for us near the club. The both of them didn’t call me or Nat the entire time we were in the club. But we three had a great time. We hadn’t gone clubbing in a long time, just the three of us.

We left the club around 3 a.m. We were going to take an Uber at first, but Victor said he’d drop me and Nat off at Nat’s house and take Lana home. So now I’m in Nat’s room. Both of us slumped.

“Did Axel call you?” I asked Nat.

“No. Eugene called you?!”

“No. They have no idea about today.”


“Yeah. I guess. Anyways I’ll be helping you out tomorrow at the cafe.” I informed.

“Really?” Her eyes gleamed.

“Yes. Tomorrow the cafe is gonna be packed, so...” before I could finish the sentence Nat hugged me and then fell asleep on me. I checked my phone and I saw a message from Eugene

Eu: Reached home?

Me: @ Nat’s, u?

Eu: Axel is at my place.

Me: Is he slumped? Nat’s dead asleep rn.

Eu: Yeah, he’s snoring right now. what about you? not sleepy?

Me: I am. I just saw ur text so I was gonna head to bed after replying.

Eu: Alright, get some sleep.

Me: you too.

And I placed my phone on the night stand after setting an alarm for 9.30am. I can’t wait for tomorrow. I did the villain smile and then passed out.

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