Are you death or paradise?

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Chapter 11

Saturday, 14th February

Today is Valentine’s day. Neither of us wished each other. Nor did Axel and Nat. But.. today was busy. We had customers coming in every 5 mins. I didn’t get a chance to check my phone during that time. At around 9pm I took a break and decided to check my phone. 13 missed calls from Axel and 3 missed calls from Eugene. Axel even texted me repeatedly, while Eugene didn’t leave a text. While I read his text, I got a call from Axel. So, I headed back into the changing room to talk to him,

“Eleanor...” he called my name sweetly,

“Yess, Axel.”

“Is this what you meant yesterday?” He asked.

“What did I mean? I don’t understand.” I smiled to myself. Ah sweet revenge.

“Today is Valentine’s day. And you knew that. ”

“What?! Today is Valentine’s day? I didn’t even notice all the roses in the office yesterday.” I was sarcastic.

“Fuck!” maybe remembered all the red roses and red color dresses the ladies wore yesterday, “Eleanor, please help me.” Axel pleaded.

“No. I said not to come asking for my help.” I chuckled and then smiled.

“Ahh.... I see..., I will do anything for you Nellie. Just tell me what she likes.”


“Pretty please.”

“No way.” and I laughed “Quickly offer me something that I can’t refuse because I gotta go.”

“I’ll.. I’ll make sure Eugene eats his lunch with me and not you. Please...”

“You promise?”

“Yes. Yes I promise. Tell me what Nat likes..”

I walked out of the room after talking to Axel for about 15minutes. And to my surprise I found Eugene sitting and sipping his coffee. Nat then pulled me into the supply room,

“He asked me if you were here, and I said no.” she smiled “But he also asked me to call you to the cafe so that he can surprise you. So, now he’s sipping coffee at the last table.”

“Oh Fuck. What do I do? I didn’t buy him any gifts. And did you buy Axel a gift?”

“Yes, I got it on Friday, I got him a gift and then you called me. I’ll give it to him if he comes and meets me today.” She smiled.

“And if he doesn’t?”

“I’m gonna feed him with all the experimental recipes. He’ll be my new guinea pig.” She smiled, ‘Scary.’ "You can leave if you want, I can handle this. okay?”

“Thank you Nat!”

My own plan backfired at me! Now what should I get him? He likes watches and whiskey. But what does he really really like?

I left the cafe through the back door while calling Axel, and we talked about what we wanted to get for Nat and Eugene, so we divided what we needed to get and agreed to meet near the cafe at the bar. We exchange the gifts that we got for Eugene and Nat. We hurried to the cafe, where we saw Eugene assisting Nat with the chairs and cleaning.

Axel just walked towards Nat and hugged her while wishing her Happy Valentine’s Day. I looked at Eugene, he wore a black suit and white shirt, the first two button were open, he looked so fucking handsome.

“Ms. Wright.” Eugene put both his hand in his pant pockets. Holy fuck, why does he look so fucking hot right now.

“Mr. Langston.” I responded.

“We’re heading out, if that’s okay with you, Nat.” He informed her while his his gaze was fixed on me.

“Yeah, No worries.” Nat agreed.

“I.. I’ll go grab my stuff.” I looked down and walked towards the changing room. I could still feel his eyes on me. I grabbed my bag walked out, I saw Eugene waiting for outside. I stood beside him and he said,

“Let’s go home, shall we?” He looked at his watch and then extended his hand for me to hold on to, and I did, take his arm involuntarily. Why can’t I say anything? And I’m not even mad. The car ride was awkwardly silent. We didn’t wish each other Happy Valentine’s day. And now I’m on my way to his house.

Eugene was in front on me opening the door, and I stood there behind him. I just didn’t know what to say to him.. As soon as he entered his home, he pulled me inside closed the door behind me and pinned me on the door with his hands.

He looked into my eyes and then bent down near my ear, “Happy Valentine’s day Ms. Wright.” Fuckk. His seductive voice and his breath on my neck made me melt.

“Happy Valentine’s day Mr. Langston.” I said it under my breath. Then he took my hand in his and led me into the living room.

“I’m gonna cover your eyes okay?” He took my bag from me and placed his hand over my eyes. I heard him switch on the light and made me walk towards the left. He pushed open a door and turned on the light.

He took his hands away from my eyes, and we were in the common bathroom, the one where I tried to lock myself in when I was here for the first time. He asked me to put on a dress and then led me into the bedroom.

“Go on open the blinds.” He gently pushed me ahead with his fingers. I smiled at him and did as he told me to do.

He had set up a candle light dinner for us in his balcony, the table was set with all the cutlery, plates and champagne. With fairy lights strung across the rails and around the plants plus the view of the city under the moonlight,

“Fuckk! This is beautiful.” I turned and looked at him, “Now I feel bad. You didn’t have to do all this.” I reached out and touched his face.

“I wanted to do this for you, since I texted last night and still didn’t wish you then.”

“When did you guys realize today was Valentine’s day?”

“At 12 in the afternoon, when Axel and I had gone to have brunch.”

“Uh huh... ” We both burst out laughing,

We exchanged our gifts after the pizza that Eugene ordered came in. We talked till after midnight, after which I informed that I wanted to go home. I didn’t want us to have sex just because it was Valentine’s Day. And he understood that. So he dropped me off near my apartment, kissed me goodbye, and I headed inside my apartment complex as he drove away.

He was being sweet today, I mean he’s always sweet but I don’t know what will happen this coming week. Especially, Monday. I had goosebumps thinking what will he do when we meet on Monday. But at the same time it feels exciting. And It's been a long time since I felt like this.

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