Are you death or paradise?

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Chapter 11.1

Author’s note: Eleanor is a very private person so she doesn’t share much of the story. But, here’s a sneak peak of the conversations they had and gifts they gave each other on Valentine’s day.



“I’m gonna cover your eyes okay?” He took my bag from me and placed his hand over my eyes. I heard him switch on the light and made me walk towards the left. He pushed open a door and turned on the light. He took his hands away from my eyes,

“Why are we in the common bathroom?” I noticed a black box on the vanity top.

“I’ll be waiting.” He remarked this as he shut the door behind him. Huh? When I opened the box, I saw a black dress. He wants me to dress up for him? Are we heading out for dinner later? I picked up the black off shoulder mini with puffy sleeves and placed it on top on the box. This dress looks so small.

“This is not gonna fit me.” I mumbled to myself. what if it doesn’t? Should I ask him about it?

“This is not gonna fit me.” I knocked on the door and informed him.

“Did you try it on?”

“No, but I’m sure that it won’t fit me.”

“Do you want me to help you put it on? I can come in right now.”

“No! No, I’ll try it myself!” I exclaimed. I undid the zip on the side and tried it on, and.... it fits! How? How did he know that this small dress would fit me. I would have never thought that this would fit.

“It fits, doesn’t it.” I could tell that he was smiling right now. I didn’t say anything.

“Tell me it does or I’ll come in.” he said that trying not to laugh.

“It fits.” I replied immediately. And he laughed.

“Stop laughing.” I swung the door open, “I genuinely thought that the dress wouldn’t fit me.”

“WOahh! You look stunning.” he walked towards me and touched my lips but then he stopped and undid my hair tie.

“Perfect. Now follow me.” he said, taking my hand in his.

“I’m not done yet. I have to set my hair and-”

“You look too stunning now and I can’t wait any longer.” He said that and led me into the bedroom. ” Go on open the blinds.” He gently pushed me ahead with his fingers.



“I got you something but I’ll have to wait till the food arrives.”

“Let me guess, you got pizza.”

“I didn’t have time to think about food.” and we chuckled,

“Oh wait, I got us something, I’ll go grab it from my bag.” I remembered the gifts that I got.

“This is what we were supposed to have last Saturday.” I blushed and place the sushi box on the table.

“Sushi huh?” He bit his lip and smiled. Fucking hell. WHy is he teasing me like that. Eleanor, no sex or anything else. Especially not today.

“I also got you this.“ after we had dinner, I pushed the paper bag towards him, “I didn’t have time to box this up.”

“A star cactus!” He exclaimed.

“It’s small one that I got for your office. I noticed that you don’t have any plants there but you have a lot of plants at home,” I pointed at the plants in the balcony. He probably got this apartment because of this big ass balcony so he can keep his plants here.

“Thank you, Ms. Wright. But this star cactus stays at home.” He placed it back in the bag. He bent down and took out a bag from underneath the table,

“This is for you.” I reached out and looked into the bag, a lilac sweatshirt and a knife?

“The sweatshirt was the one I gave you that day and that’s a butterfly knife meant for spinning, because I’ve always seen you spinning pens and pencils during meetings. And I thought why don’t you try this.”

“Thank you!! I love this sweatshirt and thanks again for the knife.” I gleamed. This was so thoughtful of him! Ahhh, I can’t stop blushing, Fuckkk!



Sometime in the near future,

Eleanor showing off her skills to Eugene every day, and trying new tricks around him. And every time the knife falls out from her hand it hits Eugene,

“I should have never gotten you that knife.” Eugene sighed.

“What? This is the most thoughtful gift I’ve received. “Eleanor explained,

“Here, look at this-” and then she accidentally flung the knife at Eugene’s face.

P.S- Trainer butterfly knives are blunt and no fictional character was harmed here.

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