Are you death or paradise?

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Chapter 12

Monday, 16th February

I was at his place tonight. And while he was sweet in the office, his demeanor changed when we entered the bedroom. He reached out to me and drew me closer to him. I couldn’t bear looking into his eyes. He lifted my chin and made me look into his eyes before kissing me on the lips. He lifted me up and tossed me onto the bed.

“Hey, no, get off me. Not happening.” I said while shaking my head no, but then smiled a bit which then made me blush. whyyyy?

“That smile tells me that you want it.” he said, smirking as he leaned in close to me, now serious. He focused his gaze on mine before tenderly kissing me. He pulled away and started to trace kisses down my nape.


“Call me Eugene, Nell.” I’ve never called him by his name, it feels weird? I just can’t seem to call his his name in front of him. What should I say?

“Fuck off! Don’t get so cocky just because we do this!” That was rude, but I think that will make him stop.

He didn’t get mad, instead he took off my blouse as well as by bra and tossed them aside. He knelt down and licked my nipple in circles before sucking on it while maintaining eye contact with me.

“Ahh,” I moaned, “Why you gotta be so dominating?” I mumbled under my breath.

“Sorry. But afterwards, you always give me your consent to touch you?” and his hands traveled down into my pants found my pussy.

“Uh, n-no.” I looked away.

“Well, you’re wet pussy is telling me a different story.” he smirked and he started circling my clit, increasing his pace slowly.

“Tha- that’s because my mind gets all crazy...” and I looked away again.

“Well then lets get it crazier.”


These last few days, he takes me to his home and just swoops down and devours me. And nothing pisses me off even more. It pisses me off because I’m not in control of myself anymore. I’m always in charge of myself, and never let my guard down, but now I feel like I’m being rescued by him. And as much as I feel different about myself... I don’t like it. I’m always in a happy mood because of him. But he pisses me off too. I liked the old me with myself.

I took a deep breath is as I entered the 22nd floor, and greeted everyone good morning as I walked to my small office/waiting room.

I’m sitting in the bright room, with two chairs in front of me, a sofa for people to wait to enter Eugene’s office.I wish it wasn’t always a connecting room to his main office. Because... when there’s no one around that horny fucker might do something wild.

I did some work on my desk and then saw Eugene enter the room. ‘You know what, today I’ll teach you that I’m not a woman who keeps getting eaten and- ’ He didn’t even look at me and walked into his office.

Weird. I decided to check on him in 30 mins after I accommodate all the meetings for today. I got up from my chair and walked to open his office door, while going through the schedule and checking if there’s any changes.

I reached out to the handle to open the door, but instead I lost my balance because Eugene had opened the door a few seconds before me, but he grabbed my hand and made me stand on my feet again.

“Uh, I’m sorry.” I apologized immediately.

“Good morning, Ms. Wright. Looking forward for today’s meetings. So, tell me what’s on the schedule for today.” he was straightforward and professional? He didn’t even smile at me.

“Uh..,” “Two small general meetings and an event to attend in the evening. I’ve also emailed you today’s schedule.”

“Okay. At what time does the event start?” he asked clearing his throat a bit.

“5pm. But I think you should be there after 5.30.” I replied.

“Hmm. O.K. Excuse me.” he mumbled under his breath.

What? No way he just said that? I moved away from the entrance as he avoided eye contact, and I stood there staring at him as he left the office. I shake my head in doubt. Is he for real??

Throughout the day, he avoided me either pretending to be busy outside the office, chatting with people or just sitting in the meeting room doing his work. He went to his office for 5 minutes, when I was out for my lunch break. He didn’t even look at me or ask me to go with him, today. Is he okay?

I asked Axel about it but he said he was totally fine, like usual. So, is he behaving cold only with me. Did I do something to hurt him?

I waited at the lobby for the elevator. Axel and Eugene were attending the event. It feels weird... to be here alone without someone grabbing my hand. I walked into the elevator when I heard Sarah’s voice, so I held the elevator door open for her. We reached the ground floor and it felt even more weird than before. Today there’s no one to drag me around. And I took a deep breath in.

“Would you like a ride home?” Sarah asked.


“He left home early, he asked me to give you a ride home, if possible. If possible. What does that man have in mind. Well, of course I can.” She was annoyed by him as well.

“Thank you, but I can catch the train, the subway isn’t that far.” I explained.

“Huh? Would you have preferred a ride from Eugene?” she asked, and I was taken aback and was feeling embarrassed.

“What? No way! I just don’t want you to-” I replied quickly.

“I can do it. Come on, now tell me how many sushi place has he taken you to?” She had a serious face. fuck! I was surprised by that comment.

“Ahh well a lot, he’s now taking me to the china town to taste more foods.” I smiled. Yeah, he did take me to china town for dinner, several times. “Does he do that every time?”

“With Dorothy and Axel yes. His Asian genes are getting fired up now.” and she chuckled. I knew that his paternal grandmother is Asian.

“You know, every single girl in this office is jealous of you.”

“What? WHy?”

“Sorry.. every girl who likes Eugene and Axel is jealous of you.” she continued.

“Why?” I asked again, confused.

" They, uh, have been very friendly to you and Eugene’s usually keeping all the women at bay, that’s why. And uh, people thought that he was secretly gay. But I knew he wasn’t.” Woahh she’s so straightforward.

“Just be in the same room as him for 2 minutes and you all will get annoyed.” I smiled.

“Yeah, I know, I’ve seen him annoy Dorothy.. a lot.” and we chuckled.

I could see Dorothy in disbelief, and I couldn’t help but chuckle again. She gets easily annoyed, like me and I don’t know how she could keep up with Eugene.

I asked Sarah that question when we were on our way, to which she confessed that ever since I’ve been in the office, he has stopped annoying her and started annoying me. And that Dorothy knew him as a child. That explains why she can tell him off.

I tricked Sarah to leave me near the shopping area, which is more 10 minutes ride or 20-25 minutes walk from there.

‘He left? Without saying a word to me? He’s probably flirting with other girls. Or, or he might be busy.’ I sighed and looked down as I continued my walk home. 'It’s been a while since I walked home on my own.'

‘Why do I care about what he does? But I still do think about him. This is bad.’ And I shake my head in disbelief. ‘Maybe he had a bad day.. And I’m sure that he’ll be back bothering me tomorrow.’

As I walked out from my long bath and looked over to the kitchen, “Fuckk! He really got me used to eating his delicious food every night.”

“I’ll make something simple tonight.”

Should I text him? No, I shouldn’t. But... No, I won’t. I’ll just talk to him tomorrow.’

“Wait for tomorrow Eugene, I’ll give you a piece of my mind.” and I sighed again.

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