Are you death or paradise?

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Chapter 13

And... today, I saw Eugene in the reception, talking to Sarah. ‘He arrived earlier than me? Strange.’

But as soon as I walked in the reception and he left! ‘Agghhh you motherfucker, why are you avoiding me?? Yeah well, you know what? I’m gonna behave normal today.’ I caught him in the the office around midday.

“Mr. Langston, there was a meeting at 11, did you attend it?” I asked him keeping my expression blatantly neutral.

“Yes-s.” he was a bit perplexed. But I tried to keep the conversation normal.

“I sent you some emails did you look through it?” I asked walking towards him. “And also,” -pointing to the documents on the desk- “Did you review that?”

“Uh..” he didn’t say a word. I walked closer to him, “Are you even listening?” I squinted my eyes a bit.

“Yes, yes, I’ll... talk to you later.” He stroked the back of his neck backing off slowly till he left the office.

‘As expected. Every time we see each other alone, he would want pounce on me. And, now.. what happened to his abnormal level of sexual thirst?’

I walked to the break room where he was sitting at the end talking to Axel, who just wanted to sip his coffee in peace. And just now Eugene noticed me he didn’t try to hide his face. ‘Why is he suddenly so calm? Its throwing me off.’

“What do you think of Eugene lately?”

“Don’t ask me that, I don’t know what his problem is!”

“Are you in a bad mood today?” Dorothy asked me with a concerned tone.

“Dorothy! Oh, I’m so sorry.” ‘Oh my fucking lordd! fuck my life!!’ I'm so embarrassed, I just snapped at her!

“It's alright. You want some coffee?” she handed me a cup of coffee as I thanked her. We were then sitting in the break room sipping coffee.

“So, how is everything going here so far?” Dorothy asked as I was eyeing my coffee.

“It’s been really great. Everyone was so welcoming towards me.” I gave her a genuine smile.

“Good. I hope that crazy boy isn’t giving you a hard time.”

“Oh, he has given me a hard time. He was so professional the first day, but it all went downhill from there.” and we shared a laugh together.

Eugene turned to look from where he heard the laugh, and when he saw me he quickly turned back. And I couldn’t help but grit my teeth.

“He obviously avoided your gaze right now.” Dorothy commented. huh? she noticed? “What, did you two have a spat? I haven’t seen you two palling around the last few days.” She informed.

“I don’t know. But it's a relief for me not having that big oaf follow me around like a puppy.” And I sipped my coffee.

“Huh? Is that so? But other than me I’ve never seen him so... how do I explain this?” She gestured her hand, thinking for the right word.

“Himself?” I suggested.

“Ah, yes. Himself. He’s been himself around you a lot.” And she smiled to herself. And I looked at Eugene, sipping my coffee.

" You guys in a rut?” She asked. And I took a hard gulp of that coffee. ‘In a rut?’

My inner mind dictionary popped up. In a rut means to not have changed what you do or how you do it for a very long time so that it is not interesting any longer. Or in simple words “in a rut” is a period in which two partners have gotten tired of each other. Usually described for people who are in a relationship or married.

‘Wait, we are not in a relationship nor are we married! I don’t even love him or anything like that!’

But I was blank, ‘what do I say to her?’

“Just kidding.” Dorothy chuckled. “Get along with each other soon, after all you guys need to work together for a long time.” and she patted my shoulder leaving me with my coffee and hard realization.

‘What? Has he really gotten tired of me?’ and I looked at him furiously. ‘Obviously the youngest most hottest single male who owns a company and much more, will lose interest in someone like me.’

I took the last sip of my coffee. ‘But still.... wait. No, no. He was into me...’ and I squeezed my coffee cup ‘After all that, he couldn’t be sick of me. Or could he ?’

I need to confront him. I definitely know he will try to leave after I do, around 8. So, I completed all my work and some of his pending email work quickly and waited in the lobby when I heard him say good night to the people still working there. I swear I saw him take a breath of relief as he entered the lobby, but then got surprised seeing me there.

“Ms. Wright..” he sounded anxious. And I showed him my palm indicating him to stop talking. The elevator door opened and we both got in.

“I’ve been waiting for you. Give me a ride home.” I informed him as I folded arms together, staring at him. I thought he would ignore me or just come up with some excuse but,

“Really? Sure thing.” and I could sense the feathers falling off his angelic wings, because he was so excited.

But then it all faded away in a split second and I saw him fidgeting his car keys. “Today uh, is a little... I’m sorry.” and he looked away.

“Come on, we’ll have some beer. Take me home.” and I smiled at him. He was surprised that I invited him home, and so he decided to come along.

The car ride was silent, but when we stopped for the red light, it became awkward, so... I decided to break the silence.

"Are you busy lately?” I asked.

" Yes.. I suppose." he lied. ‘You sneakky fucker, I have your schedule and I know that you’re not that busy’ “Well you must be busy too.”

“I’m always busy.” I informed as I folded my arms together. “I’ve always been busy, so I’m doing just fine.”

“That’s amazing.” and he faked a smile. And I stared at him, while he clenched the steering wheel while keeping his eyes on the the people crossing the road.

“Why won’t you look at me?” I asked impulsively as I noticed the people crossing the road.

“Well.. I’m driving.” he came up with a lame excuse.

“It’s a fucking red light!” and I turned to look at him again.

“Uh, well for... safety reasons. I better keep my eyes on the road.” his face lightened up as the lights turned green, "There, see? The light changed.”

I clenched my hand and looked outside. ‘What a terrible liar. He’s obviously avoiding me.’ I rested my head on the window pane, ‘It happens a lot to be honest. You screw someone, they get sick of you, and then they dump you.’

We reached my apartment complex, it’s the one where I and Lana used to share, before she moved out. So, now I live alone.

“Ms. Wright, I’ll be going now.” he said as we stopped in the parking lot of the my building.

“I’ll serve you tea or coffee. Come now.” and walked away knowing he would follow. ‘Give me a fucking break. After you twisted me around your little finger...’

“Its your first time here, right?”

“Oh.. yes. But...”

“Come in.” and I looked at him seriously.

To describe my home, its the complete opposite to his. He had a lot of plants and most of his color grading was brown, white and green. While my house was a typical modern home, with the color grading of black, beige and white. I don’t like too much things taking up my space. Even our dressing styles are the complete opposite. He always wears light colored casual clothes but had mostly dark colored suits for work. And I have mostly dark colored clothes for casual use but all colored and floral for work.

“Coffee or beer? I don't have whiskey at the moment.” I informed him as I placed my bag on the couch.

" Umm, Eleanor, I’m sorry. But I really have to be going now.”

“Why?” I asked him while taking off my coat. “Even after I let you in here. You’re not going to do anything?” 'whattt did I just say, fuckk! Don’t think with your heart, think practically.' But then I heard him let out a small gasp. And I sighed.

“You really have gotten tired of me, huh?” I looked at him and couldn’t help but walk towards him. "But, I won't let you leave." and I pulled him down to kiss him. It was a brief kiss because he pushed me away.

“Hey, please stop! We can’t!”

“We can’t? Now that’s adorable." I run my hands down his chest to his crotch and rubbed my hand up and down. “After you had the run of my body.” I removed the belt from his waist while, pulling his coat to make him lean towards me “That’s fucking funny.”

‘I was at this hack’s mercy, losing grip on myself, and now hes tired of me? After all that’s happened?’

I knelled down to give him what he had done to me but instead I had tears in my eyes. ‘Damn him, I’m even starting to cry.’

“Eleanor... NELL!!!” he raised his voice and as he placed his hands on my shoulder and pushed me back. I looked up at him, "Eleanor, I’m sorry, I.. I can’t hold back.” he knelt down and then kissed me deeply. He then let me go and started coughing.

“Wait, what the fuck? Are you okay? let me bring water for you.”

He pulled me back, "I’m fine. No need.” still coughing pretty bad.

“Hey... don’t you die on me!”

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