Are you death or paradise?

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Chapter 14


“Uh,., so you... have a cold?” I gave him some ginger tea to soothe his throat.

“It’s been with me since last week. Don’t worry, I’m on medication and will be fine in no time.”

“So... that’s why you were avoiding me?”

“I couldn’t possibly risk giving it to you.” As he spoke, his angel aura returned “It’s difficult for me to leave you while I’m with you because I never want to.” “I’ve been desperately trying to keep my distance from you before I get over this cold. I was so happy when you welcomed me to your home, but I’m sorry if I accidentally passed it on to you.”

“Oh, I don’t give a damn.” ‘Stop glistening; you’re making me feel even worse.’ I took a deep breath in and exhaled slowly.

" I’m sorry.” “I thought you were... uh trying to get rid of me,” I rubbed the back of my neck.

“Is that your way to say you miss having me around, Nell?”

“What, no haha, I’m sure my period is due any day now, so I’m feeling all these emotions,” and I averted my gaze.

“Aww, that means you like my company as well.”

“Avoid being carried away.” He drew me closer to him and forced me to sit between his thighs.

“Of course, I would; after all, you’ve been helping me get through this cold.” His hands slipped under my shirt and cupped my boobs, while placing small pecks on my shoulders and neck.

“Stop, you need to rest. I don’t have anything big enough for you to wear. Oh.. uh I still have that sweatshirt from that day.”

“I’m staying the night?”

“Well yes. But no other things tonight.” and he nodded yes. We were in my bedroom sitting on my bed talking and I ended up crying,

“Eleanor, please remember this. Even if you beg me with tears, I swear I will never get tired of you.”

“No, fuck you! you’re so confusing. If you just had a cold why didn’t you say so?”

“I didn’t want you getting sick. And I wouldn’t have been able to get myself away from you.” And I got teary eyed again. 'What is up with my hormones??'

“Eleanor, Call me by my name.” he asked me politely. "Or should I pay you 100 dollars as usual?”

“Are you mocking me?” I asked and he smiled.

“Please Eleanor, call me by my name.” He wiped out my tears and lifted my chin so he could look into my eyes. I put my hands on his broad shoulders and looked down, too shy to call out his name.

“Damn it!” I paused for a brief moment to gather up courage, okay here it goes, “eu-Gene.”

My voice cracked and I fumbled. It just sounded like ‘Gene’... instead of Eugene. Ahhhhh! Fuckkkk! I tightened my gripped his shoulder even more because we both were silent for a moment.

“Eleanor, my name isn’t Gene, but Eu-” and I looked up at him embarrassed.

“I meant it like a nickname. It was on purpose. I would never fumble a name.” I defended myself, I slacked down placed my head on his chest, “Damn it! You should be happy with Gene.”

“I am.” And then he drew me in for a hug. I realized how badly I wanted him when I hugged him. I guess I can’t deny it anymore.
But I know I’ll never be able to let go. And I can’t always wait for the perfect moment but let's be honest, the perfect moment is right now.

“Yes,” I respond softly.


“I want you.” I said it again in the quietest voice I could muster. He pulled me away.

“Are you sure?” he asked again, this time touching my chin to force me to look him in the eyes.


“Yes.” we said in unison as we crashed our lips together while peeling each other’s clothes off. One thing led to another, and... well, I had a wonderful evening. And thanks to my hormones begging for sex and for him, I’m no longer a virgin.

‘I don’t know anyone else who is this crazy... for me.’

Next morning he was feeling better and so was I. Maybe we just needed each other. Back in the office, he was doing good and interacting with me.

We had a monthly meeting with a few major departments which Eugene was in charge of. For the most part, Axel and I were standing. I winced a little when the whole room was silent.

“Are you all right, Nell?” Axel inquired aloud. Then everyone turned to look at me.

“I’m alright, It’s just my back.”

" Are you sure? why don’t you sit down for sometime?” Hannah offered her seat.

“Oh no, It’s not a problem. I’m fine.” I smiled.

“All right, everyone, let’s wrap it up in 15 minutes. Okay?” Eugene clapped his hands to draw attention towards him.

The meeting ended earlier than expected, and everyone was cheerful and smiled at me. “ WATER, COFFEE, AND BISCUITS IS IN THE BACK. DO NOT VISIT BREAK-ROOM.” Chris the intern, yelled at the top of his lungs. Everyone was taken aback, but we all laughed together.

I walked to the podium where Eugene was,“Eleanor! Let’s take a break together!” “Would you like some coffee or soda from the break room?” He smirked, knowing that would put me on edge.

“You appear to be in good shape, you...” I mumbled.

“Yes, Eleanor, it’s because of your ginger tea. It’s something we should do again!” Oh, I see what he’s saying... you horny fucker.

“You’re talking like I’m some herbal remedy! Thanks to you, my lower back feels like its going to snap. Take responsibility, you jerk!”

“Who bears responsibility? Is that something you’re proposing?” he had an evil grin on his face.

“Don’t let yourself get carried away! Get rid of all those crazy ideas in your head!” I remarked in annoyance.

“Of course, I’d get carried away, Nell. You’re the one who let me carry you.”and he took my hand in his, saying, “Shall I take you home or we can always live together?” I yanked away my hand.

“Wait, what? Please, for the love of God, don’t do this right now.” I got up and walked away to get some coffee. “Eugene, DO NOT FOLLOW ME!” I said it a bit loudly. He did, however, follow me. That annoying bastard is back, but I like it now.

“And their daily quarreling is back.” I overheard someone say that, and a group of people burst out laughing.

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