Are you death or paradise?

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Chapter 17

It’s officially been three months since I’ve worked at Langston’s, and there have been some big changes. Dorothy decided to retire and relax because she has been with this company since the beginning. Sarah got a job as a top actress and model at a talent agency, and she’ll be leaving at the end of the month. When I think about it, Sarah is very attractive, but she can be a little persuasive. And lastly Lana’s getting married in a month!!!! It’s been a long ride.

We’re having a farewell party for Dorothy (still have to decide on a date), and I’m leaving for the bachelorette party in Hawaii next week!! I was busy organizing the party with Sarah and Axel, who offered to help and I had no problem with that. We spent most of the evenings deciding where, how and when will can have this party. Finally we planned everything and the party is on next week Friday!

As for me and Gene, we’ve become closer than ever, but we’re also so busy with our own stuff that we hardly get to go to each other’s apartments these days. But, when we spend the night together, there’s always something new with him. And as for today he dragged me back to his place.

He pushed me on the bed and then pinned me down like he always does,

“The second we got here, you’re ready to go?” I asked as I balanced myself on my elbows.

“Please, let me have you.” he wasn’t pleasing me, he was demanding. I narrowed my eyes, as he looked like he was figuring out something.

“What are you thinking?”

“We have 45 mins before we go out for dinner-” and he leaned in to kiss on my shoulder,

“What are you taco bout?” I tried to joke - ‘talking about = taco bout’. He stopped kissing and he looked me dead in the eye

“You suck at making jokes.”

“What? that was a nice pun.” I pointed out.

“Can I pay 100 dollars for you to get drunk again?” he joked. I didn’t want to laugh, but I couldn’t help myself.

“What, come onn!! I can make good jokes when I’m not drunk.”

“You have a good mouth for other things when you’re sober.” he smirked. You idiot. But when I blushed, he took it as a yes, and we got right down to business. He was sucking and licking my boobs all the way up to my throat, and he wanted to leave a mark.

“Gene... marks.” I said it as quickly as possible, but he was taken aback.

He kissed my forehead and said, “I know, Nell.”

After our act of passion as he calls it (even though he’s pretty rough in bed). Yuck... that sounds awful. After sex, he went to get me some water, while I laid on the bed thinking about his disappointing face.

′Why the hell did he feel disappointed? All I said was don’t leave a mark. I just don’t want anyone to see a mark on me. And moreover, I’m spending my time here, while I still have some planning work to do. He should be grateful for that!′ I turned on my side while defending myself in my head.

“Eleanor, are you okay?” he asked as he entered the room with a water bottle in his hand, and I turned to face him,

“You look so cute when you’re sullen. Here want some water?”

“Yes, I do feel tired.”

“Thought so. Here, I’ll transfer the water from my mouth-” he joked.

“You horny bastard, just give me the water.” I cried out immediately. How does he come up with ideas like that? What the hell goes on in his mind?

“I just got worked up when I found out I wouldn’t be able to see you for a few days.” he laid beside me, keeping his hands behind his head.

“Wait, wasn’t the meeting supposed to be here in New York?” I asked him.

“Yeah, but as we were waiting for the elevator, they called to tell us they wouldn’t be able to come to New York.”

“So, you going to Huston next week?”

“I’ll be leaving late Sunday night and returning late Wednesday or early Thursday morning.”

“Should I be coming with you?”

“You want to?” and he was about to place his hand on my head, but I shoved it away,

“No, no I’ll be busy the next week so...”

“I know, I’m taking Zeke and Axel with me.” he informed.


“Yeah no girls, I made sure of that.”

“Wha? No, I wasn’t even thinking about that.”

“Good, because I’m taking Iris and Axel with me. There’s no one named Zeke is in the office.” he started laughing

“Ohh fuck you!” I said between laughs and playfully hitting him.

“Fuck yess, now... can we move in together?”

“Huh? that’s not even related to it.” right now he was just pulling my leg, but I knew he wanted to. He’s been nagging about it for quite some time now.

“Anyways-” he pulled out the drawer from the night stand, “-Here at least take a spare card key of the penthouse.”

“Card key?”

“Yeah, use it anytime you like. I would be really happy if you’d come here without being invited.”

‘Spare key? Come to think of it, even though hes bought me here countless times, I’ve never come here on my own.’

“Uh, I- okay, I’ll hold on to it, till you return.”

“Thank you! Now get your ass up were going to eat dinner at this really-” and there he goes being super excited. I gleamed at him as we dined out. He has to wear a mask and glasses to avoid being recognized by the public. And, to be honest, it sort of works because he now looks like any other normal person.

Eugene left as planned, he reached out to inform me that he landed in Huston and he couldn’t call me after that and today is Tuesday and he still hasn’t returned any of my call. He must be very busy. I took a deep breath in and sighed. Its so weird. I’ve been wearing his clothes that were at home. I miss him. And at the exact same time he called,

“Heyy!!” I chirped in as soon as I picked up the phone.

“Hello, Nell!”

“So... whats up?”

“Yes, Thank you, I’m doing great here as well, and tomorrow we have a final meeting. Then I’m back home.”

“Glad to hear that. How is everything going there, work wise?”

“The meetings were promising, but they still haven’t given us a proper answer. Maybe tomorrow they’d let us know.”

“Okay, let me know if you need any documents. And... why didn’t you call me yesterday?”

“Aww, you missed me, didn’t you?”

“What? Bullshit, I don’t miss you. I was just asking.” I do miss him to be honest.

“I was a little busy. We can talk now, so tell me, what are you doing right now? Hold up let me guess, you took a shower, wore one of my sweatshirts, sitting on the couch drinking beer as you dry your hair?” How does he know that? Wtf?

“How do you know that?”

“I just know you...” and I knew he was smiling to himself.

“Aghh, hearing only your voice is so agonizing, I can’t touch you or smell you or-”

“Dot be so glum, you idiot!”

“Oh- Ive got it. Lets have phone sex-” I know where this is heading,

“I’m hanging up”

“I’m ready to pay 1000-”


“All right then. Can I hear your voice for some more time Nellie?” ‘when you say something like that, it makes it even harder for me to speak. I swear, this guy!’


“I can see you blushing now.”

“What- no I’m not! But I’ll hang up soon, because you need to sleep.”


I wasn’t so busy on Monday or Tuesday, but on Wednesday, Sarah forgot to place an order for some cupcakes and snacks for the gathering in the office on Friday before we go for the dinner. The dinner we just invited 30 people including Dorothy’s family and Eugene’s parents. So, I, Sarah and Hannah went out at 5pm to gather order snacks and cupcakes.

“Whats up with the meeting in Huston?” Sarah asked as we walked around the time square looking for a good place to eat.

“As far as I know, it went well, and they will be reaching here tomorrow morning.”

“That’s good! And what’s up with Eugene?” Hannah got excited. But I gotta keep it cool. Don’t mess it up.

“What’s up with him?”

“Who is he into... girls or guys? In the interview he didn’t even give us a hint on who he liked was a girl or guy...”

“Haha, I don’t really know about that?” I laughed it off. Fuckkkkk! my heartbeat started rising. Keep your cool. Act normal.

“Ahh!” Sarah exclaimed as some guy bumped into her, and she lost her balance, but then I grabbed her by her arm so that she wouldn’t fall.

“Watch it!” I said to the man, he definitely bumped into her on purpose.

-why did I get annoyed, fuck me- “Be careful, and uh.. you okay?” I asked Sarah. But the look in her eye was like she was amazed by me. Woah, I just helped her up that’s it, no big deal.

We had pizza at a local place and then went to a bar for some drinks. We danced a lot and drank a lot too! It was almost 1 in the morning.

“I’ll take her home, I know where she lives and I’ve taken her home earlier once.” Sarah stated, holding me so that I don’t fall.

“You sure?” Hannah asked her back.

“Yes, yes. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” Sarah reassured her and so Hannah took off.


Aghh my head, it hurts! And my body feels heavy.... huh... am I naked? Damn it Eugene worked me up again. Huh.. This isn’t Eugene’s house.....

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