Are you death or paradise?

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Chapter 18


Aghh my head, it hurts! And my body feels heavy.... huh... am I naked? Damn it Eugene worked me up again. Huh.. This isn’t Eugene’s house.

I rolled over to see if Eugene was nearby and....

“Ahhhh!!!!” I fell off the bed as I gasped loudly. I wanted to hide myself, so I hid behind one of the two layered drapes.

‘SARAHHHH??? what the fuckk?!!! what does this mean? Where’s Gene? Shit he’s in Huston! Okay calm down, Nellie! Calm the fuck down! Am I in a hotel right now? yes, fuck. Last night... I.. I was with Hannah and Sarah... at the bar. I drank... And why the fuck am I sleeping with her half naked? Did we? No way.. Fuck Fuck Fuckk. No... we couldn’t have. Right?’ I drew my legs closer to my body, ‘This is... I want to go home.’

Sarah was still sleeping, so I reached slowly under the sheets for my lingerie. “Where the fuck is my bra, where is it?” ’Oh, I found it.′ I quickly changed, grabbed my belongings from the room, and left the room. ‘There’s no way we did something. What am I nervous about? Am I this stupid?’ I tried to reason with myself.

I got a cab and went home. “I’ll have some coffee and... no, no... take a shower first to calm my nerves, and then think about last night.” I couldn’t stand it any longer, so I sat down, near the entrance of my home, my heart pounding in my chest.

“What have I done?” When I picked up my phone, (which was switched off at the hotel, but I switched it back on in the cab but didn’t go through it). I discovered many of missed calls from Eugene.

“He called, all through the night? Alright, fine, calm down. Just talk to him. No... no I’ll text him.”

Me: Sorry about last night. I went out drinking. We were having so much fun that time flew by, and I couldn’t call. Don’t worry, I’m back home.

’Why am I sending him such a polite text? Eshh. Remember, there is nothing I should be ashamed of, because nothing happened, okay?. And... send...′

Suddenly I heard Sarah’s Voice in my head, “Ohh Eleanor, I’m gonna make you mine.” I felt a wave of embarrassment, and the phone ringed right away, startling me. Fuckk!

“Ye-yes?” I stuttered.

“It’s unusual of you to send a text message like that, Eleanor.” He spoke with no emotion in his voice.

“Gene! Oh.. you called me several times last night, so I... did I wake you up? Is everything alright?” I tried to change the topic. Should I tell him? No, No first I need to remember what happened last night.

“Is anything up with you? Eleanor?” he asked with a bit concern in his voice. ‘Why is he behaving so weird? Or am I behaving weird?’

“Oh, me?”

“Did something happen last night?” He inquired once more, but in a monotonous tone. And while I was talking, I heard him grit on some mints. He does that a lot.

“N-no, Nothing. We went out drinking last night, as I mentioned in the text.”

“Is that it?” He spoke with a slightly suspicious tone in his voice.

“That’s all.”

“Okay. I’m getting off the phone because we have a flight to catch. Will arrive in New York around 4 p.m.” and then he hung up the phone. Fuckk! I feel bad not telling him.

I still have to go to work today! I stood up and entered the shower. When I undressed and looked in the mirror, I gasped as I noticed a mark on my collarbone. Did she gave me a hickey!? and that was it, I fucking broke down. I scrubbed my body 3 times today and still felt terrible. I wrapped myself in a towel. I messed up. I messed it all up!

I was a little late for work today. I wore a turtle neck top today to cover up the hickey. I took a deep breath and walked into the office. I sighed as I walked in, thinking I hadn’t seen Sarah today, but then I saw her near my desk.

“You went home, Ms. Wright, without saying anything. That wasn’t very nice.” She approached me and tucked a lock of hair behind my ear. “That wasn’t nice, considering we had spent the night together.” and my entire body tensed.

“Sorry for putting you into so much trouble. I’ll cover half of the hotel bill.” I kept my cool and walked away from her and sat on my desk; she then approached me and sat on top of my desk, keeping one leg on top of the other.

“That’s not a problem. I had way more fun than my fair share.”
and she smirked as I gulped, “Besides, I’ve left my mark on you.” She put her fingers on my collarbone. I was more than embarrassed. This is dreadful. My heart tells me that we didn’t do anything, but when she says things like that...

“Oh you were so sexy last night. Just as I imagined. Anyways, I left off all the stuff near your desk, that we bought yesterday.” and she left the room.

‘Ugghh, why cant I remember last night? why am I just getting the feels that we didn’t do it.’ and I slammed my desk. I didn’t leave my desk for the majority of the day. I remained inside, wallowing in guilt and shame, because I felt like I cheated on Eugene. Which isn’t fair, for him. I would have never forgiven his ass if he ever did that. But now, it’s me... it’s me who did that. And I would never forgive myself for that. But... I also have this feeling that Sarah and I didn’t do anything.

Sarah was still in the meeting room, chatting with everyone. She was clearly expecting me to leave, but I can wait here. When I saw her get off the floor, I grabbed my belongings and waited until I heard her enter the elevator so I could take the next one and completely avoid her. But, then I heard, Eugene?

I walked out right away to find Eugene, who was shadowing Sarah and giving her a death glare. It gave me goosebumps. ‘He’s so fucking scary right now.’


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