Are you death or paradise?

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Chapter 19

------------------3rd Person POV from last night--------------------

Since the day she saw Eleanor nervously waiting in the lounge room, Sarah had felt an instant attraction to her. She’d never felt such a strong attraction to a girl as she did to her. She tried to suppress my feelings for her because, despite numerous relationships and one-night stands, she had never felt such a strong attraction to anyone.

When Nell grabbed her as a stranger bumped into her in Times Square, she was taken aback by her harsh behavior and thought, ‘Well, who knew she was feisty?’ but quickly tried to brush it off.

But as she held tight to Eleanor because she was too drunk to stand on her own, she couldn't help but think about how beautiful she is and what kind of face she would make as she could ride her, and she shook those thoughts away, again. She booked a nearby hotel room, drove her there, and placed her on the bed to sleep.

“Be careful huh?” She pushed Nell's hair away from her face, saying, “You should be more careful, Nell. And fuck, you’re stunning.” She was so taken by the beauty of Eleanor that she just couldn't help but bent down to kiss her lips, despite the fact that she had almost passed out. She took both Nell’s and her clothes off and tossed them aside. But, when she kissed her on the collar bone, she felt a sudden jolt of shock as she heard Eleanor whisper, “Gene... stop.”

“Fuckk, shes taken! And fuckkk! What the hell was I doing?” She yelled and wrapped the blankets around Eleanor. She sat beside her, wondering why she was so drawn to her.

Eugene, sensed something was wrong while in he was in Huston because he couldn’t stop munching on the mints and thinking about Nell. He decided to call Nell, even though he knew she might be sleeping at that time.

The phone call startled Sarah, and she picked up Eleanor’s phone to see the name 'Gene', which she had hear Eleanor mumble earlier. Her curiosity piqued, and she picked up the call,

“Hello! Eleanor here!” Sarah answered. Eugene clenched his jaw, because it wasn’t Nell.

“Hey, Hello? Anybody there?” Sarah asked again.

“Where’s Eleanor?” Eugene was serious and quite mad, but he decided to keep his cool because it could be Nat or Lana. But he then remembered that Nat and Lana didn't sound like the stranger on the other side of the phone did. Sarah couldn’t realize Eugene’s serious and furious tone and thought it was some rude guy. As for Eugene he was so angry that he couldn't recognize Sarah's voice over the phone. She was also jealous of this person who Eleanor mumbled when she was drunk, so she decided to play along fueled by jealousy.

“Oh, Eleanor is sleeping by my side right now. She’s so adorable when she’s sleeping. In fact, she was really sexy when she was awake as well!” Sarah was content with her response and grinned to herself.

“Who is this? What did you do with her?” Eugene’s tone grew even more furious.

“Who knows? You can ask her yourself later, Jene.” She hung up the phone and turned it off. Eugene clenched his fist, enraged, and resented the fact that he couldn’t be there for her. Or would she betray him? He ignored the thought because he knows she would never do such a thing.



I popped some more mints and munched on it. Fuckkk! Is she okay? Or did she really cheat on me? No, the fuck was I thinking? She would never cheat on me. I know that. Never.

I walked out of the Airport and all I could think was to run to find Eleanor. I asked Mr. Lee my driver, to bring two of cars, one for me and the other for and for Iris and Axel. I hardly talked to any of them while coming back. Kept on munching on the mints thinking of what might have happened last night. I gripped the steering wheel as it made my blood boil, and increased the speed to reach my Office. I just knew she was there. I waked into the building and ignored everybody's greetings and just made it to the 22nd floor. I saw Sarah walking down the lobby talking to someone on the phone,

“Pick me up? No, I'm going to have some drinks with my friends.” she talked leisurely, 'Ahh it was her.' I punched my hand on the wall in front of her, making her to stop from walking,

“Are you the girl from last night?” I asked her in the most furious tone I've ever made,

“Eugene..?” she looked shocked and turned her back on the wall, I looked her dead in the eye, channeling my anger, but keeping it under control, "Are you the person, who answered Eleanor’s phone last night?”

“Last night? Last night what? It was Jene- Wait a minute, it was you? Are you serious?”

“Sarah Wilson.” I gritted my teeth, 'It was her?! What in the actual fuck!'

“Is this for real?” She asked? She was a bit perplexed, good.

“Eugene?” I hear Eleanor's sweet voice, she was a bit surprised. But I didn't look at her, I kept my eyes on Sarah,

“We aren't done, Sarah. One wrong move and I swear I'll come for you.” I whispered under my breath, clear enough for Sarah to understand.

“What are you doing here?” Eleanor asked me, 'Oh Nellie! Why do they all want, the only thing I love most in my life?' The anger in me was still there, boiling.

When I turned to look at her, I took a deep breath and looked down, "Let's go."

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