Are you death or paradise?

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Chapter 21

Today is finally Friday, Eugene woke me up at 5am in the morning so that we could get my things from my apartment. We were discussing whether I should just grab my stuff for the day from my apartment and head over to his place again, or if I should just grab his suit and change it at my place. Finally after debating the whole time in the shower, we decided to go to my place and to change and head to the office from there.

I picked out a formal v-neck black dress for today, pairing it with black heels and silver jewellery. While I did that, Eugene made us each a sandwich and a glass OJ. I did my hair and make up while Eugene was putting on his suit. I helped him pick a tie out of the two that he brought here, and we were off to go.

“I’ll be busy with Hannah and Axel today.”

“If you don’t feel like it, come find me okay?” He placed his hand on my mine and gave it a squeeze.

“Are you sure that you’ll be able to handle today’s work? Call me if you need anything okay?”

“I can do it Nell.” he laughed.

We went on our separate ways when we reached the office. He had a meeting to attend right away, and I was busy setting up the conference room. I didn’t see Sarah for most of the day, but she came in the conference room right before Dorothy was supposed to come. Eugene joined us after a while. We were waiting in anticipation for Dorothy and when she entered the conference room we popped some party poppers. We were just talking, signing, eating the whole afternoon. Dorothy was happy but yet her face tells me she will miss working here.

The small farewell gathering/lunch ended at 3. Everyone then left to do their work cause office hours doesn’t end till 5pm. It was then me and Chris who helped cleaning the conference room. Eugene too went back to his office. We hardly talked today. Even Sarah left, saying she’d meet us at the restaurant.

Chris left the conference room at 4.30 p.m., leaving just me in the conference room. I put on my black heels that I had taken off earlier and walked over to my desk. I messaged Gene if he wanted something and he said he wants me and asked me to come in his office. I said no, he said yes, but then asked me to come in his office regarding some work.

So, I swung the door open, and said, “Gene, I said no!” I was smiling but then I saw Dorothy on the chair opposite to him. “Oh Dorothy hi!”

“Come dear, take a seat.” she guested me to sit on the seat next to her. “The lunch party was a pleasant surprise.” Dorothy lightly patted on my back.

“This is the least we could do. And I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“I’m happy.” she took a deep breath. “So, what are you wearing for the evening?”

“Uh.. this same dress.” I was straightforward.

“What nonsense, Eugene would never let you wear this to the party.”

“Huh?” Does she know? I glanced at Eugene, She knows?? “I don’t care about what he wants me to wear.” I said flatly.

“Oh dear, I bet he bought you a dress.” She smiled, and I looked at Eugene.

“Don’t tell me you did that.” I said looking over to him,

“I did.” He smiled.

“No, no.”

“Yes yes, you can’t meet his parents in that dress.” Okayy.. why is she talking like that?

“Uhh..” I eyed Eugene, again.

“Ah yes, Nell, Dorothy knows I’m fucking you.”

WHAT? I looked at Dorothy and she was laughing. They both were.

“Is this a joke?” I eyed both of them.

“No, darlin’. I was already suspicious of him. But he confessed when I saw him at the store picking up a dress for you.” She gave me a friendly smile. When I looked at Eugene, he smiled back. “The dress is in there in a bag,” he said, pointing to his private bathroom.

“Come on, take that dress and we’ll go over to my place, we can help dress each other up!” Dorothy seemed ecstatic. I believe she had been anticipating this for quite some time. While Dorothy was outside saying her final goodbyes to some colleagues, I grabbed the dress.

“You didn’t have to buy me one.” I looked at him,

“I certainly did. I’ll meet you near Dorothy’s place.” He smiled, and I returned his smile before departing with Dorothy.

At Dorothy’s home, she first introduced to her whole family, she had a daughter and a son. Her daughter Cassy, her husband and her two kids will join us. Her son, however, won’t be to joining us as he lives in London. Eugene had gotten me a bluish-grey mini A-line dress. Full sleeved, deep v-neck not to revealing perfect for my chest size.

A makeup artist and a hairstylist for the evening. Dorothy stated that Aubrey was the one who did her makeup and other preparations for big events. She also gave me her phone number. Eugene called at 7.30, waiting for me outside Dorothy’s place. She had a really nice house uptown.

I walked out of the house and just looked up at Eugene. Damnn he looked amazing in his black suit right now. He drew me close to him,

“You look absolutely stunning right now. I can’t wait to fuck you in this dress.”He said this while kissing the side of my cheek and giving me a friendly hug. This is a little strange. He wouldn’t hug me like that; he’d swoop in and hug me tightly until I was out of breath.

“All right. Let’s go.” he took my hand and walked over to his car. He helped me get in, walked to his side and then we drove off.

“Why did you hug me like that?”

“Like what?”

“You’d never hug me like that.”

“That’s how I’d hug you when we are out in public Nell. Do you prefer the more intimate one? The one where-”

“Stop, I know exactly where this is going.” and both of us laughed.



“What is it? You’ve been fidgeting your fingers for the last 5 minutes.”

“I’m gonna meet your parents now. And I just realized that... I’m not good at small talks Gene. And I want to make a good first impression. Can you please tell me about them?” I placed my hand on his shoulder,

“HAhahha... Don’t worry about that, just be yourself and they will like you for what you are.”

“They don’t know about us?” I asked immediately.

“No. They don’t... only Dorothy, Axel, Nat, Lana, Victor and Sarah knows about us.” his eyes fixed on the road.

“Uhh.. well even I didn’t tell my parents about us.” I pointed out.

“So... we on the same page?”


“I’ll let that slide for today.” he said under his breath.

“I know your fathers name but what is your mothers name?”

“Grace Langston.” he sighed. “Whats your parents name?”

“Makeala and Ethan Wright.” I smiled thinking about them, I should go visit them soon.

“We have spent so much time together and yet we don’t know each others parents name.” he pointed out,

“Hahha, but I at least knew your fathers name. Also... should I call them Mr. and Mrs. Langston or..?”

“Go with the flow, Nell. I promise I’ll help you out there. Don’t worry.”

“Will you be alright?” I asked him, I just wish that he doesn’t do something bad out there.

“You’ll be there with me so I’ll be more than alright.” and I just blushed. Fuckk!


Cut Scene, Eugene’s POV

I knew Sarah would be here for the lunch party today.
I instructed Elle at the ground floor reception to contact me when Sarah arrived. I waited for her near the office reception and asked her to follow me to my office.

“Whiskey?” I asked her.

“Sure. why not?” She replied. I had already set the table with a coaster and glass, so all I had to do was pour the whiskey into both of our glasses.

“You didn’t have sex with her.” I stated sipping my drink.

“What makes you so sure?”

“I just know.”

“No, we didn’t have sex,” she sighed after taking a deep breath and finishing her glass. “I stopped because I’m not that brazen to do something like that to someone who was half passed out and calling out someones else’s name when I gave her that hickey. But damn shes hott as fuck. If you guys are breaking up, I’d gladly take her away from you.”

That’s it... she crossed the fucking line. I slammed my glass on the table. “Well, Ms. Sarah Smith, I’ve heard you’ve been sleeping with quite a few people over the last month. And now here we are... a whore at the helm of an acting agency.”

“Well, that was necessary to get to the top.” she said, pouring herself another glass of whiskey. “Now no one can bring me down. Those stupid motherfuckers.” she seemed content as she finished the her glass.

“And how’s the drug dealing thing going on the side? Still in business?” I asked her, catching her off guard.

“How do you know that?”

“Well, now, now. Thank you for your time. You can leave.” I pointed her the door.


“Leave.” I told her sternly, and she stormed out, irritated.
So my sources are still correct, huh? Well.. well about right time. One wrong move Sarah, and I’ll end your fucking life.


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