Are you death or paradise?

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Chapter 4

Ughh my head, it hurts. What happened? Something... doesn’t feel right. This... does not feel like home.

"Ah you’re awake, Ms. Wright.” what’s with that voice?... Ms. Wright? Huh?? I woke up with a jerk and saw Eugene smiling beside me. He didn’t have a shirt on. Why does he not have a shirt on? Oh noo... I looked down and I saw myself covered by an oversized white shirt and only my black panty, with the first three buttons of the shirt wide open.

“Did we?”

"Oh darlin, no.” He responded immediately.

"Then why am I only wearing your shirt?”

"You don’t remember last night’s drinks all the puking and talks? You puked all over yourself I’ve put your clothes for washing.”

"Did you undress me?”

"Of course, I did. Who else will?” He chuckled. And it made my blood boil.

"It’s not funny, you saw me naked without... my permission.”

"Oh no, I didn’t see any part of you, I promise.” He was offended a bit, but I kinda knew he wasn’t lying.

"And what talks?” I was confused. He then pulled out his phone and showed me the recording. Did I do something inappropriate? And shows me last night's video,

Recording plays-

"So Ms. Wright did you actually remember who I was? Or you were just faking it on the first day?”

"Yes I remembered you, but not much in particular. I just remembered those green eyes. Ahh you do have lovely eyes, Sir.”

“Don't call me- Ms. Wright what will it take for you to call me Mr. Langston?”

"100 bucks and I’m sold.” Drunk me just took 100 dollars from my boss. And I snatched it from his hand. What the fuck?

"You and your company, making money here and breaking homes of others.”

"What do you mean by that?”

"Ahh that the Langston’s are building cities yet ruining lives. I really didn’t think about taking this job, you know. Fuck other people, corporate giants like this have ruined-” I mumbled something I couldn’t quite pick up on.

"Tell me, why did want to join the company then?”

"I... I... Fuck it! I needed the money and Carl asked me to get a real job. And I did. Woohoo!” And chugged down some more whiskey from my glass.

"Tell me what do you remember of me? And here’s 100 bucks." He folded the note and I snatched it once again.

"Green eyes and hella rich. And now-" I took another sip from Eugene’s whiskey, " -you’re like a stupid walking angel of elegance and beauty, and it annoys me. And whenever I look into your... your eyes, it’s as if you’re staring into my soul, and I hate it... ‘Oh Ms. Wright you are so clumsy.’ ‘Ms. Wright why so serious?’ ‘Ms. Wright you drink to much coffee.’ ” I heard Eugene laugh in the recording while I was impersonating him...




"Okay okay. Stop the recording. It’s humiliating. And I didn’t mean all that.”

“Yesterday night was fun, with you blabbering on about various topics and-”

“You did record the video for a reason, didn’t you?” He knew I’d tell him everything when I’m drunk. But... even though I was drunk, it seems that I got into a fight with him.

"No, I just did it for fun..” he said innocently, and like he was hurt.

"You’re kidding right? This was a very cunning and sinister move for someone with angelic looks like you.” I moved closer to him, looking him in the eyes, saying, “I know you can use that against me. So, tell me what I need to do to get that video from you.”

"I didn’t intend to-”

"Cut the crap, you can ask me anything and in return I keep my job and that video.” I snapped.

"Anything?” He asked again innocently and so purely, aghh.


“Really?” His tone changed to a pretty serious one.


"I uh.. I want you.” And the next thing I knew I was pinned down on the bed, I wriggled a bit. But his huge hands made sure that I would keep my hands on the bed. And he sat on top of me, using his body weight to pin me down, but he wasn’t suffocating me.

"What..?” Am I dreaming? Is this real? What the fuck!?? “You’re joking right?”

And his grip tightened and he leaned towards me, Oh no.. and as I felt his weight lift off me and his upper body almost touching me, “Get off me!” I yelled and managed to kick his stomach. He groaned and shifted his weight to the other side of the bed. And I took this as an opportunity to run away from him.

‘All you have to do is hide behind a lockable door.’ I noticed a small hallway and a door just before the hallway began, and it was luckily a bathroom, so I will be able to lock myself in. A hand grabbed the door and slammed it open just as I was about to close it. Holy fuck! Eugene looked so fumed but he was smirking.

"Don’t run from me, Ms. Wright. Teasing me would only get me fired up.”

As he approached me, I backed up to the corner. “What I want? That’s what you asked right?” his voice was enticing.

"But this, this is not possible. Ask me something else.” I was so nervous, the confidence in me just washed away, as his tall body hovered over me.

"With you in front of me, there is nothing else that I desire.” His thumb caresses my lips. His hand then wrapped around the back of my neck, drawing me closer to him, only for him to crash his lips on me.

I couldn’t defy him when our lips collided; just by his touch my thoughts disappeared and it just felt good, even though it made me feel so violated at the same time. He drew back, and pushed back the collar of my shirt, revealing my shoulder to him, and he kissed my shoulder traveling up to my neck. I was too taken aback by the kiss to do or say anything, but when he nibbled me, wanting to mark me, it made me come back to my senses.

“Stop. No marks.” And pushed him away before returning to the bedroom and locking the door. I grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around myself. Even though he kissed me against my will, I just can’t seem to explain the feeling, I do feel violated, but it felt like a good jolt that was also somewhat safe, so very safe. And I’ve never felt anything like it before.

He called out to me, “Ms. Wright,” in a soothing tone, and then knocked on the door.

“Ms. Wright,” knocking on the door.

“Ms. Wright,” he said before knocking again and again.‘What is up with him? He cant even let me be in peace, I’m such an idiot. I knew I can’t handle drinks and yet I drank way to much.’

“Please, Eleanor, open the door... I swear I’m not going to touch you,” he pleaded. I stood up and opened the door so he wouldn’t keep knocking. He looked at me with surprise, then strides past me, grabs his mints, and aggressively munches on them once more.

“I’d like to go home.” My voice was weak but stern.

“Its 2am now.”

“You have a car, drive me home.”

“Ahh.. I’ll take you home, once you wear your clothes.”

" So, where are my clothes?” I asked and he smirked.

"Oh no, you did something with it?”

"It’s...” ‘Did he throw them away?’

"You threw it away? ahh you, I have no words to describe how much you annoy me.”

“I haven’t started the laundry yet. It will take about an hour.”

Oh no! I jumped to the conclusion, nervousness crept in as he approached me; I was about to walk back into the living room when he grabbed me by the blanket, slammed the door shut, and pinned me there. He took his hands off the blanket.

"Tomorrow I need you in the office. Big meeting. Be there by 11am.” his voice was deep and seductive, my heart was racing, his aura wasn’t angelic anymore, it was just intense; I remember him doing that before.

“And ohh, did I say tomorrow?” he said as he walked away from me. “I meant today, as in Saturday. I mistook today for Friday-” And it's back. That playful person is back. He continued to chatter while I stood there stunned by what had just happened.

“Stop it!” I roared, and he smiled; chills ran down my spine, and I decided to leave the room. But he followed me into the living room and continued to talk about other things. When he saw me trying to remain calm, he kept his mouth shut.

He left me and went to another room, and I returned to his bedroom and sat there looking out his glass door, which led to a balcony with two chairs and a lot of plants. He was the polar opposite of me. I walked out, sliding the glass door to the left. The cool breeze and the breathtaking view of the city made me feel at ease.

“Oh Eleanor, you’re here, I made you some coffee.” He passed the cup to me, and taking a sip made me feel even better. He knows how to get on my nerves, but he also knows how to calm me down.

“I changed your clothes but with the lights off, I promise you... I didn’t do anything.” He turned to face me, and I knew he was telling the truth when I looked into his eyes.

" I..”

" It’s okay, don’t ruin it; just sip on that coffee I made you. I’ll drive you home.” he smiled and I just stared. Is he for real?

I drank the coffee and went back in. He dropped me off at my door in about an hour, tucked a lock of hair behind my ear, and reminded me of the 11 a.m. meeting.

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