Are you death or paradise?

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Chapter 5

Saturday, 6th February

I arrived at the office at 10.40 a.m. There were also a few people working today. I greeted them Good morning as I walked to my desk which I then dawned upon me, is in the room connecting Eugene’s Office!!! ‘Play it cool, nothing even happened yesterday.’

As soon as I walked in, his office door opened. ‘Ahhhh, no I can’t face him. Abort now!’

"Eleanor, Good morning!” his face had no expression.

“Uh, Morning.” but I was too embarrassed. Probably turned red by now.

“Uhh about last night-” he trailed off

“Oh, that! It hasn’t been on my mind at all!” “All right?” I got all loud and played it off. His expression became glum. Why is he suddenly upset?

“I should go prepared for the meeting. See you in there, Mr. Langston.” And I walked over to my desk and began working. 'Just do your work and we can just avoid him. Slide away from this and never bring that topic up.'

"Did something happen between you guys?" Axel's voice startled me and I jumped.

"FUck! Don't startle me like that man."

"Sorry, did something happen? Eugene looks so... how can I put it, like upset but not mad."

"Uh- No, nothing happened. I don't know why he's upset."

"Ohh- and did you see the video of you last night?" he said that and started laughing so hard.

"Stop laughing, and.. how did you know about that?"

"Huh? I was sitting beside him." He laughed again.

"Don't tell what I said to others, okay?"

"Sure, I won't. If I did Eugene will kill me. And when did you see that video?" he raised his eyebrows,

"Huh?" Shit.


"Uh- he showed it to me this morning." I lied.

"He took you to his home?!" Axel exclaimed. he sure did sound genuinely surprised. Fuck!

"What? No." I tried to play it off. And shook my hands in the air.

"Shit, he took someone home." he smiled to himself.

"What do you mean by that?"

"He's never taken any girl home. He'd always take them to the hotel. Ah, well I finally got something to tease him with!" He was chuckling.

"Don't tell anyone. Please."

"I won't." He smiled, "Come, lets go. The meeting is gonna start." he stretched out his hand and I took it and he helped me get up from my chair.

The meeting began at 11 a.m., and I was sitting in the corner with my notepad, taking notes. Mr. Mark Price’s men were the only ones who came here, and they were discussing the deal for a new alcohol company.

Eugene was silent at first but when he started to talk, I couldn’t help but check him out. ‘This man forcibly kissed me. That was my first serious and intimate kiss that... NO, no, no! That was a mistake. He was being totally delusional. Just forget about it.’

‘But then why did he have that look on his face? Its like I did something wrong. Just bear with him, 2hrs more and you can leave for the day. Ignore him if it's not work related.’

“No, the deal will be split 50/50. The deal was done with Mr.Mark, nothing more, nothing less.”

“We’ve been told that because the factory is ours and the people who work there are ours, we get to keep 60-40,” one of the three men explained.

In agitation, he yelled, “Okay!" did he just agreed to that? I looked at Eugene and then at Axel. He wasn’t supposed to do that!! I got out of my chair,

“Gentlemen, how about we take a 10-minute break?” I glanced at Eugene and Axel before exiting the meeting room, and they followed me. I quickly walked to to the break room.

"Mr. Langston... You weren’t supposed to do that!! Ahhh, Fuckk! It’s not final right? You should have said, 'I’ll consult with my people and get back to you.'” I also wanted to relieve the frustration on him, because of yesterday, that I wanted to hit him on his chest but I couldn’t so I just crumbled a piece of paper and threw it in the bin.

We were interrupted by two women who were just surprised to find us here.

“Could you please give us two minutes, ladies?” Axel smiled at them and they blushed before walking away.

“Did you have something in mind back there?” I inquired as I handed him a bottle of water.

“Uh, I suppose...” he mumbled. And drank down some water.

“Wait here, you arrogant jerk, Axel can you go get Dorothy?” That remark caught him off guard. I didn’t care if I referred him like that. Axel left us immediately but he didn't return so I was gonna go find them. But Eugene gently pushed me back with his hand on my shoulder, stopping me.

“If you accept for 40-60, our profit margin will decrease over time. You should advocate for a 50-50 split, not more or less.
The profit margin isn’t particularly high, but we can figure it out.
They claim that the factory is in theirs and that the employees will be theirs, but according to the documents I reviewed prior to this meeting, the factory was purchased by your father and Mr. Mark. And your father, er, Mr. Langston, paid 60% of the cost-”

“Eleanor... I know what I have to do now.” he smiled and I knew he was back. ‘What I said in the morning affected him this much? No, no... he’s just a cocky bastard.’

“Thank you for your advice, Ms. Wright,” he said as we began walking towards the meeting room.

"Yeah yeah, my advice doesn’t come cheap tho.” I folded my hands in contentment, thinking I had said something to keep his mouth shut.

“Is the fee 100 dollars as usual?” he asked casually as we walked in the meeting room.

“Do you want to get into a fight?” I gritted my teeth and looked at his contented expression. 'Aghh. I hate him.'

“Ah, the lovely lady has returned; may I ask your name, Ms.?” One of Mr. Mark's guys inquired. I had these disgusting feelings, and I’m sure it showed on my face. Eugene was about to say something, but I interrupted him.

"Your business is with Mr. Langston, not me.” and I walked away from them and towards my seat.

“She’s a hothead.” the guy commented, as I walked away.

“She’s not entirely wrong either.” He responded calmly, but I know he gave him his death glare.

After Axel arrived the meeting started again and Eugene controlled the meeting and managed to increase our profit from 50/50 to 55/45 in 10 minutes. They also had to agree to all his terms. He was terrifying and domineering the entire time. As soon as they left, he sighed; heavily.

“What a day! And I’m exhausted.” as we entered his office, he sighed once more.

“You played well in the second half.” Axel offered him a small smile. And I nodded looking at him.

“Ahh yes,-” he said as he took a seat on the chair and motioned for me to take a seat next to him, stretching his hands above his head,

"I'm heading out now. I'll see you guys. Eugene don't call me for stupid reasons okay?" and he left us.

"Thank you." Eugene said looking at me.

"Eh, yeah, sure thing.” I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. “What you did back there was admirable, and you listened to me. This is, I believe, the first time a superior male colleague has ever listened to me.” I laughed and looked at him. Suddenly, the kiss from last night flashed before my eyes. 'No, no, no.'

When I came back to my senses, I was bit surprised as Eugene was staring dead into my eye, like he knew what I was thinking about. He had that look from last night. 'Oh no, that look...'

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