Are you death or paradise?

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Chapter 6

Saturday, 6th February

“Then..” he grabbed my wrist and stood up, and I did as well. ‘Oh no, no.’

“Mr. Langston?” but he didn’t respond. He grabbed his phone and some other stuff while still holding my wrist.

“Would you let go off me?” I asked as he walked out of the office and grabbed my handbag and coat.

“No way.”

“Where do you mean to take me?”

“Just right here.” we left the his office, as he swiftly walked us to the lobby. There were only few people in the office so they noticed us.

“Hey, cut it out! Give me a break!” I demanded as we were waiting for the elevator. “Ohh I have a bad feeling about this!”

As we entered the elevator, he said monotonously, “I won’t do anything bad to you.”

“You expect me to believe that?” and he didn’t respond. We were on the ground floor in a matter of seconds. 'This doesn’t happen when I want to get home early.'

"Let go of me!” I wasn’t loud enough for everyone to hear me, but I was loud enough for him to hear me. Suddenly, I noticed Axel near the reception area. 'My life saver!'

“Axel, Axel!” I called out to him and he turned to face us.

“Is everything alright?” he asked.


“Axel, she said she doesn’t like sushi, so I’m going to take her to that sushi place.” He informed her.

“Can’t help you there. He wont stop until you find sushi of your liking.” he laughed. 'Oh.. I bet I turned pale.'

“I’m Sorry Eleanor, I should have warned you about that.” he said and chuckled. 'Well this time it ain’t sushi... AHHH.'

There was a car waiting at the front, he opened the door for me and practically shoved me inside. And then walked over to the driver’s seat and rode off quickly.

“Slow down!“ I yelled.

“The sushi place will close down.”

“You sneaky bastard. I know we aren’t going to eat sushi.”

“Well I’m definitely gonna eat something today.”

"No, no, I have to go to my friend's cafe. I haven't been there for a while now. I've finally gotten time off today." I said that and he slowed down.

"I'll take you there."

"What are you kidding? You don't believe me right?"

"I believe you. And.. I'd also like to meet your friends."

"Why? I thought you were busy."

"Well, you did keep my Saturday evenings free, if I'm not wrong Ms. Wright."

"Ah Fuck! Okay."

"You agreed?" he sounded surprised.

"Yeah... um well... I'm glad that you are going somewhere that isn't in your usual schedule." I smiled at him. We were at Nat's Cafe in 30 minutes. Eugene opened the door for me. There were a lot of people here today.

"Eleanor!!" Nat exclaimed. "You finally came back to the cafe, my old assistant!" she hugged me and patted my back.

"Yes! How are you? And you've got a lot of customers today."

"Not good. Lot of customers lately, Valentine Day is coming close, so you know how it goes. Who's that handsome man with you?" She pointed at him.

"My boss, Mr. Langston. He was just-"

"Ooo, hello boss. I'm her former boss, Natasha. You can call me Nat." and she extended her hand.

"Current boss to your former assistant, I'm Eugene." and he shook her hand.

"On the scale of 1-10 how clumsy is Eleanor?" she looked so stern.

"7.8" he responded quickly.

"Accurate." Nat agreed and they let go of their handshake. "I like him, Nell."

"Stop embarrassing me in front of him, Nat." I nudged her. And they both chuckled.

"Any thing you need? Its on me." She looked at us.

"Uh, I'll take a caramel macchiato. And you?" I turned towards Eugene.

"Americano." 'So predictable. Well I did kinda knew he likes basic things.'

"Great. You got your order Nell! Apron's in the back, I'll go grab it." Nat said that and was backing away slowly still looking at us.


"Help me out here! Those college kids will bail on me when their shift ends. I need more hands on deck!"

"Okay. I'll help you." I agreed because I know how hard it is to keep up with the crowd.

"Nell. I owe you one. Thanks! I'll be right back." she said she went to grab my apron.

I turned to look at Eugene. "I'm sorry. I didn't know that.."

"It's alright. I'd also like to help you guys." he placed his hand on my shoulder.

"WHat?! No. No. We can handle it. You can have your drink and go back home." I placed my hands on his shoulder.

"Nat, count me in as well. I can wait the tables." Eugene pointed out.

"Eugene, no!" I looked over to Nat, " Nat, Hell no! I can't let my boss wait tables." I pleaded them.

"Eleanor, it's okay. I've worked in a cafe before and I'm doing this as a friend. And I'll call up Axel too!" and he laughed. 'Oh Axel is gonna hate Eugene calling him up at 4pm.'

Nat made mine as well as Eugene's drink while I grabbed some sandwiches for us to eat, because we both skipped lunch. After that having coffee and sandwiches, I led Eugene to the staff only room to get ready. Nat also got a pair of shoes, because I was wearing heels. I freed the hair bun and tied it into a ponytail, while Eugene took off his suit coat and tie. He folded his sleeves up and freed a button showing off his chest a bit. He held my hand as I removed my heels and helped me wear my shoe. He was now tying the shoelace for me because I couldn't bend down wearing a pencil skirt. While he was tying I couldn't help but think of the first day of work.

"Whore huh? Why did you ask me if I'm a whore on the first day?"

"Because you were looking so good in that dress that I couldn't help but want to just fuck you right there . " he said that looking up at me while he did my shoelace.

"Is this one of your jokes?" I asked as he got up and looked me in the eye,

"No, I'm serious." He said that and pinned me to the wall. "Do you regret kissing me yesterday?"

"So, that's what was running on your mind during the meeting?" I asked immediately.

"Answer me, Eleanor."

"Uh.. No. Do you?" I blushed and looked away. He lifted my chin, to make me look at him.

"Fuck no. And yes that was running on my mind during the meeting."

"Did my words affect you this much?" I placed my hand on his shoulder. I was a bit shocked.

"You have no idea." He was serious. Fuck! I pulled him by his collar and kissed him. Deeply. I pulled away after a while. And we both smiled.

We quickly wore the apron given to us by Nat. I was at the cash counter taking orders and Nat and the college guys were preparing the orders. Eugene waited the tables because it would be too crowded near the collecting area. Seeing Eugene, with his black wavy hair falling on his forehead, his muscular body and those hands, why is hands so fucking beautiful? Damn... he looks so hot right now.

"Eleanor!" Lana's voice broke my train of thoughts about him.

"Lana!" I hugged her. She came with her fiance, Victor.

"Long time no see, Nell."

"You too, Vic." and I pulled him for a friendly hug. I was chatting with them when Axel came in. I introduced Axel and Eugene to my friends, and we helped Nat after the college kids took off at 6pm. We still had a long day ahead. Vic was on the cash counter taking orders, I, Lana and Nat were at the coffee station while Eugene and Axel waited the tables.

"Great work, guys. You all get to eat free cakes and sandwiches now." Nat clapped her hand as we closed the cafe at 9pm. We all sat on the chairs and sighed. We decided to go out for dinner after cleaning and prepping for tomorrow. There was diner just around the corner, where I, Lana and Nat used to hangout most of time, after working in the cafe. Nat's parents owned that cafe and now it's hers. Her parents still come around here but they don't work like before.

We drank and laughed about what happened back in the cafe, shared some old stories and enjoyed ourselves. Eugene looked so happy too! He laughed a lot when he heard stories about me. And also gleamed when he told us embarrassing stories about Axel. I feel like he's never had this before.

Axel on the other hand was flirting with Nat the whole night. I've never seen him or Nat so delicate and kind with someone else. Lana and Victor left first while we four were still drinking and eating. But at around 1a.m. we decided to call it a night. Axel insisted on taking Nat home and Eugene said he'd take me home. I hugged Nat and promised her that I'll be at her cafe at around 11 to help her out.

"See you guys tomorrow!" I chirped as we walked away.
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