Are you death or paradise?

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chapter 7

Saturday, 6th February

“Ohh.. I’m tired.” Eugene yawned.

“I told you that you didn’t have to help.” I pointed out.

“Oh Eleanor, I enjoyed helping you guys today, ” he placed his arm around me as we walked towards his car. “You have some nice friends. And did you notice Axel?”

“Yes, he was acting like a puppy around Nat. And even Nat was blushing around him.” and we chuckled.

“Well you looked very happy today.” I said looking at him.

“I am very happy today.” he smiled and looked at me. “You make me happy, Ms. Wright.”

Say something, ajfjdjhfd, I can’t seem to come up with words!!

“And I’m gonna continue where we stopped.” he remarked opening the car door for me.

“Continue what?”

“That kiss from earlier. And I’m gonna have to do more than kissing tonight.” He opened the car door and closed it as well and walked over to his side and got in. The ride was fast, very fast, and we arrived at his Penthouse in 20 minutes. What is he gonna do? We entered his house, and he quickly removed his shoes, coat, and watch.. And I decided to run and hide, the bathroom.... I tried turning the handle to open it, but it was locked. Oh shitt.

“Its locked. Eleanor.” he breathed right next to my ear. Oh fuck! He picked me up by my waist,

“Put me down! I said put me down.” and he did when we entered his bedroom. And in seconds I was pinned down on the bed.

“Weren’t you feeling tired 20 minutes ago?” I questioned him as I balanced myself on my elbows.

“Yes, half of me was.” and he quickly undid the buttons on my shirt. “But the other half, was warming up for you. I had to hold back from throwing myself on you!” and he pushed me down.

The look is his eye was full of lust and yet so tender. “I want you.” his voice was so soft, that I was taken aback. He looked just as handsome as the day I first laid eyes on him.

“I want you, Nell.” this time he was demanding. I can’t look away. He’s drawing me closer to him. 'Damn you!' This tension I feel towards him is out of this world.

He leaned in, waited a second, or maybe he was waiting for my defiance, but I couldn’t help but give in. He kissed me softly, we both closed our eyes, and he deepened the kiss with each second. I drew back for a second to catch my breath, but he crashed his lips on mine, and I felt his brow furrow as he kissed me passionately. He released me from the kiss, and I just couldn’t open my eyes, the feeling of his lips on me was the only thing running in my mind.

“I thought this would be too soon because you were reluctant yesterday, and I respect that-” He whispered into my ear and seductively kissed me there, sending chills all over my body. “-but I cant seem to hold back when it comes to you, Nell.” followed by a small peck on the lips.

“You saw me on that video right? I was badmouthing everything about you, and you should be mad at me.” I remembered him saying that my words did affect him, making my eyes water. He placed his hand on my face and gently caressed me.

“Really?” he asked, and I averted my gaze. “When I think I’ve gotten so close to someone I really admired for a long time, for them to say that to me...” he wiped away the tear that had fallen from my eye and I wrapped my fingers around his fingers as he continued, “I am more than thrilled.” “I wish I could have gotten more out of that video.”

He got up and so did I. ” What do you mean? I don’t understand.”

“It just means that as much as I admire you, Eleanor, I really like you.” and my heart clenched. 'WHAT? he looks so calm, he’s telling the truth? why me?'

“Wait a minute. Don’t look at me that way.” “It’s as if you’re confessing that you love me,” I cover my face with my hand.

He got up from the bed and knelled in front of me. He took my hands in his hands. “Please, Nell. I fell in love with you the day I left for Chicago.” and I let out a small gasp. 'No, fucking way.'

“I want you, Nell. I really do.” he looked at my hands and then at me.

Since College huh? Damn him! No, no, no, wait! don’t let him spellbind you with his angelic powers. Think about it! He is the most handsome business man and every girl is in love with him. And I’m his assistant, it will be like we are feeding the media with scandalous news! No, we cant do this.

“What if someone finds out?” I asked him.

“I’ll make sure that no one will find out about us. So?”

“I don’t know... but I’ve always felt an instant connection with you.” and safe, he always kept me safe even in Chicago, as I looked deeper into his eyes I... I remember him. His... face, and...

“Please,” he said softly, kissing my hands. “Would you please say yes, Eleanor?” He knelt down again to kiss my hand.

“Uh, but, I can’t. This is bad news.”

“I don’t care about the fake articles about me, I have gotten so close and yet when I reach out to you, I feel we are so far apart.” and he pulled me closer to him and kissed me. Deeply. Again. And again. And again. Every kiss felt as if he were kissing me for the last time.

He wasted no time in removing my shirt, unhooking my bra, and removing my skirt, as well as his own pants. He literally pounced on me, kissing my neck and slowly lowering himself.

“Stop.” and he stopped.

“No sex.” I said as I averted my gaze. I made it perfectly clear. He simply smiled, wrapped his arms around me, and kissed me once more. 'Oh my god!'

He kissed me on the neck going down slowly, licked my nipples making them go even more hard, but he continued going down, seductively removing my panty and he licked me down there.

“Ahhh!” I moaned, as his hands cupped my breast and he continued to eat me out. He licked in one spot, causing me to moan louder and louder until I climaxed.

He came up to me and kissed my lips, “Guess I found a good spot.”

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