Are you death or paradise?

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Chapter 8

Sunday, 7th February

“Arghhh,” I groaned, it was 9a.m. and I don’t want to get out of bed. But I promised to help Nat.

"Morning Eleanor!” He chirped while patting my back. "Did you sleep well?"

"I want to go back to sleep." I covered my face with the blanket.

"You have to get ready. I have to go to the office today, so I'll drop you off at the cafe." "Come on don't slack off." he said while trying to pull the blanket off my face.

"But I'm tired from working in the cafe yesterday..."

"Well... you should have said so last night."

"Huhhh?!" I remove the blanket from my face, "Who was the guy that said, ‘one more time’ ?” I groaned out loud.

“Sorry, I couldn’t stop.” He explained immediately. Such innocence.

"Ahhh... you nefarious demon with that fucking angelic face.” I complained under my breath. The face he makes just makes me want to shove him away, but he manages to pull me towards him.

“It’s because I.. uh.. am younger than you.” Did he just..?

"What? We both are almost of the same age. In fact, I believe you are one year older than me. Is this a way for you to call me weak?”

“No. Not at all.” he smirked.

“Sheesh, I’m sleeping with my boss, who runs a company that prohibits office relationships. Who, is also the person that made sure, I was familiar with the office policies.” I groaned even louder because I was exhausted. “How brilliantly meaningless.”

“Everything will be fine. I’ll just have to keep my distance from you at work.” He was serious. But I don't believe him.

"Ah do whatever you can. I don’t want you doing stuff to me in the office.” And I turned my back to him.

"I'll do my best.” Why is this making me feel so unsure but warm? And how can someone as goofy as him turn so intense?

He kissed the back of my shoulder and left. He made some breakfast for the both of us, some toast and eggs with orange juice. Well.. he sure can make good breakfast. We were talking about work and tomorrows schedule.

"And also uhh... I don't have spare clothes for today. So, can you leave me at my apartment." I informed as I played with my food.

"Why don't you wear something of mine?" He responded and I just gawked.

"No, no, you're clothes will be too big for me."

"You can wear one of my sweatshirts and then pair it with your skirt." Pointing at my last toast. "Are you full, can I have it?"

"You can have half of it." As soon as I said that he took a big bite and handed the rest to me. He showed me to his walk in closet and handed me a lilac sweatshirt to pair it with the black skirt. I thanked him. I showered while he got ready. He waited for me while I got dressed and then we drove to the cafe.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Mr.Langston." I smiled and was about to open the door, but he pulled my hand stopping me.

"Well, then if I'm going to see you tomorrow, can I get a kiss on the lips?" he said that so smoothly. Fuck!

"Well, I can't say ye-" but before I could complete my sentence, he pulled me close and kissed me briefly. He then leaned towards me and opened the door for me. I got off the car and turned to look into the car.

"See you, Eleanor." he said, and drove off. I walked into the cafe.

"Nellie!!" Nat exclaimed. "Thank you for coming today!" and she pulled me for an unexpected hug.Why is she in a good mood? Or maybe she wants something, she'd always call me Nellie when she needs something from me.

"Nat, what do you want?"

"His phone number." she pulled away and placed her hands on my shoulder. "Please." and she pushed me back and forth.

"Whose?" I smiled.

"Axel." she blushed, she let go off me and handed me a piece of cake on the plate. Oh I see she was ready with that. Well I'm gonna tease her now.

"I don't have his number. We rarely have any conversations and also if we want talk about something we'd exchange emails." I said plainly and grabbed the plate. "And thanks for the free cake."

"What?! I was hoping to talk to him. Can you ask your boss?"

"Uh he's probably in a meeting right now so, he won't check his phone." I lied. Her expression dropped immediately. I'm definitely gonna tease her today.

"I'll ask him." I folded my hands together.

"Really??" she was surprised but she wagged her tail like a puppy.

"Yes. Anything for you boss."

"What's the catch? " she folded her hands as well.

"You owe me one... no, scratch that, I want the recipe for your famous Oreo cheesecake."

"No, no I can't give you that recipe." she shook her head in denial.

"Oh okay, too bad that I was gonna ask Eugene to bring Axel today as well." I smirked.

"Ughh... Fine."

I obviously had Axel's number but I've never seen Nat asking me a guys number, and I love teasing her, because that's when I can boss her around. But I messaged Axel to stop by before heading home. Today too, the cafe had a lot of customers. It was super busy, Lana and Vic came by at around 5pm to help out and the college students bailed. They had their exams tomorrow so we let them slide. At around 6pm Axel and Eugene dropped by.

"Nellie, thank you." she whispered to me while her eyes were glued on Axel. Woahh... she really likes him huh?

"Ms. Wright." Eugene said looking at me.

"Mr. Langston." I responded.

"Need help? You look tired."

"No." I replied immideately.

"Yes! I need help, If you guys are okay with it?" Nat cut us in.

"Of course we'd like to help." Axel chirped.

And that's how they both ended up helping us like yesterday. And to be honest I watching him here helping me and my friends warms up my heart. We closed the cafe at 8 today. So, we headed to a bar for some drinks. It was same as yesterday, we had drinks, talked, laughed and had dinner. I had a deja vu feeling as I sipped my drink. This feels good. Too good.

"Eleanor?" Eugene placed his hand on mine. "You okay?"

What the fuck? How did he notice that. This is.. no one has ever checked up on me like this. I don't understand how can he see right through me. This is so scary, I don't like this. This is too good to be true. All of this.

"Ye-Yess." I smiled at him and removed my hand from under his. It was a sudden reflex. He looked a bit surprised.

Eugene turned towards the others, "We'll be taking our leave. I have a meeting tomorrow." Everyone whined but they also understood so, we said our goodbyes and left.

The walk towards the car was silent. He didn't place his hand around me today. The cool night breeze made me shiver. He looked over to me, removed his scarf from around his neck. He stopped me by standing in front of me and wrapped his scarf around me. This feels cozy.

"Thanks." I muttered. We got into the car and drove off, I assumed that we were going to his place. But then he parked the car near a park.

"Let's walk for a bit." He suggested and I nodded. So, we walked around for a bit. He still didn't touch me. He didn't even initiate a conversation. Actually, I need to initiate the conversation.

"Thank you for helping out today as well." I looked at him.

"No worries. I get to spend more time with you." He smiled and I returned the smile,

"Can we sit for a bit?" I asked and so we sat down on a bench. I rubbed my hands together as they were getting cold.

"It sure is cold tonight." I commented. And he nodded.

"I... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable back there." I looked down but he looked surprised and looked at me as I continued,

"I just feel out of the zone sometimes, that's it. And you were the first one to ask me if I was doing okay. And it made me feel... I dunno... I guess, I could say I was surprised. And when I shoved your hand away, I didn't mean to say that I don't like you touching me." and I looked at him,

He quickly pulled me in for a hug. And tears rolled down, I didn't mean to cry. But when he hugged me I knew that he understood me. I can't describe the the feeling in my heart right now. The cold feeling was washed away as soon as he hugged.

"You don't need to apologize for that, Eleanor. Never apologize for the feelings you feel, because they are valid. And remember I'm always here for you. You can count on me. I'd never make you feel alone. I promise."

"Why? I can't help but ask why? No one has gone till this lengths for me. And we aren't even dating each other. So why?"

"Didn't I tell you yesterday, I really really like you Nell. It's you and me from now on." He smiled, and more tears flowed down.

"I promise to be there for you too. I promise." and I cried and buried my head into his chest.

"Aww, I didn't know my headstrong assistant was such a crybaby." he joked and I laughed.

He left me at my home tonight. I thought to invite him but before that he informed me that he'd be going home. He kissed me on my forehead and looked into my eye.

"Remember this night, Eleanor. Always remember this night, because I will never forget it." and he kissed my cheek. I blushed. But then I gathered courage and pulled him by his collar,

"I'll never forget today." And kissed his cheek and then hugged him. He blushed too. OH MY GOD! He blushed!!! He blushed!!! I've never seen him blush like that! SO cuteee.

I smiled to myself as I walked into my home clenching my fist on my chest. I like him.
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