Are you death or paradise?

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chapter 9

Monday, 8th February

‘Today it’s gonna be so different. I can’t get over the time we spent together. I hate him... for confessing that he loves me. No, no, he said he really really likes me. Ugh! Feelings are so difficult.’ But I found myself smiling as I start thinking about him. ‘I can’t deny that I like him a bit too.’ I rolled over and buried my face in my pillow.

Monday mornings are always super busy. I had a lot of work, sending emails, organizing events and meetings etc. Eugene had a lot of meetings today too. So we didn’t get a chance to talk to each other. He won’t be chattering and I’ll be in peace.

’Remember today, avoid him in the office. Just talk about work and head out. People will get suspicious if he becomes way too comfortable around me. NO CONTACT, we can talk after Office hours. Yes. I can do this!′ I reassured myself.

“Eleanor!!” Eugene smiled as he entered the break room. “Why don’t we take a break together?” he stood close to me.

“Aren’t you standing too close to me Mr. Langston?” I asked as I placed my hand on his chest and pushed him away lightly.

“Well, I want to get closer to you.” He smirked and then placed both his hands on both of my shoulders. He will be the death of me.

“And I want you to back off, Mr. Langston.” I shoved his face back with my hand. He still had is hand on my shoulders and wiggled me back and forth. He’s like a tall goofy kid now.

Those two same ladies from Saturday walked in and started laughing at us as he was shaking me back and forth. I lightly pushed him away so that he leaves.

He smiled at the two ladies and then left us. And they both started laughing and blushing.

“Oh, you’re so lucky to be able to spend all of your time with him.” She approached and extended her hand for a handshake, saying, “I’m Hannah, and she’s Iris.” Hannah pointed at Iris.

“Eleanor, nice to meet you guys. Oh and I’m not lucky at all. He drives me nuts.” I explained.

“Well, he is always like that with his assistants, but you’re the only one who can facepalm him and he doesn’t say a word.” Iris replied.

“Dorothy said you’re the only person other than her who can get mad at him and get away.” Hannah remarked letting out a small chuckle.

“I don’t get angry at him; I just talk sense into him.” I returned her smile.

“Just know that he acts like the goofy guy only around Axel and Dorothy, and now... you, he’s just a serious charming boss to the rest of us.” Hannah informed.

“Trust me there’s nothing charming about him.” I added in and the three of us laughed. They don’t seem jealous of me. Maybe they just like him as a person? Except for Sarah, the receptionist, all the other girls I spoke with in the office avoided me or treated me rudely. The other day when I went to make some extra copies of the documents, I overheard some gossip about how serious, bland and unattractive I am, and yet Eugene and Axel are always around me. Ladies, just think, I work as a personal assistant, so that’s how I get to be around them! I sighed thinking about that.

“Ah well, for us only our husbands are handsome.” Iris chirped in, like she read my mind.

Then we talked for 15 minutes about their wedding. Hannah married two years ago, and Iris married just a few months ago, and they both told me how they met their husbands. Hearing their stories made me smile and feel warm inside.

“Okayy... I have a lot of work to do, I’ll see you guys around!” I smiled and went back to my desk. Finally I made some friends! Yess!

’‘If I finish my work for the day, I can leave early and completely avoid him.’ For me, the earliest I leave for home is 7. That’s exactly what I did. I waited for the elevator in the lobby and,

“Good day, Eleanor.” I turned back and looked at him. He then smirked. ‘Ahh there’s that look. No, no.’

We entered the elevator, he placed his hand on my shoulder and squeezed a little bit. I got goosebumps. I know what’s going to happen. And I can’t avoid it.

He leaned into my ear and seductively said, “Let’s go home.” This was why I was avoiding him, we can meet secretly somewhere else!

And I became so nervous; why does he become scary when we are alone sometimes. As we walked towards his car, he grabbed my hand and pulled me along with him.

“We discussed this, don’t fool around in the Office. So, Could you at least let my hand go?” I tried to fight back. What is he gonna do?

“No.” Someone please help, Ahh I see Axel!

“Axel, Axel, save me.. please!! He’s taking.. ” Axel was about to get in his car.

“Another sushi place today I guess.” And he laughed at me as I was pleading him, while Eugene was dragging me to his car in the car parking area. FUCKKK!


He’s been driving me to his apartment for a week now. Every fucking day, he grabs my hand and drags me to his home. He drives us to my house in the morning and waits for me at a nearby cafe while I get ready. Because we decided not to go out in public together, especially during daytime.

When we’re at his place, he cooks for me and serves me all these delicious dishes; I even have my own toothbrush in his bathroom now. I also had to leave my personal laptop at his house in order to work there.

He makes me wear his loose shirts, tee and sweatshirts, but get this... no pants. One day, I got some shorts from back home for me to wear here, only for him to get super excited about be bringing my stuff from home. But anyways... he makes me feel at home and at ease, and to be honest, it’s quite peaceful here with him.

And right now, I’m watching Netflix while he is taking a shower.

"Nellie... are you done with today’s work?” He asked as he was drying his hair with a towel.

“Yes. I’m done for the day.” I replied casually.

“All right, now it’s my turn to eat.” And he jumped on me, kissing and licking me, then giving me these orgasms that feel so good. I swear it happens every fucking morning and every fucking night. And I can’t defy him because, I want him just as much as he wants me.

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