Prison Of Temptation [LGBTQ]

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What would you do if you're suddenly being arrested and accused of some crime so brutal, as they say, they aren't even allowed to say nor utter it? And what would you do if they throw you into a Prison where you're soon to be fellow convicts are all dangerously handsome and beautiful, like they came out of a magazine? Will you hate it, or love it?

Romance / Erotica
Ken Raliuga
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The Arrival

Vyvian Adair

All I see right now is pitch black, black as these people surrounding me in this smelly, dirty police vehicle. The only thing I’m counting on is the side part of my head. My ears.

Yet the only thing my sense of hearing could pick up is the engine of the car and the sound of the wheels rolling on a rocky road, heading into the abyss.

What did I do to deserve this cruelness? Does the world hate me? Does God hate me? Why? Because I’m a product of a broken condom? A mistake and God didn’t plan this to happen?

I never chose to be a broken condom living being. I never chose to be a child of mistake. But I guess, I’m just not worth the luck.

Well, I have one though, but only one. What? Well, that’s because my awesome and perfect parents, note the sarcasm, still made me attend education. At least that’s the thing they could only give me, is to get me to graduate and also a shelter and food.

“Did you inform Lady X about the new detainee?” I heard a guy beside me spoke. Wow, a secret unidentified name. How serious does this ‘crime thing’ I did to hide a person’s identity?

“Yes. She is expecting the new detainee’s arrival in noon sharp, today.” Another voice, I guess on the front replied to the question.

After that, all went back to normal again. I suck in air from my mouth, trying to calm my nerves and joints down. You may not see it physically but I am nervous right now.

Who would not? You have been held captive so suddenly by bulky, giant unknown men and had been accused of a vicious crime that I did not remember I did. And then the day after the accusation occurred, you are immediately delivered to a place in isolation from the world. A place where I know I would be staying for a while or yet, forever.

I once more got cut off from my thoughts when I heard a new sound my hearing caught. A rolling of the window.

“Good day sir. May I ask for your identification number?” I heard a female voice from what it seems like a speaker.

"640297.” I heard one of the guys who spoke earlier state. 640297. I recited the numbers all over again in my head just in case I needed it in the future.

“Identification number verified. You may enter.” And with that said, just before the window rolled back up shut, I heard a machine sound turning on and a metal noise mimicking it.

After I was isolated from the outside noise again, hands went on my back and the blindfolds are removed from my eyes, giving me my vision back.

I squinted my eyes for a bit, adjusting from the bright light coming from the sun entering through the windows.

Once my eyes adjusted and can scan the surroundings, I was met with a large concrete-like mansion with people wearing all orange-colored clothing with a ‘Detainee’ print on the back.

“Psst! Boy.” I heard someone called which made me turn to the location of it. As look towards it, I saw a large guy in a black uniform suit with a gold tag hanging on the left side of his chest.

I scanned him down to up. His thighs are surprisingly thick and muscular, his waist is small which only indicates that he’s fit, with large muscles on the biceps and a strong chest. His fingers have different rings on them. Rings that look like it’s made of titanium.

My vision continues its journey until it landed on the features of the body’s owner. Wrinkled forehead, shaved but the hairs are gray almost white, jawline sharp, chiseled, slightly crooked nose, and those deep forest green eyes. He looks old but can still lure a woman to him as he wishes. I may be attracted mostly to men but I can tell that I’m not attracted to this one.

“You’re done?” I jump slightly as he speaks, chapped but pinky lips moving while those words flew out. “Yo dude, I think this one’s a mute.” He said to the guy behind me.

I was about to look at the other guy if this old guy didn’t grab my jaw tightly, so tight you would be scared if he would break a bone or not.

“Listen here, boy. We don’t want brats in this facility especially when they don’t follow orders properly. We want you to be on your best behavior if we want to be gentle with you as a newbie. And if we find you disobeying or breaking any rules, you would be punished, severely.” He stated to me closely and demandingly, rain of saliva landing on my face with every few words he uttered.

All I can do is nod understandingly, since my ability to speak cowers away from the intimidation of this man and my mouth did the same, locking itself close and disabled the jaw completely.

“Good.” He nods satisfied with my feedback. He thrust his hands on the side and unbuckles the seatbelt that was hugging him securely and also did the same with mine. “Brad?” He called the Brad guy and I think I know who would that be, The driver guy.

“Granted.” The Brad guy replied and the man beside me quickly acts up, opening the door open, and not even a second had passed, extreme noise gushes inside the car’s walls.

Once the man stepped out of the car, he turns to me and pulls me out rather harshly.

The other men also stepped out of the car leaving the driver inside since we are only four overall, me and 3 police officers.

The two went behind us after the car rushes away, hands on their guns, preparing for the worse, then we began walking to the humongous building.

I once again scan the people. There are all scary not going to lie, and they all look like he could kill you in the most painful way possible. Most of them owned tattoos on their arms, bound to be with them till death do us apart.

With their years in isolation, I think, they are all fit. With those muscles, abs, and bulky figures and most of them are surprisingly tall, this is a death wish if you could say.

I run my eyes more on the men in orange, some with those who are not wearing upper clothing have incredible scars on their bodies, all kinds of sizes are present. Some even have burns under it. That’s not the scariest part of all, the scariest and traumatic images my eyes caught is the fact that some of them are freshly made since it’s obvious from the redness and dried blood. Where did they get those?

“Hey, move it, kid! We don’t have all day.” I got pushed forward making me stumble slightly and I’m lucky I didn’t fall because I can’t use my hands if I did since it’s handcuffed behind me. “Why the fuck are you such a slowpoke!?”

“Woah, there officer! Chill.”

I look up from the ground and I saw a tall shirtless guy with tattoos on the chest.

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