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I felt his two big warm hands slide over my body as he leaned on my ear to whisper in a husky voice "Now you're mine. I'm never letting you go." Who would have thought that I would be with this... Shifter? Who would have thought that he was the one I was craving for the most? Mia is a 25 year old French girl working her dream job in one of the most prominent event company in the US. Her life was pretty basic. Work with her boss and friend Adam, work-out with her friend Haven and parties with her off-and-on boyfriend Jackson. One night, everything changed as she learned that the monsters under the bed were real. How will Mia manage the discovery of the other world?

Romance / Fantasy
M. Syrah
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I was running on the treadmill trying to think about nothing but my breath and my muscles. That was my way to start the day. Work out first and work second. The music was beating in my ears and I was trying to run in rhythm.

Today, I would be working with my boss and friend Adam. Just thinking about the tall man was enough to send my hormones all over the place.

I know. Dangerous to think about your boss as a sexy man but Adam was truly beautiful. I got to give the man credit.

He was the tallest man I knew at 1m95 with a toned and tanned body like a Hollywood star. You must wonder how I know this, well, let's say that accidents with beverages happen at some of the events we cover and we were friends enough to work out together sometimes. That meant I saw his mouth-watering abs before. So yummy that it was hard to forget.

His body was not his best asset though. He had tousled short inky black hair and piercing light green eyes. His eyes were definitely his best asset. He could melt you right with one gaze. Just thinking of it made me sigh.

I often daydreamed about him because how could I not? It was like admitting you never daydreamed about Chris Hemsworth. Come on. We all know you did at least once.

As I was thinking about my gorgeous boss, I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I pulled out my earphones and looked at the tall man next to me. I smiled at the mountain of muscles as I recognised him.

"Hi Haven." I said as I stopped the treadmill. "How are you?"

Haven was my work out buddy. We met at the gym four years ago and we have been training together ever since. He was the second tallest man I knew at 1m93 but he was definitely the bulkiest I knew. Haven looked like all security man that used to be military (Special Forces) should look like. A mountain of muscles and he trained hard to stay in shape. He had fine wheat blond hair cut very short and sky blue eyes. He was a fine man and his girlfriend was lucky to have him.

"Fine and you Frenchy?" He asked with his deep smooth voice.

He always called me that because I was French. I came to the US five years ago to work for Adam and I liked it so far. I still had troubles with vernacular English but I was getting better at it everyday. At least I hoped.

"Fine." I smiled at him. "How's Delilah?"

My friend shifted his gaze and seemed uncomfortable with the topic. Delilah was his girlfriend and they had been together for two years now. What was going on? It was a first that the topic made him uncomfortable.

"We broke up." He said shrugging.

"What happened?" I asked stunned. I saw them three days ago and they seemed fine. Haven was a detached and cool kind of man but I knew he cared about her. I guess when you worked for the military you were not always an open book about your feelings. I had no trouble with that though and it seemed Delilah did not mind either.

"She wanted to get married and... She was not my one." He said as if that explained everything.

I stifled a laugh by biting my bottom lip. The one really? Haven eyed me incredulously and finally cracked a smile.

"You don't believe in true love Mia." He said as a statement. I shook my head before offering a small smile.

"No. I believe that we may find someone we're enough comfortable with and that fills something in us but not true love. That's for movies and romance novels."

"Such a sarcastic girl. I thought the Frenchs were romantic." He smirked.

"We're more cynical believe me." I laughed.

"I suppose that means you and Jackson broke up again?"

I thought about my ex for a second. Yeah. Jackson was a tall man but I was too used to giants really. He was 1m90, lean and toned like a swimmer. He had chestnut hair that were always messy and hazel gold eyes.

Jackson owned a bar that was pretty successful. That was actually how we met because Haven and Adam were regulars. Adam took me there and introduced me to Jackson when I arrived in the States. We have been on-and-off ever since.

"Yeah we did. He told me three days ago that he needed to leave for the week-end and when I asked where he was going, he just got up and left. I'm tired of his attitude really." I said furious. I was still mad that he would overreact like that. I mean that was just a simple question. I was not his mom so I had no interest in what he would do but I felt entitled as a girlfriend to at least know where he was going. Right?

Haven seemed to consider and for a second I could see that he was going to take Jackson's side. What the heck? Clearly I was in the right here. I did not ask him where he was going so I could monitor him. I was just interested in his life as should be a girlfriend.

"You do what you got to do." He said finally.

"What does that mean?" I asked my eyes narrowed.

"Jackson loves you and we all like our privacy sometimes."

"I just wanted to know because I care." I said dryly. Men really. Always defending each other even when they were wrong.

"What did Adam say?" He asked.

I arched a brow at my friend. Why would Adam say anything? Why did he want to know? I did not belong to my boss. Of course, I talked to him about it because we were friends but... It seemed to me that Haven was suggesting that Adam had a say in all this.

"He said basically the same thing but he also added that I should try someone else."

"Maybe he's right. Jackson might not be your one." He winked at me and I could not help a smile as I rolled my eyes. Really. Big men like him talking about 'the one' was cute in a way.

"Want to hit the bar tonight?" I asked changing the topic.

He chuckled and that was really deep coming from such a big man. His entire body moved with the laugh. Impressive.

"It might be a bit too early to hit on me Frenchy."

"Stop teasing me. Adam will be there too you know. I thought we could use a drink."

"Sure. Let's meet when you two are done with work."

"Yeah that'd be great."

"Wanna do some crunches?"


After our session, I felt refreshed. Some sweating was always a nice way to start the day. I walked to the coffee shop and took my latte to go with a double espresso black. That was Adam's favourite and I knew he might need it considering how early we were starting our day.

We were preparing a room for a barmitzvah today and we had two hours left to do so. My favourite event were usually the ones that ended early in the day and if we were lucky, a barmitzvah was exactly that so we could hit the bar early.

I found my huge boss arranging chairs in a row in front of a small scene. The scene was already set and I wondered if Adam arrived early to start ahead. If so he should have told me, I could have come earlier.

He turned his eyes on me as I walked inside the room and smiled. I handed him the coffee and I stifled a shiver as his huge warm hand brushed mine. He was too sexy for my heart truly and it seemed that my entire body liked him a bit too much.

He took a sip of the coffee and sighed before offering me a bright smile.

"Thanks Mia." He said his deep voice a rumble that always set my face on fire. "You will be such a great wife."

My heart missed a beat and my breath caught in my throat. What did he just say?
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