The choice

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Adam said that he was done playing and he was. He picked up a foil and put on the condom. I had an IUD actually so no worries about getting pregnant but we could never be more careful about diseases.

I felt him brush at my entrance as he positioned his huge body above mine. I was eager to feel him inside of me. I dreamt of it for so long that I wanted to know if it was as good or even better.

Adam pushed slowly inside of me making me sigh in pleasure. He was big and he brushed all my sweet spots as he went all the way inside of me. He groaned as he touched my end and I moaned in response.

"You feel so good Mia..." He growled in pleasure.

He started moving before I could say anything and oh it was powerful. Each time he would thrust, he was reaching all the way inside but that did not surprise me considering his size. I liked it so I did not mind either. Some women do not enjoy when men push on their end but I did. I had no choice either with Adam.

He was rolling his hips to thrust inside of me and I could feel each muscle move under my hands. That turned me on like crazy.

"Adam... Harder please..." I moaned.

He pushed harder inside of me, rubbing on my good spot making the heat build. I could feel the heat grow as my walls clenched harder around him.

"Adam... Oui... Encore..."

He was doing my body so much good that I could not think straight as I felt him go faster and harder. I was losing my English by the time I exploded under him yelling his name.

He grunted under the feeling of my walls clenching around him but he kept pushing so I would ride my orgasm until the end. He pushed hard one last time before releasing himself inside of me. He kissed me hard before putting his head in the crook of my neck. I could feel the smile on his face and I knew that I had the same on mine.

"You're amazing, honey." He said in the low rumble that I loved.

"So are you." I purred like a cat.

He pulled out of me and took off the condom before getting to the bathroom to clean up. I followed him and once we were done, we settled back in bed. I snuggled Adam and he kissed the top of my head. I could feel him purr under my fingertips making me chuckle.

"That sure pleased you, big cat." I teased.

"I remember someone losing her English. I guess you were pleased as well, honey." He whispered in my ear making me shiver. "If you keep doing that, I'll take you again. Tomorrow is a full moon and the beast is closer to the surface on such nights. It would not be dangerous if you were like me but you're human and you could not take my tiger."

"Really?" I asked.

"It's an important part of the month for us. The females are more fertile on a full moon and we usually hunt together as tradition. It's not an obligation but since we avoid being together much when we live in cities, it's an opportunity for us to be together. Some of us live away from the humans and you would only find a normal village there on a full moon."

"I see... If you made me a tigress, I would have to shift on the full moon?"

"Yes. Made shifters are subjects to the moon but not born shifters. I would love to hunt with you." He said while laying small kisses on my head.

"Interesting." I said tracing his muscles with my fingers. "I think I would love that very much too. In the meantime... There's something else you can hunt."

"Really?" He chuckled. "What would that be?"

I kissed him fiercely and rolled him on me. I wanted some more fun with my tiger.

We did two more rounds before I was finally exhausted. I was fighting sleep on Adam's chest while he stroked my hair. He chuckled as he noticed my exhaustion.

"Sleep honey." He said low. "I'll be there when you wake up."

"I know..." I yawned. "Good night chaton."

"What does that mean?"

"It means kitten."

He chuckled and I joined him before I started dozing off. I did not miss the love in his green eyes though before I closed mine.

We had today free as our agency only worked on week-ends when we had an event. I would work on the week-end of the Millers' wedding but before that, I was free and so was Adam apparently.

I stirred in bed and felt two strong arms around my waist. That made me smile. Who would have thought that I would one day wake up in bed with Adam after a night of wild sex? Certainly not me even if I always wanted to. I thought it would only be a dream but here we were and I could not be happier.

He purred in my ears and I could not help a smile. He was a big cat after all. I could get used to it though. He was warm and he would never treat me like Jackson did.

I turned around in his arms to face him and his eyes were a bit more gold than green but that did not scare me. I snuggled his chest earning myself a big smile from my boyfriend.

"Good morning, honey." He said his voice husky from sleep and almost going to a growl in the end of the sentence.

"Good morning chaton."

"I like it when you speak French. You do it so seldomly but it feels like you're singing when you do."

"Really? I'm glad." I said beaming at him.

His eyes bled completely from green to gold and this time, I knew it was the tiger. How? Well, he pressed me harder against him and the purr intensified.

"Mine." He said in a growl.

Uh oh. I hoped he would not try to make me more his. I knew scent was important to males and especially with their females but... I was not ready to become fully his yet. What to do?

I hugged him tight to me and that seemed to calm him down a bit. He relaxed and I sighed internally. Oh boy. It could be dangerous. Today was the first full moon and Adam told me that it was best if we did not spend the night together. Maybe it was best I went home for the day.

The phone rang and I knew it was Adam's. He growled low but he still went to fetch it in his jeans on the floor. I could not help a sigh at the sight of his round butt naked. He smirked at me as he took the call before getting back in bed with me.


He pulled me against him and I rested my head on his broad chest. I could not hear what was going on on the other side of the phone but I wished I had a super hearing right now. Adam sighed and rubbed my shoulder with his thumb.

"I'll be there a bit before nightfall."

He hung up and I could feel that he was not happy. I looked into his eyes and the green was fighting the gold. Oh damn. I did not know what happened but it was big.

"I can go if you want." I told him softly.

"It's ok." He said. "I knew I would have to let you go home before sunset because I had to meet with the streak but apparently I will have to deal with an emergency first."

"Do you want to talk about it?" I asked.

"It's..." He searched for the right word and shook his head. "When you're leader, you need to take care of the others and sometimes it means that I need to go pick them up before they hurt humans or do something that could reveal what they are to humans."

"I see. So one of your tigers is about to do something stupid?"

"Basically. My second has him at his house and I'll be joining them later so we can talk about it."

"You should go Adam. I'll be fine. I know you would rather spend the day with me but the streak is important. Don't neglect them for me." I told him honestly. It sucked that we had to part sooner but I knew what I was getting myself into. I just hoped that it would not be like this for all our dates.

"Are you sure?" He asked. I could feel that he did not want to part either. That reassured me.

"Yes. We will have other dates."

"Yes but... I wanted to enjoy you a bit more..." He said kissing my head.

"Me too chaton but we'll have other opportunities. For example, Tuesday I can cook for you at my place."

"I'd love that." He kissed my lips softly and we got up.

I took a shower and put on blue jeans and a black shirt. I liked to be real casual when I was not working.

Adam drove me back home and we kissed in the car before I went up to my apartment. I was already missing him as I reached my floor.

The elevator's doors opened and I saw Jackson waiting by my door. He was leaning against my apartment's door and he was wearing washed up jeans with a white shirt that molded his body just fine, black boots and a black leather jacket. I so did not want to deal with him right now but it was inevitable. His hazel eyes were on me already and I had no way to escape.
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