The choice

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We set the table and got on with the food. I was proud of myself because it tasted good. The duck was crisp enough and the potatoes had the duck fat flavour. Perfect.

"It's really good." Adam said.

"I suppose it would be after eating raw meat for a few days." I teased.

He chuckled and I smiled. I wondered actually how it felt like to hunt on all fours and kill an animal with your teeth. Was the man still conscious or was that just the beast part? How did that work?

"How is it to hunt as a tiger?" I asked.

"Tigers don't usually hunt in a group you know but we do because we like to be together." He explained. "It's... Kind of like playing a game together and winning at the end. It's thrilling. Everything is different in animal form. Hunting is instinctive to predators and it feels good to hunt down your prey. It feels like... An achievement."

"Sounds incredible." I said mulling over his words. It was natural for tigers to hunt their food but did weretigers need to? "Do you need to hunt?"

"Yes. You see, tigers hunt for food but we hunt for release. The beast needs to go out from time to time or it becomes restless and this is how accidents happen." He explained. "Hunting allows to release the beast completely with a purpose. Plus, shifting costs us energy and eating will usually help us restore the energy faster."

"I see. So perks for being able to run free and see things on a different level but it costs energy so you have to feed."

"You got it. To me, being a lycanthrope though has more perks than say, being a vampire. Vampires can't go out during the day, they need to feed from blood as soon as they wake up and well... They're dead. Shifters are short tempered and we fear silver but we're alive and being in our other form is such a thrill. I wish I could describe it better."

"I understand, don't worry." I said smiling. "It must be real nice to be able to run all night and not care about anything else but the other tigers and the prey."

"Yes." He nodded. "I can smell so much more in my tiger form. Smells have a taste that the human brain can't register. I can hear and see better. I feel things differently too..."

"Sounds amazing." I said dreamily. It did. Being a lycanthrope would make me stronger but also change my way of seeing the world around me. Plus, I knew that I would share it all with Adam as my partner forever. That sounded more and more amazing.

"Yes. I wish I could take you with me but it wouldn't be safe for a human among the tigers. I would never hurt you but the same does not apply to the other tigers." He said sad somehow that I could not follow him on a hunt.

"Maybe one day." I said smiling reassuringly.

"I do hope so. The other tigers say that nothing compares to running with your mate." He said thoughtful.

"Really? I know that mates are very important and share everything but is there really nothing that compares?"

"I can't really answer that." He said. "I never had a mate before but that's what they all say. The bond is strong. Mates are always connected to each other. They can feel the mood, read the thoughts and always know where the other is."

This was scary somehow because it meant no secrets but it could be useful to be conscious of the other all the time. It meant that Adam would be even more special to me than he already was, scary but also thrilling.

"Does that scare you?" He asked hesitant as I was staring at him without saying anything.

"I won't lie because I'm sure you could tell if I did and that's not what we do to each other but it does." I said. "It means that there would be no secrets between us and no privacy. It's both a blessing and a curse. Imagine that I'm sick, you would feel it too and that's awful."

"I understand." He said with a soft smile. "It would also allow me to release some of your pain if you were sick. The bond just works that way. If you're sick, I'll feel it and I'll be able to help."

"You know how grumpy I get when I'm sick. I would feel terrible to do that to you." I said

"When you love someone that is your mate, you would do anything and endure a lot for them. Losing a mate is the worst thing for us. It happens and it's so painful that people without kids rather die than live with the pain."

"You people are extreme." I said stunned. They could die from love. That was really... It showed how much they were devoted. It was admirable in a way.

"We tend to be yes." He smiled weakly. "We live our lives to the fullest. Don't you think it's the best way to live?"

"You mean in a seize the moment kind of way?" I asked tilting my head.


He stood up and he walked to me. His eyes sparkling with desire. I shivered at the bare sight. He looked so beautiful right now even if he made me feel like prey.

He cupped my face in his hands and pulled me in until our lips were almost touching. My heart was beating fast in my chest under the longing and the intensity of the moment. I wanted him. I've been waiting for three days to feel him on me. No more.

"What do you want Mia?" He asked low against my lips.

"You." I said.

"Good." He said smiling before crashing his lips on mine.

This kiss was the most intense we shared. All the pent-up frustration from the past few days poured into it. I could feel how much Adam desired me and how much he loved me.

His hands were gentle but demanding as he pulled me closer to him. He lifted me up and I moaned at feeling the strength he used. He growled low in response and the sound traveled down my spine making me writhe in his arms.

He took us to the bedroom and he laid me gently on the bed. His eyes were full of lust as he looked at me from above. His body was firm as he pressed me to the bed and I could feel that he could crush me if he wanted to. I knew his strength and I knew that he was deadly but I was not scared because I also knew the power I had over him.

When you love someone, you expose yourself to that person. Adam told me that he loved me which meant that I could hurt him in the worst way. Probably I did already since I dated Jackson before him. That must have hurt to see me with another and yet here he was. He told me that he was a patient hunter and right now I believed him. I was the only one who could end the hunt and that was my power alone.

"What's on your mind?" He asked leaning into my neck to lay small kisses.

The feeling of his lips on my skin was heating me up. My insides tightened with need and my core started dripping. I wanted him so much that it was painful. He said to seize the moment huh? Well, I intended to do just that.

"You chaton. Only you. I want you." I said my voice breathy.

"Good answer." He purred.

He helped me out of my blouse to reveal my breasts and flat stomach. His gaze was so full of lust and love as he watched my body. I felt like the only girl in the world right now and I was almost afraid to be too greedy. I wanted that look to be only for me.

He let me roll him under me and I took his polo shirt off of him. I let my hands caress the firmness of his body and the smoothness of his skin. He felt so warm under my touch and I knew that it was due to the fact that he was a lycanthrope but also because of what we were doing. Because of me. I was affecting him.

I was too far gone in my desire for any foreplay and stroking him was enough anyway so I helped him out of his jeans before I threw the rest of my clothes off. I climbed back on top of him and he seemed to hesitate. I knew he did not want to hurt me but he would never. I put the condom on him stroking him as I went down his length.

"Let me do that." I whispered in his ear as I positioned myself above him.

He shivered under me making me eager to feel him inside. One slow push was enough to connect us and become one.
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