The choice

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He did not just say that. I could feel the heat on my cheeks at his words and Adam was offering me a content smile. Get it together Mia!

"Yeah right." I said my voice even. He was obviously just teasing me. "Do you want to grab a beer tonight after work?"

I started picking up the chairs to put them in rows where he left them. The room was divided in two rows of chairs facing a small scene. On this scene was everything they would need for the ceremony. We made sure of it. It was our job to make sure everything was perfect.

"Are you inviting me out Mia?" He asked amused.

"Haven will be there too." I said shaking my head. "Stop teasing me boss."

He chuckled and it was a deep rumble that I liked. I always wondered how that would be in bed. I know, bad to think that way about your boss but come on, he was hot and I was no virgin.

"I'm not teasing. I really would like to take you out sometimes since you seem to be through with Jackson." He said.

I whipped my head to him as I was unfolding a chair and I noticed that he was right beside me. How come. Since I have known Adam, he had no girlfriends. Was he waiting for the one like Haven? What was with these big guys?

I looked at his face for an indication of teasing but he only looked serious. His green eyes were sparkling in the light of the room and they were fixed on me. Way to make me nervous. I swallowed and looked back at him.

"I'd like that." I said nervous.

He broke into a smile and nodded before grabbing other chairs to finish the row.

What just happened? I fantasised about us having sex probably everywhere but dating... That was entirely something else. Did he really find me interesting? Me?

I was nothing like him. I was fit since I trained hard everyday for it but I was never going to be a model. I had curves, Mother Nature was generous with me in the breast department and I was only 1m65. So, not tall but not small. My long chocolate brown hair ended in the middle of my back and I had grey-greenish eyes. Nothing spectacular about me then.

Everything was spectacular about Adam though. Every person in the world who is interested in males would look at him twice if they crossed him on the street. He was beautiful truly and simply. But that was nothing compared to his personality.

Adam was calm and collected. He was also reliable and loyal. He was a boss that made all his employees proud. I always thought that whoever the person he would marry, they would be lucky to have such a good man at their side. We had talked about it already when things were good with Jackson and he told me he was looking for a good girl too. Could it be me?

I was getting conceited there. I needed to focus on my work.

We finished to set everything up before the guests arrived. Of course, we were dressed to the nines. Adam was hot in his black suit and white dress shirt. No ties. I was wearing a light grey dress with hose and black heels as well as a black jacket. I could not show skin at this kind of event so I would have to endure the heat of the summer. I was lucky though compared to the males who had to wear suits. That would definitely make me leak. Yuck.

We greeted the guests and guided them to their seats while the room started to fill. The young man having his barmitzvah was sweating like crazy next to the scene while the rabbi and his dad were trying to soothe him. Tough day for him. I could only assume an amused smile thinking about it.

I was not religious myself. France was a secular country and although we had a tradition of being Christian, a lot of the population had actually no religion.

"What are you smiling about?" Adam whispered.

"Thinking about how brave the boy is." I answered in a whisper.

Adam knew that I was mostly not very comfortable talking in front of a crowd. A small crowd was ok but this big a crowd gave me the creeps.

I liked my job though because it allowed me to see other religious ceremonies. In France, the State and religions were separate. Your faith had to be for yourself and you should not rub it in everyone's face. Here, it was normal to talk about it at every corner, mostly without judgement. I liked that. In France we were always reserved to talk about our religion.

"I see." Adam smiled as well. We had that talk before with Adam but he was a 100% Christian. So nothing exotic about it.

The rest of the ceremony went smoothly. The young man gathered his courage as he talked to his family and peers. It always made me happy to see that confidence in people's eyes.

After they were done talking, they all gathered around the food and drinks. Adam and I made sure that it ran smoothly and helped the staff when we could. The women were looking hungrily at Adam and I was used to it but somehow today... That made my heart ache. He just invited me out and I was already feeling like this. Not pretty Mia.

I shook the feeling and went on with my job. I could not afford to be sidetracked.

We were done around 8 p.m. which was still early but the guests decided to hit a restaurant at 7 p.m. It let us an hour to put everything away and now the cleaning staff was hard at work.

"Still up for the beer?" I asked my boss.

"Sure, let's go. We're going to the Den right?"

"Of course." I smiled.

We took Adam's car because I usually never drove. First, I did not have a licence in the States and I had to take classes for it. Second, we lived in a big city so transportation was on point. I finally relaxed in the car as Adam drove smoothly through traffic.

Jackson's bar the Den was a bit on the outskirts of town so he could afford a parking lot. Adam parked the car in an empty space and I could see that Haven was there already because I recognised his Mustang.

"How long since you last saw Jackson?" Adam asked.

"Three days ago. When he left." I said furrowing my brows.

I was not particularly happy to see my ex again. We always ended things badly and he would come running in a week again so we could get back together. I was tired. This had been going on for five years now. He was so sweet at first and he always is when we start and eventually all the good resolution go out the window.

Adam seemed to pick up on my foul mood because he put his hand on the small of my back to urge me on. I looked at him with shock plain on my face. He had never touched me like this before. I did not dislike it though. His big hand was warming me all over. Did I say that he was hot?

"Go on. He won't bother you." He said with his deep rumbling voice.

I smiled at him as a thank you. I knew that I could count on him. We walked inside the bar and I noticed Haven right away. It was kind of hard to miss him in a crowd because of how big he was. He waved at us and I waved back as I made my way to him.

I could feel Jackson's eyes on me from behind his bar as I walked to Haven. Too bad for you asshole. I thought.

Once we reached Haven's table, I hugged my friend and he shook hands with Adam. We sat next to him and he smiled at us as we ordered beers.

"I feel underdressed." He said his blue eyes sparkling.

He was wearing jeans and a blue t-shirt so I could understand. I waved my hand in front of my face to dismiss the thought.

"Work." I said simply.

"This dress suits you though Mia." Adam said with a smile. "You're pretty."

"That she is." A low growl said next to us. I knew who that was without turning around. There was only one growling man who could say that. I turned to face the hazel eyes of Jackson and they were definitely not the colour I was used to. Instead of the hazel with specks of gold, they were truly yellow. What was going on?
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