The choice

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I woke up in bed again but it was in a dark room. Adam's scent was everywhere on the sheets so I knew that I was in his bed. I sighed in relief. I was at his house but he was not with me.

I felt thirsty so I decided to go to the kitchen to grab a glass of water. I stood up from the bed and noticed that I was now only wearing Adam's shirt. He must have taken my leggings off so I would be more comfortable. How cute.

I opened the door to go downstairs when I heard voices. I froze and strained my ears to see if I could recognise who it was.

"She's asleep." Said the deep rumble of Adam. "You leave her alone Jackson."

"I can't forgive you for letting her get hurt." The snarling voice of my ex lover sounded. "You shouldn't let her out of your sight. I did that when she was with me. A wolf was always watching her."

"That's because you didn't trust her, not for her safety." Adam snarled back.

"Still." Jackson retorted. "She wouldn't have been hurt because my wolf would have prevented her from being taken."

Adam growled and I heard some struggle before someone else talked.

"Enough you two." Said the deep voice of Haven. "She needs you now Adam so you don't have time to wallow in your misplaced guilt. And you. Stop saying what would have been, Mia said it enough that you had time to propose the marking but you never did."

"You cats." Jackson spat. "Always defending each other. You know very well why I waited for so long. Making her conscious of her power, only increased it. I knew that things like that would happen so I waited for as long as I could."

"Bullshit." Adam growled. "You waited because you were scared that she would reject you. That she wouldn't like werewolves as much as she loved them in her novels."

Jackson growled but they all did and I could not bear the sound. I walked heavily down the stairs, making them stop. When I was down enough to see them, I saw that they were all looking at me. Adam walked to the stairs first and I could see the worry plain on his face.

"Honey, are you all right?" He asked.

"Yeah. Just thirsty." I smiled at him.

"I'll get you a glass." He nodded.

He went to the kitchen and I went down the last steps to join Haven and Jackson.

"You just say the words babe if you'd rather go back with me at the pack house. The pack would keep you safe." Jackson said.

I shook my head as Adam appeared with the glass of water. He handed it to me but he was glaring at Jackson. I was tired of his arguments too.

"Adam will keep me safe thank you." I said tartly before drinking.

"He did a great job at it, that's for sure." Jackson said bitter.

I turned to him and glared with all I had. That must not have looked very impressive considering I was only wearing a shirt and one of my arms was in a cast but I did not care. He would get the message.

"What do you want Jackson? That he glues himself to me all the time? Sadly, as a woman, I get to be more harrassed everyday on the streets. Do you think that it would have been different had I been a normal human? You're wrong. I could still get raped, maimed, maimed and raped, or even killed by men just because my outfit is too provocative according to them. I live with that fear everyday. You'd never understand what it's like to not be able to feel safe wherever you go. That I'm glad that I have Haven at the gym with me otherwise men would bother me. That Adam has to make women work together with men so the clients won't bother us as well. You own a fucking bar! You should know better. So stop saying that I was attacked because of Adam. That's simply not true and that's hurting him enough."

Jackson looked shocked but he was not the only one. Men would never understand how it feels to walk at night alone with the cold weight of fear in my stomach. I considered myself strong and I took self-defence classes but if they decided to attack in numbers, I would lose. That was just the reality and I had to live with that.

I looked at Adam and I could see the anger fighting the sorrow. He knew exactly why he paired women with men because we had some clients that would ask for a "Gentlemen party" thinking that we were escorts. We had a case of a client attacking a female staff before and Adam did not want that to happen ever again.

"Now, I'm going back to bed." I said tired all of a sudden.

"I'll take you." Adam said softly.

He must have noticed that I was shaking. Maybe they all did but he still did not say it out loud not to patronise me. I appreciated that right now.

He took me into his strong arms and I snuggled his chest. It felt better to feel his warmth on me. It felt safe and he was warming me too. I did not realise before that I was cold but maybe that was normal considering that I was walking around only in a shirt.

He laid me down on the bed and tucked me in making me chuckle. He turned his green eyes on me and smiled.

"You know that I'm not a kid." I said amused.

"I know but I like to take care of you." He said. "You won't be able to do it for yourself in quite some time anyway."

"Well it's only a broken arm, I'll manage." I smiled. "Come lay with me a bit."

He nodded and slid into bed behind me. He pulled my back against his chest and kissed the top of my head earning himself a sigh from me. He was so warm that it was soothing.

"How are you feeling?" He asked softly.

"Tired." I said my voice full of sleep. "I'll be fine. I just need to rest."

"Sleep. I'll be there." He whispered.

I closed my eyes and let his warmth soothe me into sleep.

I woke up after a very graphic nightmare about Leroy raping me and a surging pain in my arm. Damn it. I jolted up and whimpered before putting my head between my legs. I needed to make the little stars in front of my eyes disappear. Adam jolted awake as well but I had no time to comfort him right now.

"What's going on?" He asked taking me in. "Are you all right?"

"Pain." Was all I managed to say. The tears started to fall as I bit the inside of my cheeks to stifle a cry.

Adam stood up and rushed to the bathroom. He got back with painkillers and a glass of water. He handed them to me and I managed to take them without passing out. I never had a broken bone before but fuck that hurt. He pulled me against him and stroked my hair while whispering sweet nothings for comfort as we waited for the painkillers to numb the pain.

"You're going to be fine." He said and I felt the urgency in his words.

"Yeah, don't worry." I said panting. "It's just a broken bone. I wasn't expecting it to hurt that much but I'll be fine."

I was not going to talk about the dream because that would not help right now. He just needed to know about the arm.

"I could help more if we were mated..." He whispered before biting his lip.

I would not have heard it if I was not standing so close to him but I did. I turned to look at him and he looked like he regreted saying anything.

"How so?" I asked.

"It doesn't matter." He said.

"Tell me Adam." I frowned.

He sighed and settled his head on my shoulder.

"Mated pairs can exchange energy to help with the healing. It allows you to heal faster and painlessly." He said finally.

"Sounds great right now." I chuckled.

"Yeah but I don't want you to accept my mark because you're hurt."

"I know. Don't worry I wouldn't. I don't want your mark now and discover later that you put soda in your wine. French people die from this every day." I teased.

"You're not supposed to do that?" He chuckled.

I tried to move away from him but he would not let me and he nuzzled my hair making me laugh. That was a good way to heal for sure.
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