The choice

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Haven took me to his place. He lived in an apartment at the top floor of a building. The place had a balcony with large French windows so the sun flooded the place. It was beautiful. The furniture was black and white and it looked cosy but practical just like Haven.

He settled me on the couch and went to his kitchen. I could see it from the couch as it was on the left of the living room. He made me a hot cocoa and brought it to me on the couch as he sat next to me with the same cup.

"So." He said looking at me out of his blue eyes. "Tell me what happened."

"One of the males, Daryl, challenged Adam for me. It's not the challenge that was the issue but... His eyes... They looked like..." I could not even finish that sentence as a shiver ran down my spine.

Haven was about to say something when there was a knock on the door. He pulled me on his lap before he sniffed the air and relaxed.

"It's Adam." He said before putting me back on the couch.

He went to open the door and Adam entered landing his worried green eyes on me. I felt terrible that I did not tell him that I was leaving. He must have been so worried especially after what happened the last time.

"Goddess Mia." He said rushing to embrace me on the couch. "I was so worried."

"You shouldn't have brought her there after what happened." Haven said looking at us.

Adam froze in my arms and I held him close. I did not want him to feel more miserable when this was my fault.

"She wants a normal life Haven." He said calmly. "I see now that I should have insisted that she sees the doc."

"Yes you should have." The lion said. "I understand that you want things to be normal Mia but you went through something traumatising. You need to talk to someone about it."

"I just thought that it would be fine..." I said softly.

"I'm going to make an appointment with the doc." Adam said taking out his phone.

"If you don't take better care of her... I will take her away from you." Haven said. "I know that it's not the way of dominants but I don't want her to suffer."

Adam narrowed his eyes and I could see another fight coming. Like Hell.

"Stop it. Both of you." I said sharply. "I insisted that Adam took me to see the tigers. I thought that I was over it by now but it seems that I wasn't."

"I know how stubborn you can be." Haven nodded with a smile. "But you won't heal in a few days. This is... Talking with someone about it really does help."

Haven used to be a soldier so I was sure he had his share of traumatising experiences. I knew that I could trust him on this subject so I nodded.

"Yes. I'll talk to someone."

"Good." He smiled. "You should take her home. I think that she had enough for the day."

"I agree." Adam said helping me up the couch. "Thank you for taking her here."

"Mia is my friend." Haven shrugged. "She had a panic attack so you might want to watch it."

"I won't die." I sighed. "You guys sometimes worry too much. I'll be fine. Eventually."

"Let's get you home." Adam said without commenting and Haven did the same.

I hugged my friend as best I could and thanked him again for coming to pick me up on such a short notice.

"Anytime. You know that you can count on me. Take it easy." He smiled.

"I do and I will." I said smiling back.

We went back to Adam's car that was parked in front of the building. Seriously that man had the best luck to find a spot. It was almost magic.

Adam was still tense as he drove to his house and I wondered if he was mad that I called Haven to pick me up. I honestly did not know who else I could have asked for help. Jackson would have made it an excuse to fight Adam as well and I did not want that. Speaking of fighting.

"Did you... Fight with Daryl?" I asked suppressing another shiver.

"Yes. It did not take long and he's going to be fine." He said matter-of-fact.

"Are you all right?" I asked worried all of a sudden.

"Of course."

I sighed in relief and moved on to the next question.

"Are you mad at me?"

"No Mia, I'm not mad at you." He said smiling softly. "You did what you had to do. I feel stupid for not thinking that the fight would be a bad idea."

"It's not the fight really." I said avoiding his gaze by looking at the window. "It's the look in Daryl's eyes."

"Do you want to talk to me about it? You know that you can." He said putting his hand on my thigh.

"I know... It's just... I was tied to a chair when I came to after Laurel took me. She was there above me... Telling me how I shouldn't be with you and she would make sure to be there for you once I'm out of the picture... She introduced Leroy and he was supposed to turn me and force the marking on me... Laurel left the room and he... He just fixed his eyes on me and started changing. I felt his claws rip through my skin... I thought this was it. He would not be able to stop at raping me, he would kill me."

I felt another wave of panic surge through me. I could not breathe anymore. I could see the scene clearly in front of my eyes. Those eerie yellow-green eyes and the claws of the leopard in my thighs.

Adam stopped the car on the side of the road and pulled me on his lap. I felt better engulfed in his arms and I started breathing normally again as he stroked my hair. He whispered sweet nothings in my ears and I could not hold the tears this time. I cried. Messily. I never cried like that in my whole life. I just let go as I cried everything I had.

Adam held me through my break down and I felt grateful. I could feel that he would not let me go through that alone. He would always be there for me. I felt bad and guilty to put him through this but I just could not stop.

After I calmed down, he kept holding me to him while stroking my hair softly. I parted slowly from him to look into his eyes. I saw a whirlwind of emotions in those green eyes. I saw hurt, pain, powerlesness, anger, love fight on his face.

"Sorry for that..." I said my voice hoarse.

"Don't apologise, honey." He said softly. "Thank you for sharing this with me. I wish I could have prevented it from happening but the only thing I can do is support you. I think that you need to talk about this with the doc. She will be able to help you."

I nodded. Maybe he was right. Talking it out with a professional would allow me to sort my feelings better but it lifted a weight on my heart to talk about it with Adam. Showing support was the best thing he could do for me and I felt grateful to have him.

"Thank you..." I whispered as I snuggled his chest. "I don't want to feel like this anymore..."

"I know." He said tightening his arms around me. "You'll get through it. I know you can. You're the toughest person I know."

I snorted. Seeing my state right now, I would not say that I was tough. The guy did not even rape me for real and I was a mess anyway. I survived. That was all that mattered. I tightened my arms around Adam and breathed out.

"Take me home." I said.

"Of course."

He put me back on my seat carefully and started the car again. Maybe it was time for me to make a decision. Did I want to keep living in fear in that world that was now my own or did I want to have the weapons to defend myself and protect the ones I loved? I think that the choice was easy to make.
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